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How To Get Rid Of Psoriasis On Eyelids

Will I Grow Out Of It

Psoriasis Treatment I Psoriasis on Face Treatment

Yes, this is possible but you need to control and maintain the condition if you have it until hopefully, you grow out of it. Just the same as people with eczema who normally just past there teenage years start to see an improvement in their eczema the same can be said for eczema on eyelids. The best way to cure this condition is to try and eliminate the trigger points. Whats a trigger point? All eczema conditions have something that triggers a reaction and makes your condition worse. Treating eczema is all about finding those trigger points and eliminating them from your life. This can be anything from pets, allergic reactions to certain foods, Makeup, Dust, Damp and just about everything we come into contact with daily. One of the best ways is to track your day and try to spot recurring instances of flare-ups and connect them to a pattern.

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Lets say youre fine all day and you go visit a friend at their home. Later that day you start to rub and scratch your eyes. Make a diary of this as this will help you find the trigger points. Do they have pets in the home? Do they smoke? Did you eat something? All these may seem normal to most people but if you suffer from eczema they can all cause flare-ups and are called triggers.

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What Are The Clinical Features Of Facial Psoriasis

Facial psoriasis has various clinical presentations. There are three main subtypes:

  • Hairline psoriasis
  • An extension of scalp psoriasis beyond the hairline onto facial skin
  • Bright red, thickened plaques with variable white scale
Psoriasis affecting hairline
  • Patchy involvement of the hairline
  • Often affects the eyelids, eyebrows, nasolabial folds and beard area
  • Salmon-pink, thin plaques with bran-like scale
  • Usually associated with diffuse or patchy scalp psoriasis
  • Psoriasis may or may not be present at other sites
  • Sharply demarcated, red, scaly plaques
  • May affect any part of the face
  • Plaques tend to be symmetrical
  • Associated with psoriasis at other sites including ears, genitals, scalp, elbows, knees, and trunk
  • Soreness and skin sensitivity, which are usually mild

Can I Treat My Eyelid Dermatitis With Vaseline

If youre dealing with the red, flaking, itchy rash that goes along with eyelid dermatitis, youll find that moisturizing your skin will help provide some relief. Its important to remember a few important points though.

  • Choose the right moisturizer. The wrong product may contain chemicals to which you are allergic, which would just keep the rash going.

  • Pure Vaseline petroleum jelly would be one good option, as long as it does not contain any added fragrance or flavorings. This is a really important point! Ive had parents buy Vaseline in the baby aisle, and that version actually contains fragrance.

  • I dont recommend Vaseline intensive care lotion, or any other lotion, to treat allergic reactions of the eyelids. Lotions contain a lot of water, and a lot of preservatives.

  • Another option would be 100% pure coconut oil

  • Note that although these moisturizers may help soothe the skin, they dont actually treat the inflammation.

  • If you have severe redness, flaking, and/or itching, see your physician. He or she will typically prescribe an anti-inflammatory cream or ointment to help calm down the skin inflammation of eyelid dermatitis

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Eyelid Psoriasis Vs Eczema

These two skin conditions develop in different stages of life: Psoriasis usually starts around age 15, while eczema can begin in childhood and continue through adulthood with varying levels of severity. According to the National Eczema Organization , eczema is more common than psoriasis and affects over 31 million Americans.

While eyelid psoriasis symptoms include pain moving the eyelid and red, scaly patches, eyelid eczema is usually very itchy. Other symptoms include:

  • Oozing or crusting

Also like psoriasis, different types of eczema can appear in different areas of the body.

Articles On Psoriasis Locations

Eczema Psoriasis On Eyelid

Psoriasis on the face is different than on other parts of the body. Your skin there is thinner and may be more sensitive to treatments. In this area, the condition usually affects your:

  • Eyebrows
  • Skin between your nose and upper lip
  • Upper forehead
  • Hairline

You have a lot of options for treating psoriasis in these areas. Work closely with your doctor to find what works best for you.

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Quick Recap Of Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a inflammatory skin condition affecting an estimated 3% of the general population. It remains not fully understood and there does not appear to be an universally applicable treatment approach.

Lets consider some key points regarding seborrheic dermatitis:

  • Seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition that relates to the sebaceous glands
  • Malassezia yeasts are most commonly blamed for much of the symptoms
  • The most common understanding is that the malassezia yeast feed on the lipids found in our sebum, producing by-products which are responsible for the undesirable symptoms
  • Topical anti-fungals are the main dermatological treatment currently prescribed, as they reduce malassezia activity and prevent the production of symptom causing by-products

In review, it seems that sebum is an important component of the seborrheic dermatitis cycle. Without it, the malassezia yeast would not have the resources they need to produce the specific by-products which cause the symptoms collectively known as seborrheic dermatitis.

The eyelids themselves do not have sebaceous glands, but instead have meibomian glands. These glands produce a special type of sebum , also rich in lipids. Thus, since the eyelids do have a potential lipid source for the malassezia yeast, the eyelids are in-fact prone to seborrheic dermatitis issues.

When Should I Seek Treatment For Droopy Eyelids

Generally, you should seek treatment if vision changes are having an impact on your daily activities. That could mean affecting your ability to see, to drive, to read, to use a computer, says Dr. Perry.

If facial changes are affecting your self-esteem, thats also a valid reason to seek treatment, Dr. Perry adds. If youre not looking the way you feel if you feel youthful, energetic and vibrant, and the mirror isnt showing you that thats a reason to see a doctor.

Your primary eye care doctor, especially one who has experience in oculoplastic surgeries, can be a good start if you have concerns. But if you do opt for surgery, be sure to have any procedures done by an oculoplastic surgeon or oculofacial plastic surgeon.

Theres lots of doctors who perform cosmetic surgery around the face, Dr. Perry says. But when the eyes and vision are at stake, it makes sense to seek an expert in both vision and plastic surgery around the eyes. The two are intimately related.

At a visit, youll receive a thorough examination to determine the source of visual issues that might be related to structure around your eyes, or cosmetic issues.

First, well ask you what type of symptoms youre having, Dr. Perry explains. And then on examination, well measure the position of your lids, brows and skin. Then we can do whats called a field of vision test, which actually documents and demonstrates how much of the upper part of your vision is affected from various types of droops.

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How To Treat Eczema On Eyelids With Natural Remedies

The area of the eyelids is a very delicated zone that can experience swelling, redness and other conditions. One of this conditions is eczema, usually provoked by excessive dryness in this area of the face. Eczema on the eyelids is a very unpleasant condition that youll have to treat quickly. In this OneHowTo article we explain you in detail how to treat eczema on the eyelids with natural remedies, so your discomfort will be reduced.

First, we suggest that you visit your doctor or specialist as he or she can determine your true condition. Sometimes your problem might not be an eczema but a temporary dry skin. If the dryness on your eyelids is caused by a serious eczema, the doctor will be able to prescribe you some ointment or medication to solve your problem.

If you want to get rid of dryness on your eyelids it is important that you constantly hydrate the area. The eczema is caused by dehydration and dry skin, so it is crucial to keep your skin moisturized. You can use a moisturizer specific for this area and your skin type, which will help combat the dryness faster. Also, you should bear in mind that hydration does not only happen on the outside. To be perfectly hydrated you also need to drink plenty of water.

A very effective remedy for eczema and dry skin in hemp oil, learn its benefits and how to use it through our article on how to treat eczema with hempseed oil.

What Does Eyelid Eczema Look Like

How To Get Rid Of Eczema Forever | Eczema Dermatitis Rash Treatment 2015

Its not always easy to pinpoint eczema in this delicate area, because you might confuse the symptoms for hayfever and allergies – but if youre unsure, its always worth talking to your GP or pharmacist for a professional opinion. The most common symptoms of eyelid eczema are:

  • Dry, itchy, irritated skin
  • Inflammation
  • Patches of red skin or darker brown, purple, or grey skin
  • Swollen or thickened skin
  • Weeping, cracked skin
  • Flaky, scaly skin

These forms of eczema can affect just one or both of your eyes, and the irritation can lead to an extra fold of skin in some cases – especially if youre unable to stop rubbing them.

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Treatments For Specific Areas


To treat this area, your doctor may recommend:

  • Special corticosteroids to treat scaling. But donât overuse them. If they get into your eyes, they can lead to glaucoma or cataracts.
  • The eczema drugs crisaborole ointment, pimecrolimus , or tacrolimus . They don’t cause the side effects of steroids. They can sting the first few days you use them.

Be careful when you treat psoriasis around your eyes. The skin on eyelids is delicate and gets damaged easily. Tell your doctor about any problems you have.

Psoriasis in the eye is very rare. If you have it, your eyes can be painfully dry. You may need antibiotics to treat an eye infection if you get one.


Psoriasis medications can put your eardrum at risk, so be cautious when you apply any inside the ear. Your doctor may recommend:

  • A prescription corticosteroid you can drip in your ear or apply to the outside of your ear canal
  • Calcipotriene or tazarotene usually mixed with a corticosteroid cream or ointment

Mouth and Nose

Nourish Your Skin From The Inside

Taking care of your skin starts with your diet. While theres no scientific evidence that particular types of foods help with psoriasis, many dermatologists and people with psoriasis swear by healthy eating to help keep skin in good condition and prevent flare ups. Good fats are your friends! says occupational therapist Pooja Shah, OTD, OTR/L in an email interview with HealthCentral. She recommends adding ghee oil or avocado oil to your meals to make your skin glow.

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Is Eyelid Dermatitis One Type

No, there are many forms of eyelid dermatitis.

Generally, there are two types familiar and commonly occur such as irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis, in the following table you will find the difference between them in details

Allergic Contact Dermatitis


Kind of dermatitis caused by allergic reaction to certain substances called allergen when come in contact with skin.

Kind of dermatitis in which the skin is affected by some environmental factors such as weather either hot or cold, some chemicals as acids and solvents.

Factors Affecting

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Psoriasis Of The Nails

Dry Patch On Eyelid Not Itchy

If you have plaque psoriasis on your body, you may also develop nail psoriasis. This is characterized by small holes in the nails, thickening and/or discoloration of the nails, and loosening of the nails. According to the Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis Alliance , fingernails are more likely to be affected than toenails. Nail psoriasis can be difficult to treat, with topical steroids or vitamin D analogue creams being the first-line treatment.

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What Should I Do If I Have Psoriasis In A Sensitive Area

Consult your doctor, who may refer you to a dermatologist. You will need expert advice on the correct treatment in sensitive areas. Psoriasis affecting the hairline and scalp is dealt with in more detail in Scalp Psoriasis.

There are organisations that specialise in camouflage make-up, including the British Association of Skin Camouflage, Changing Faces and the Skin Camouflage Network. You can find their contact details at the end of this leaflet.

However, make-up could interfere with the effectiveness of your topical psoriasis treatments and this is something that should be considered very carefully and discussed with your doctor. It is likely that make-up can be applied following treatment if enough time has reasonably elapsed.

The treatments used for facial psoriasis should be used carefully and sparingly as creams and ointments can irritate the eyes and mouth areas. They should always be used under the guidance of your doctor. If you are unsure about using over-the-counter products such as make-up and moisturisers then, again, you should consult your doctor or your pharmacist. This is because facial skin is delicate and irritation can easily occur. Using steroid medication, for instance, may cause facial skin to thin, appear shiny and be prone to spider veins.

Psoriasis Of The Scalp

The scalp is one of the most common body parts to be affected by psoriasis, says the National Psoriasis Foundation. Scalp psoriasis may range from small patches of fine scales to a thick, crusty covering over the whole scalp. In severe cases, scalp psoriasis may extend onto the forehead, down the back of the neck, and over the ears. Common scalp psoriasis treatments are coal tar and salicylic acid-medicated shampoo. More serious cases may be treated topically with Dritho-Scalp or Dovonex .

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Have Regular Eye Exams By An Ophthalmologist

Psoriasis around the eyes and on the eyelids should be checked by your dermatologist and ophthalmologist. Psoriasis on the eyelid can affect the eyes. This condition is known as ocular psoriasis, in which the cornea and conjunctiva are affected, as well as the eyelid. People with ocular psoriasis are also at risk for ocular surface disease, which includes conditions like conjunctivitis and corneal dryness. People with psoriasis should have yearly exams with an ophthalmologist to check for eye disorders associated with psoriasis.

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How Is Psoriasis Diagnosed

Doctors usually diagnose psoriasis by examining the skin, scalp, and nails. Theyll also ask whether someone else in your family has psoriasis and if you recently had an illness or started taking a new medicine.

Rarely, doctors might take a skin sample to check more closely. A can tell the doctor whether its psoriasis or another condition with similar symptoms.

What Causes Psoriasis On Your Face

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that causes inflammation and skin cells to grow too quickly. Healthcare providers do not know why some people develop psoriasis while others do not. There appears to be a genetic factor because you are more likely to experience psoriasis if your parents have it.

Common triggers that lead to a psoriasis outbreak include stress, skin injury, infection, cold weather, and certain prescription medications. Facial psoriasis is not contagious, and you cannot give it to or get it from someone else.

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What Else Should I Know

Making healthy choices can help with psoriasis. Here are some things you can do:

  • If you smoke, quit. Smoking can trigger outbreaks of psoriasis in some people.
  • Avoid alcohol. It can make psoriasis treatments less effective.
  • Eat healthy foods. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables can help fend off diseases that might trigger psoriasis.
  • Stay at a healthy weight. This decreases the risk of inverse psoriasis.
  • Keep skin clean and well moisturized. Bathing daily with bath salts or oils and then applying moisturizer can help ease the symptoms of psoriasis.

People who have psoriasis may feel self-conscious about how it looks. Thats one reason why some people turn to a therapist or join a support group of people who understand what they might be going through.

The key to psoriasis treatment is keeping up on whatever your doctor prescribes. If that means applying an ointment twice a day, then find a way to remind yourself to do it so you dont forget. Psoriasis is one of those things that you need to stay focused on treating, even when youre feeling OK.

Whether your psoriasis is mild or severe, learn all you can about it. Talk to your doctor or check websites like:

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