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Wet Wrap Therapy For Psoriasis

The Skinnies Guide To Wet Wrap Therapy

Wet Wrap Therapy for Eczema Sufferers

Using Eczema Wet Wrap Therapy can be effective for managing moderate to severe eczema and can help by soothing the skin, introducing moisture and helping to reduce itching and scratching.

Heres our step-by-step guide to Wet Wrap Therapy.

Step 1. Soak wraps thoroughly in warm water. Make sure that the water is not too hot.

Step 2. Bathe in warm water with a gentle cleanser for approximately for 15-20 minutes.

Step 3. Lightly pat skin dry with a soft and absorbent towel.

Step 4. Once the child is dry, apply the prescribed or recommended cream or lotion immediately. Wet Wrapping using topical steroid creams should only be done under the direction of your healthcare professional.

Step 5. Wring out any excess water and directly apply the damp wrap to lock in moisture. Apply a dry wrap on top of the wet wrap and clothing on top as required. Dry wraps provide a further seal for the moisture and also protect clothing and linen. Keep child warm to avoid chills and keep wraps away from the face.

Nothing provides quick eczema relief like wet wrap therapy! Wet wrapping also works well for psoriasis, allergic contact dermatitis, and dermatomyositis.

If you need additional information on eczema wet wrap therapy or Skinnies therapeutic clothing please give us a call. We are here to help you find solutions.

Coal Tar Treatments: The Smell Of My Childhood

As a child I performed a nightly ritual involving liquid coal tar in Aquaphor ointment a formulation compounded by the pharmacist that I would apply all over my skin before bed. I can report that sleeping in greasy pajamas is quite unpleasant. Ive also used bath solutions, soaps, and shampoos made with tar, staining my sheets, clothes, and even bathtub with brownish-black tar residue.

When I visited the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles I told my kids, Thats what my tar treatment used to smell like. They wrinkled their noses at me. Whenever the asphalt on the street is coated with tar, I am transported back to those childhood days.

Best Clothing For Psoriasis

The best clothing for psoriasis sufferers is going to be soft and breathable. Thats why we love Remedywear. Specifically designed for those with sensitive skin, all clothing is made with soft silky TENCEL and embedded with anti-inflammatory zinc.

This unique blend of fibers helps reduce itching, improve quality of sleep, and soothe irritation. Plus, it inhibits the growth of bacteria which can greatly reduce the risk of infection, especially if the skin cracks or bleeds.

For elbow, back or chest psoriasis, we recommend these Long Sleeve Shirt for Adults, and these Long Sleeve Shirt for Kids. Forknee, leg or thigh psoriasis, check out these Pants for Adults and Pants for Kids. All garments are perfect for wearing underneath clothing during the day or overnight as pajamas. With a stretchy fit, they truly fit like a second skin!

If youre looking for other psoriasis clothing options, Remedywear has a whole line of clothing including socks, gloves, and scarfs. They even offer undergarments such as Remedywear Bras which ensure lasting comfort without irritation from annoying underwire. Made without latex, nylon, or nickel, the bra is made using only allergy-safe dyes.

Remedywear was also awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance.

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The Best Types Of Clothing For Psoriasis

Psoriasis can be rather irritating, but there are a variety of natural remedies that can help relieve symptoms.

One of these natural remedies relies on finding appropriate clothing for psoriasis that can be used for both wet and dry wrapping.

Discover the best types of clothing for psoriasis below.

I Use Vaseline For Psoriasis Wherever I Go

Eczema Sleeves for Adults

If you have psoriasis, youve probably gone through thousands of moisturisers, tubs of white goo and other sticky substances, trying to find the one product that will keep your psoriasis flakes happy. Well, call off the search, because that product is none other than Vaseline the simple, cheap, slippery gunk that everyone always walks past because its just too plain-looking.

Ive been using it almost exclusively for nearly 2 years now, and I dont plan to stop any time soon. Not only is it as cheap as chips, costing around $2 for a 200ml tub where Im from, but its one of the simplest skin products you can use on your psoriasis. It doesnt contain any harsh chemicals, perfumes or parabens which make psoriasis act up all it has is good old petroleum jelly. I even have a small 50ml tub of Vaseline mixed with cocoa butter that I keep at work!

This bad boy stays with me wherever I go

The only problem, and the reason why it has a bad rap, is that nobody uses it correctly. Vaseline is good at locking in moisture it doesnt magically moisturise your skin if theres nothing already there. Consider it a sealant, like an anti-wetsuit that keeps moisture in instead of out. What it really needs to function well is water.

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How Do I Do Wet Wrap Therapy

  • After a lukewarm bath, apply the medication to affected areas of skin
  • Apply moisturizer to all of the skin to increase the skins hydration and reduce itching
  • Soak a pair of form-fitting pajamas in warm, clean water and wring out excess water
  • Put on the wet pajamas so that they are covering the treated areas of skin
  • On top of the wet pajamas, put on a dry pair of pajamas or other form-fitting clothes, preferably made of cotton
  • Periodically , remoisten the wet pajamas using a spray bottle of warm, clean water
  • The wet pajamas should be left in place for at least 12 hours, typically overnight. The wet-wrap pajamas should be done once daily for 1 week, then repeated once weekly as needed. Wet-wrap therapy can be especially helpful during times of flares, when symptoms return or worsen. Improvement in symptoms with wet-wrap therapy usually occurs within the first week of using the therapy.

    What Do You Need To Get Started

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    Red Light Therapy For Psoriasis

    Also known as low-level laser therapy , red light therapy exposes your skin to red LED and/or NIR wavelengths that penetrate to the cells below. The mitochondria absorb the red light and heighten cellular energy. This stimulates collagen and elastin production, promotes healing, and boosts your skins firmness and elasticity. Improved skin health and texture are the keys to psoriasis relief.

    Immune response within your skin is elevated. Red light reduces inflammation, provides better oxygen flow to cells, kills bacteria, and improves skin hydration and overall cell function. These effects work together to jump-start and enhance your bodys natural ability to heal itself. The resulting relief from debilitating psoriasis side effects allows you to get back to living a normal life, free of emotional and physical discomfort.

    Red LED and NIR light promote natural healing without the damaging and dangerous side effects of UV phototherapy. More studies are in progress, but research already shows that red light therapy shows great promise for treating psoriasis due to its strong cellular penetration and the resulting increase in cellular energy.

    Are There Any Possible Side Effects

    Benefits and Drawbacks to Wet Wrap Therapy for Eczema Sufferers

    Wet wrapping to treat moderate to severe eczema is generally well tolerated. However, there are a few potential risks and side effects to consider.

    Covering the skin increases the potency of topical treatments, which may make them more effective. However, a doctor must closely monitor the process, especially if youre using topical steroids.

    Emollients form a layer of protection that seals in moisture, but it can also collect microbes, oil, and irritants, which can cause breakouts and infection. Wet wrapping creates a warm, damp environment that supports bacterial growth and may cause an infection to spread.

    Do not wet wrap if you have any sign of a bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. Watch out for signs of infection such as painful, inflamed, or blistered skin. If your eczema suddenly changes or worsens, stop using wet wraps and reach out to a healthcare professional.

    Its also possible to have an allergic reaction to emollients, especially if you have sensitive skin. Before using any new product to treat eczema, do a skin patch test.

    Here are the steps you can take to do a skin patch test:

  • Place the emollient on a small area of skin.
  • Use gauze to cover the area and keep the area dry.
  • Immediately take off the gauze and clean your skin if you any type of allergic reaction or irritation.
  • If you dont have any adverse reactions within 24 hours, the product is probably safe for you to use.
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    Causes Of Weeping Psoriasis

    There is no specific cause determined for development of this miserable chronic skin condition. But one thing is certain and that is there is rapid overgrowth of skin cells than normal. This leads to flaking. Researchers believe it is related to some drastic immune changes in the body. Few workers believe it to be a heredo- familial disease, which is brought on by stress, e.g. too much of anxiety, mental trauma and fever, food allergies, digestive upsets, hypothyroidism, etc.

    Low thyroid function is characterized by many skin problems, including psoriasis. It has been noted that in low thyroid function, prolactin hormone level increases. Increase of prolactin is known to increase rapid skin cell division. Sunlight and ultraviolet rays in sunlight is known to decrease formation of prolactin. Prolactin level increases in dark and in stressful condition. May be it is for this reason many patients have remission of weeping psoriasis in summer and warm weather.

    Tips For Wet Wrapping Your Eczema Child

    • Wet wrapping is long and can be boring for children, so make sure to have plenty of entertainment and distraction techniques lined up. We relied on TV a lot, which was a treat for our son. Read my post for ideas Itchy Irritated Skin, Scratching Little Fingers Part Two: Distraction Techniques.
    • Its best to use a non-toxic, natural eczema cream under your wet wraps. My familys favorite is the Organic Manuka Skin Soothing Cream.
    • Use caution with long wet bandages that could become unwrapped, potentially creating a suffocation hazard. This would be of particular concern if the child wears the wet wraps to sleep.
    • Cotton clothing made for children with eczema, such as these pajamas for eczema can be much easier for fast wet wrapping. AD Rescue Wear makes excellent full body suits, small sleeves , and tops and bottoms for wet wrapping take a look at their full line of wet wraps.

    Wet wrapping worked wonders for us. How did it work for you? Please share your experiences with us.

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    Injections Required More Trips To The Hospital

    A couple of treatments required me to go to the hospital for injections. Methotrexate pills upset my stomach for days after each dose, so my doctor thought I could inject it in my hip, as some cancer patients do. The injection hurt more than any other I had before, and, unfortunately, did not help my stomach or my psoriasis as much as hoped.

    In the early 2000s, biologic treatments arrived on the scene. When one of the first, Amevive, came out, it needed to be administered intravenously in an oncology clinic. The treatment itself did not require a lot of time, but everything else took hours, including the travel, prep, and wait time afterward.

    The worst part? My skin got worse, not better, over time.

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    Why Do Dermatologists Recommend These Techniques

    Eczema Sleeves for Adults
    • Can treat severe eczema

    • Allows treatment applied to the skin to work better often when the same treatment failed to work before

    • Can work when other treatments have failed

    These techniques can:

    • Reduce the inflammation

    • Alleviate itch, so a child can get a restful sleep

    • Avoid the need for medicine that works throughout the body

    • Protect the skin from a childs scratching

    If you would like to use one of these techniques, it is important to know that these techniques can be:

    • Messy

    • Involved, so youll need training first

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    Soothems Adult Size Charts

    • All measurements are body measurements.
    • Soothems are designed with a generous amount of stretch so they can fit close to the skin.
    • We recommend that if there is any doubt about size selection, the next larger size should be chosen provided it will still fit snugly.
    • Soothems are a personal healthcare, FDA registered Class 1 medical device and therefore are not eligible for returns or exchanges once the polybag seal has been broken or the poly bag has been opened and/or the product has been removed from the poly bag.
    • If you have any questions regarding the fit of an item, please contact Soothems at or call +612.601.0700, we are happy to help.

    How Do You Apply Wet Wraps

    Wet wraps are most often applied in a hospital for severe eczema. However, wet wraps may also be applied in the community or at home at the first signs of a worsening condition to reduce the need for hospital admission.

    There are different methods and bandages used for wet wrapping but the basic technique is as follows.

    • Depending on the area being treated the patient may first soak in a bath with bath oil or emollientsolution
    • An emollient and/or steroid cream is liberally applied to the area
    • Bandages soaked in warm water are wrapped or applied over the top of the creams
    • Dry bandages are placed over the top of the wet bandages to protect clothing
    • Later on, the dry bandage may be removed and water sprayed on the underneath layer to keep it damp, before reapplying the dry outer bandage.

    Convenient eczema garments have been developed for wet wrapping children with eczema, e.g. Ad RescueWear, Comfifast Easywrap and Tubifast. Medical-grade silk garments are not suitable for wet wrapping.

    Applying tubular dressings

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    How Does Wet Wrapping Work

    Wet wraps work via three different ways:

    • Cooling as water gradually evaporates from the bandages this cools the skin and helps relieve inflammation, itching and soreness.
    • Moisturising emollients covered over with wet bandages are deeply absorbed into the skin to provide a longer lasting moisturizing effect.
    • Steroid absorption enhanced absorption of topical steroid molecules into both the superficial and deeper layers of skin where inflammation is present.

    In addition, the bandages provide protection from the itching and scratching cycle so that skin gets a chance to heal properly.

    How Do I Use Wet Wraps For Eczema

    Health Happens: Wet Wrap Therapy for Dermatitis, Eczema, and Dry Skin

    Before starting wet wrap therapy, talk with a healthcare professional. They can teach you the correct technique, tell you how often to do it, and advise you on which type of topical product to use.

    You can use products such as coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and hydrocortisone creams to treat eczema. Other options include petroleum jelly, essential oils, and witch hazel. Do not use a topical steroid cream without your doctors recommendation and supervision.

    You can use the following materials for dressings:

    • viscose tubular bandages, which are available by prescription or over the counter from your local pharmacy or online
    • medical-grade viscose garments, such as vests and leggings
    • gauze from a roll
    • clean, white cotton clothing
    • nanotextile

    For hands and feet, you can use cotton gloves or socks for the wet layer. For the dry layer, use vinyl gloves or food-grade plastic wrap.

    Here are the basic steps of wet wrap therapy:

  • After bathing, use a towel to gently pat dry the affected area.
  • Use clean hands to apply a generous layer of topical moisturizer to the affected area.
  • Soak the dressings in warm water and gently squeeze out any excess water.
  • Wrap your skin using warm, wet dressings.
  • Wrap a dry layer over the wet layer.
  • Use care when getting dressed.
  • As long as the wet wraps stay moist, you can keep them on for several hours or overnight.
  • Continue treatment for up to 2 weeks.
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    What Is Wet Wrapping Therapy

    Wet wrapping therapy consists of soaking and sealing the skin in the following way:

    • First, a bath to soak the skin.
    • Afterwards the skin is lightly dried, then sealed with a heavy layer of cream or balm/salve.
    • Next dress the skin with damp clothing or a layer of damp bandages.
    • Then top with a layer of dry clothing or bandages.
    • Leave the wraps on for at least two hours.
    • Add another layer of cream or balm salve, then dress as usual.

    How Mary Elizabeth Is Coping With Eczema Today

    Since Mary Elizabeth returned home after that two-week visit to National Jewish Health last November, she hasnt experienced any flare-ups and hasnt needed wet wrap therapy since. Christina now helps administer Dupixent , a biologic medication approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , twice a month, which has helped keep her daughters symptoms under control.

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    Wet Wrapping: Simple Yet Effective

    The wet wrapping technique is simple and straightforward, and has been shown to help significantly with stubborn symptoms associated with many dermatological conditions particularly eczema.

    Wet wrap therapy is gaining more mainstream attention nowadays as it offers a possible solution to resolve symptoms, while reducing the use of topical steroid creams.

    If you want to try wet wrapping, talk to your doctor to find out if it might be right for you and if your health care provider will cover the cost of supplies.

    » For more advice on wet wrapping, use Zwivels online consultation tool to contact a board-certified dermatologist in your area.

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