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What Is The Best Probiotic For Psoriasis

Probiotics For Psoriasis Supplementation Working Via The Gut

Probiotics for Eczema and Psoriasis

In August this year, UK skin health specialist SkinBioTherapeutics unveiled a probiotic powder it had developed to target psoriasis. The AxisBiotix probiotic powder was made from a blend of Bifidobacterium animalis, Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus reuteri, and Lactococcus lactis and had been developed to alleviate symptoms of the long-term chronic skin disease associated with red, itchy, scaly patches on various parts of the body.

Speaking to CosmeticsDesign-Europe at the time, SkinBioTherapeutics CEO Stuart Ashman said the company had started with this skin condition because there was no other cure and it had huge implications on a persons physical and mental health.

According to FMCG Gurus 2021 Beauty from Within report, 40% of global consumers wanted to address psoriasis over the next 12 months.

Ashman said targeting this chronic skin condition with a daily inside-out beauty supplement was an important and fresh approach, with the product working via the gut-skin axis a stunningly exciting area of science.

We are literally just scratching the surface. Once we understand more about the gut microbiome and the impact it can have on overall health, I think well see a whole raft of products coming into the space, he said.

Microbes: Vital To Our Immune System

Although the immune systems primary purpose is to target the bacteria to defend our bodies from harmful pathogens, researchers have now found out that not all bacteria are toxic and that others are an essential part of the immune defence. These beneficial microbes control the development of critical components of the immune system. Additionally, these microbes have figured out our immune systems in ways that scientists are still yet to understand.

Typically, we rely on our immune system to distinguish harmful bacteria from the harmless ones. Still, it does not do it by itself. Microbes have learned to flip certain switches within our bodies when necessary. For instance, they induce the T cells to promote inflammatory responses while others cause it to suppress inflammatory responses. In short, microbes play a significant role in our bodys decision on whether or not to launch an immune attack.

Is Biofit A Scam

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Why Should You Take Probiotics When You Have Psoriasis

Liquid Probiotics! probiotics

Try not to consider the probiotic supplement as a supplement, but rather as a beneficial food instead. That way you wont think to yourself Well, Ill just take these pills for a few weeks, and when I feel better Ill stop taking them. Is that how you feel about beneficial foods like yogurt, garlic, sauerkraut and coconut too? We tend to view dietary supplements as just that, something to supplement our diet with for a short period of time and then to discontinue them. But probiotics are different in that they are beneficial bacteria that have spectacular effects on our health and their fragile populations are easily compromised due to the very way we eat and live. You will find that by taking them for a long period of time that your will miraculously appear to keep on improving in many different ways, and thats because they are involved in so many different processes affecting your health.

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How Can I Add Probiotics To My Supplement Regime

Whilst you can take dietary supplements containing Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, an easier option is to add fermented and cultured foods to your diet. If you do wish to take supplements, it is best to consult your health care professional to find out which supplement would be the best choice for your particular application. As I have mentioned earlier, the very best option is to assess your digestive system first by completing a comprehensive stool analysis . A careful analysis of your needs will allow you to take the right probiotic treatment for your needs, and in addition will uncover if you have Candida, a parasite or an underlying bacterial imbalance.

Probiotic bacteria can be found in the following foods:

  • Yogurt
  • Fermented cheeses, such as Gouda, cheddar, Swiss, and parmesan
  • Sourdough bread

Bifidobacteria Effective With Psoriasis

Bifidobacteria as a dietary supplement has been shown to have a positive effect in cases of psoriasis. A study from 2013 has looked at the effects of Bifidobacterium infantis on an incredible 35,624 people with psoriasis. Researchers came to the conclusion that taking Bifidobacteria can reduce the bio markers for inflammation.

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Probiotics May Have An Impact On Psoriasis

The link connecting gut bacteria and psoriasis is inflammation, the authors said.

Microbiomes may play a potential role for patients with psoriasis, according to an article published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care last month.

Citing numerous supporting studies, authors discuss how promising therapeutic probiotics may be able to prevent and treat the condition.

The link connecting gut bacteria and psoriasis is inflammation. Dysbiosis, or an imbalance of effector T cells and regulatory T cells in gut bacteria, can lead to chronic inflammatory disorders of the skin like psoriasis. Psoriasis is also often associated with intestinal inflammation conditions like inflammatory bowel disease.

Through complex immune mechanisms, the gut microbiome has the ability to affect distant organ systems, including the skin, the authors said.

Studies indicate a strong bidirectional correlation exists between gastrointestinal health and skin homeostasis, as many GI conditions are accompanied by skin manifestations. In several studies conducted on animals and humans, the administration of intestinal bacteria prompted benefits like increased blood flow and corneal hydration of the skin, along with a decrease in transepidermal water loss.

Findings suggest the intestinal microbiome produces metabolites that have immune-modifying potential and alter the balance between immune tolerance and inflammation.


Who Should Buy Probiotics

PROBIOTIC UPDATE ( the best two probiotics for healing the gut biome and skin)

Probiotics are most important for people who may have a disrupted or deficient gut microbiome. Probiotics are commonly recommended following a course of antibiotics, for example.

While antibiotic drugs can be very effective against infectious bacteria, they also lay waste to the healthy bacteria present in your stomach and intestines, paradoxically leaving you vulnerable to health disruptions in the future.

Taking a probiotic supplement after a course of antibiotics can help rectify this imbalance. Probiotics are also very helpful in many people who have intestinal problems like Crohns disease, ulcerative colitis, or irritable bowel syndrome .

The mechanisms behind many of these intestinal problems are unknown, but appear to be linked both to your immune system function and your levels of probiotic bacteria.

Not only are gut bacteria populations different between people with intestinal problems and health people, but modifying the gut bacteria in people with irritable bowel syndrome or Crohns disease can lead to improvements in symptoms, which strongly suggests gut bacteria is linked to the problem.

Beyond people with these health problems, there is increasing recognition that even healthy people can have a disrupted gut biome as a result of their diet.

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Garden Of Life Primal Defense Ultra

Garden of Life always has an interesting take on supplements, and their Primal Defence Ultra probiotic is no exception. The thirteen strains of probiotic bacteria are supported by a matrix of organic oat grass processed with an enzymatic procedure to help bacteria growth, as well as a small amount of iron, which is known to massively boost bacteria growth inside the body.

They also include ionic plant based minerals, presumably to boost growth further. Garden of Life generally has a love it or hate it approach if you want all the extras, its a great choice, but if you just want plain old bacteria in a pill, there are better options.

Why Do Seniors Need Probiotics

Probiotics improve digestion and generally improve the health of your stomach and intestines. They can also help to prevent conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Elderly persons generally have fewer friendly bacteria in their intestines than younger adults and more harmful bacteria in turn. Thus, they are more prone to gastrointestinal infections and bowel conditions, which can be prevented and alleviated with a good Probiotic supplement.

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Understanding The Immune System And The Microbiome

The microbiome refers to all the microbes in the human body and their genetic material. The human body harbors more than 100 trillion microbes microscopic organisms, especially bacteria in places like the skin, respiratory tract, and digestive tract .

The species of bacteria found within the gut are diverse and can be good and bad. The human body must try to maintain balance between the good and bad bacteria. A healthy gut microbiome is involved in many processes, including:

  • Food digestion
  • The production of vitamins B and K
  • The regulation of the immune system

The regulation and symbiosis of the gut bacteria and immune system are important for inhibiting an immune response against the bodys own tissues.

When the good and bad bacteria are out of balance a situation known as dysbiosis problems can result. Autoimmune conditions such as type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and rheumatoid arthritis are associated with an unbalanced microbiome. Recent studies also suggest that the microbiome may play a role in the dysregulation of the immune system during psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

What You Need To Know

Best Probiotics For Psoriasis

As mentioned, inflammatory immune-mediated diseases, like psoriasis, increase your risk for other health complications. Being overweight further compounds your risk for diabetes and heart disease.

To minimize your risk of these related diseases, itâs important to maintain a healthy weight.

To help identify what is a healthy weight for you, calculate your body mass index . You can use this calculator from the Centers for Disease Control.

To lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. People who lose weight slowly, about 1 to 2 pounds per week, are more successful at keeping the weight off. You also will burn additional calories if you increase your physical activity.

Your weight loss plan should:

  • Emphasize fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products.
  • Include lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts.
  • Contain foods low in saturated fats, avoid trans fats, limit cholesterol and salt
  • Avoid refined sugars and processed foods.

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Pros And Cons Of A Gluten

With a dramatic increase in the diagnosis of celiac disease and gluten intolerance in recent years, mainstream grocery stores, restaurant chains and bakeries are introducing more and more gluten-free products.

Following a gluten-free diet requires you to become educated on all the hidden sources of gluten, as well as educating loved ones. To avoid all gluten, you must read labels carefully . You need to avoid not only wheat but its derivatives: durum, graham, kamut, semolina and spelt. The same goes with barley derivatives: malt flavoring and malt vinegar, as well as rye, MSG and soy sauce. Remember, just because a food is labeled wheat-free doesnât mean itâs gluten-free.

Some manufacturers add sugar, saturated fats and preservatives to their gluten-free offerings to make them taste better, but they also add calories. Just because a diet is gluten-free it does not mean itâs calorie-free. You still need to apply the principles of a balanced diet.

On the other hand, says Jerry Bagel, M.D., director of the Psoriasis Treatment Center of Central New Jersey in East Windsor and a member of the National Psoriasis Foundation medical board, if someoneâs skin improves as a result of a gluten-free diet, itâs likely the patientâs digestive system is improving as well, and absorbing more nutrients.

What Are The Traditional Treatments For Psoriasis

Traditional treatments for psoriasis depend on the severity of the outbreak, where it is on your body, and how well you respond to a particular treatment.

For light to moderate outbreaks, treatment usually starts with topical ointments and creams. These may contain corticosteroids, coal tar, or vitamins A or D. Some topical treatments are prescription-only items, and others are available over the counter.

More severe outbreaks may be treated with systemic drugs, immune suppressants, or biologics. A combination of these medications may also be used. Phototherapy and laser therapies can also be effective when combined with other treatments.

When you have a psoriasis flare, take note of your overall status at the time of onset. This includes any medications youre taking, any food or drink youve had, and any activities you may be participating in. This will help you identify potential triggers.

Stress, smoking, and certain medications are known triggers. Some people also report that heat, certain foods, perfumes, or chemicals can set off a psoriasis flare.

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The Different Approaches To Psoriasis Treatment

It is important to study the triggers before embarking on any treatment plan for psoriasis otherwise, it may not be effective. Common triggers include stress, smoking, alcohol, cold or dry weather, infections, reactions to certain medications like beta-blockers or foods like dairy, citrus, and those containing gluten.

People have different triggers and varying reactions to the triggers. The wrong medication might aggravate the situation.

It is good to review the existing treatment and management methods even as we consider adopting probiotics for psoriasis treatment. This way, we can have a benchmark for measuring success and efficiency.

Is There Any Research On Probiotics For Psoriasis

Best Natural Treatment for Psoriasis Review

Probiotic treatments have the opposite effect to antibiotic treatments instead of killing the bad bacteria, they promote the beneficial ones, the kind of bacteria that reduce the inflammatory response involved in different kinds of psoriatic disease. Dr. Martin Blaser is the director of the Human Microbiome Program at New York University and author of Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues.

Dr. Blaser hopes that human microbiome research will one day lead to better ways of diagnosing, treating and even preventing psoriasis. Dr. Blaser is of the belief that one day an entirely new class of probiotics will be developed exclusively targeting those who have psoriasis. These highly specific probiotics will tuned into switching-off inflammation, leading to a reduction in a psoriasis patients inappropriate inflammatory response. Research into this area is taking place as we speak.

A study published in 2013 in the journal Gut Microbes found that taking a particular microbe could reduce a persons level of inflammatory proteins . Dr. Blaser advised caution with regards to purchasing probiotics from the internet or through a health food shop, because these products are largely unregulated and are untested for efficacy.

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There Are Three Main Reasons Why Living Soil Based Probiotics Are The Most Powerful For Healing:

  • Their Resiliency They must survive the stomach acid to make it to the Ileum where they thrive and strongly influence immune function. Since they live on and around the plants and deal with all types of weather conditions, SBOs become very resilient and make it past the stomach acid intact. They are kept in an enzyme-enriched substrate when bottled, so they stay alive and continue to strenghthen. If the bacteria burn up in the stomach acid, then their CFU count doesnt matter and it leads to bloating, gas and constipation. I have gone through these symptoms a few times in the past on my search for the proper probiotics.
  • Their Numbers SBOs are in low numbers in the gut now, so they are more influential on our resident gut bacteria. Taking common probiotics, which are already in high numbers in the gut, have much less impact as they lose the territory battle to the indigenous organisms.
  • Their Byproducts As mentioned, they pass on metabolic enzymes, short chain fatty acids along with B12 and other nutrients as byproducts. Like any living organisms, probiotics need to eat nutrients, and remove byproducts. These particular plant & soil based organisms like to feed on plant matter, known as prebiotics. These are insoluble fibers and complex sugars we cannot digest, but they can. When they consume these nutrients, they create bio-available byproducts that the body can easily absorb and utilize.
  • Do Probiotics Actually Work For Seniors

    In the end, the question is, will a Probiotic actually now work for senior and elderly persons, or is it too late in life to start with Probiotic supplements.

    Firstly, a probiotic is one of the most important supplements to consider for senior persons.

    As many seniors have a disrupted healthy balance of bacteria in their gut and digestive issues of many kinds, in most cases, a probiotic will definitely help.

    At any age, your body can still use and absorb probiotic supplements, and when older, you especially need them as your body cannot produce them at the same rate that it had when you were younger.

    Besides this, as an older adult, your diet may no longer be sufficient in providing proper Probiotic strains needed for digestive and gut health.

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