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Over The Counter Medicine For Inverse Psoriasis

Between 21 30 Percent Of People Living With Psoriasis Develop Inverse Psoriasis

Genital Psoriasis Treatment

Did You Know?

Inverse psoriasis appears on skin of color as lesions of purple-ish, brown or darker than the surrounding skin, in body folds. On Caucasian skin it appears as bright red lesions in body folds. It may appear smooth and shiny. Many people with inverse psoriasis have another type of psoriasis elsewhere on the body at the same time.

When To Visit The Doctor For Psoriasis

If you develop itchy, scaly patches on the scalp, knees, elbows or lower back, this may well be psoriasis. There are a number of psoriasis treatments to deal with the condition, simply & effectively, & the Medcare team is here to help with advice on the best course of action to return you to full health. If you experience any symptoms or signs of psoriasis, call us for an appointment. We can expertly guide you through the causes, symptoms & treatment of your psoriasis.

Treatments For Inverse Psoriasis

Treating inverse psoriasis can be challenging. Medications typically prescribed for plaque psoriasis and other types of psoriasis may irritate delicate skin affected by inverse psoriasis. Some topical preparations, such as Tazorac , can worsen symptoms in the genital area. Light therapy including UVB, UVA, and laser treatments and coal tar therapy can increase risk of genital cancer.

Treatment options for inverse psoriasis include topical medications and biologic drugs.

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Symptoms Of Inverse Psoriasis

If you have inverse psoriasis, youâll notice red, shiny patches in certain places, like:

  • Your armpits
  • The skin folds around your genitals and between your buttocks
  • Under your breasts
  • Your groin

The skin in these areas is more sensitive, so the condition is often a challenge to manage and treat. Lesions can cause cracks in the creases of your skin, which may be painful and bleed. Because of its location, the disease may also cause:

  • Irritation from rubbing and sweating
  • Yeast, fungal, and bacterial infections
  • Sexual problems because of discomfort

Get tips on how to treat deep cracks and protect your skin.

What Home Remedies Can Help Relieve Symptoms Of Genital Psoriasis

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  • Avoid hot water baths and use lukewarm water
  • Limit the amount of time spent in the water to under 15 minutes
  • Use mild soaps and other products that are free of fragrances, dyes, and alcohol
  • Dry the skin gently after bathing
  • Moisturize the skin several times a day using a cream or ointment
  • Use coconut oil to keep the skin hydrated
  • Wear loose underwear and cotton clothing that allows affected areas to breathe
  • Apply petroleum jelly or talcum powder to genital areas
  • Minimize stress
  • Avoid any type of phototherapy that can increase the risk of developing genital cancer
  • Avoid getting urine or feces on the affected area
  • Consume plenty of fiber to ease bowel movements
  • Take over-the-counter medicines for severe itching

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How To Treat Inverse Psoriasis In Your Creases Crevices And Skin Folds

Sometimes not feeling well seems worse than being sick in bed. When you have a mild cold, you still have to function in your job and home life. When you have the flu, however, you take days off and rest.

Inverse psoriasis is the not feeling well of psoriasis.

Its not so bad that you have to stop living your regular life, but its really uncomfortable. Most of the time, you can hide your skin rash, but you never stop feeling it. You have irritated, itchy, and sometimes infected skin that never seems to let you forget your condition.

Fortunately, theres a way to treat inverse psoriasis.

Once you figure out what triggers this condition for you, youll be able to make changes to soothe your skin and begin an inverse psoriasis treatment to help you keep it under control.

What Is The Difference Between Psoriasis And Inverse Psoriasis

Psoriasis and inverse psoriasis are both diseases that affect your skin.

Psoriasis features thick, discolored patches of skin covered with white or silvery scales. The thick, scaly patches are plaques.

Inverse psoriasis doesnt feature the thick, scaly plaques like other types of psoriasis, most likely because its present in moist areas of your body. An inverse psoriasis rash also looks shinier than a psoriasis rash.

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Complementary And Alternative Treatments

Youll find plenty of these for treating psoriasis. The US Food and Drug Administration doesnt regulate these products. As such, few of these treatments have been studied. Those that have been studied were tested on small numbers of people, so we dont know how well these treatments work. We also dont know whether theyre safe.

Can I Have Sex If I Have An Inverse Psoriasis Flare

Psoriasis Symptoms and Treatment. Everything you need to know about Psoriasis

Inverse psoriasis isnt a sexually transmitted disease or infection . Still, it can look like an STD or STI. Its a good idea to be honest with your partner if you have a flare-up. If they have any questions, encourage them to talk to a healthcare provider before you have sex.

If you have inverse psoriasis on your genitals, you may experience discomfort or pain during sex. Sexual lubricants and condoms can help ease discomfort, pain or itching.

After sex, carefully clean and dry your genitals and reapply any inverse psoriasis medications.

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Psoralen Plus Ultraviolet A

For this treatment, you’ll first be given a tablet containing compounds called psoralens, or psoralen may be applied directly to the skin. This makes your skin more sensitive to light.

Your skin is then exposed to a wavelength of light called ultraviolet A . This light penetrates your skin more deeply than UVB light.

This treatment may be used if you have severe psoriasis that has not responded to other treatment.

Side effects include nausea, headaches, burning and itchiness. You may need to wear special glasses for 24 hours after taking the tablet to prevent the development of cataracts.

Long-term use of this treatment is not encouraged, as it can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

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What You Need To Know About Psoriasis Over The Counter Treatment For Inverse Psoriasis

Is Your Stomach to Blame?

Who would have thought that a severe psoriasis outbreak could start because of something going wrong inside of your stomach and intestines? Yet, new research developed by psoriasis expert Edgard Cayce shows a distinct link between a leaky gut and a scaly psoriatic episode. According to Cayce, the primary source of psoriasis can be found in the intestinal tract, where toxins are leached into the body. This causes the immune system to react by thickening the skin. At the same time, the skin tries to purge the toxins through its layers, which can cause scabs and sores to form.

Could Arthritis Be the Cuplrit?

The intestines arent the only link to psoriasis found by researchers arthritis seems to also contribute to it. As many as one-third of all psoriasis patients eventually develop some form of psoriatic arthritis. Unlike normal forms of arthritis, those with psoriatic arthritis do not exhibit a rheumatoid factor when their blood is tested. This indicates that the arthritic condition comes solely from either the psoriasis itself or the underlying cause of the skin affliction.

Could a Virus Be the Cause?

Arthritis has been linked to certain virus and so have other auto-immune disorders. This leads some researchers to think that psoriasis too may start with a virus, which is what kicks the immune system into overdrive.

What Treatment Can Help Manage Inverse Psoriasis

Dermalex Repair Skin Treatment Cream For Psoriasis Steroid Free

Treatment options for inverse psoriasis may include:

  • Available in the form of creams, lotions, oils, sprays, foams, gels, and ointments
  • Work by reducing the inflammation related to psoriasis
  • Overuse can lead to stretch marks or thinning of the skin
  • Over-the-counter topicals
  • Examples include salicylic acid and coal tar
  • Includes other products such as aloe vera and zinc pyrithione, which help moisturize skin, remove scales, or relieve itching
  • Topical calcineurin inhibitors
  • Examples include Elidel cream and Protopic , which are FDA-approved to treat eczema
  • Work well in the case of inverse psoriasis
  • Topical vitamin D analogs
  • These are a form of vitamin D that help reduce discoloration.
  • This drug slows the growth of skin cells and reduces inflammation.
  • Castederm
  • This product is painted onto the skin to dry out the psoriasis lesions in the skin folds when the rashes have a bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Oral medications
  • Rheumatrex, Trexall
  • Biologic medications
  • Used as injections or infusions and made from living cells that target specific parts of the immune system:
  • Ultraviolet light therapy uses ultraviolet B waves from special lamps that help reduce inverse psoriasis.
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    If You Have A Rare Form Of Psoriasis It Can Seem Like Plaque Psoriasis Gets All The Attention

    All those TV ads for psoriasis treatments are for plaque psoriasis. Kim Kardashian tweets about her . . . plaque psoriasis. And invariably, when a new treatment is FDA-approved, it is for plaque psoriasis.

    Perhaps that is understandable, given that 80%-90% of people with psoriasis have plaque psoriasis, though some people have more than one kind. But it can make things challenging when looking for a treatment to help you.

    The treatments prescribed for inverse, guttate, pustular, and erythrodermic psoriasis are typically off label, which means a physician is prescribing, for those types of psoriasis, a drug that the US Food and Drug Administration approved for a different use. Many off-label uses are universally accepted for example, methotrexate being used for psoriatic arthritis. But off-label use also adds more art to the art and science of selecting psoriasis treatments.

    What follows is an introduction to some of the treatments considered for these less common, but extremely distressing, types of psoriasis. Clinical trials for these types of psoriasis are rare, so much of the discussion below has developed from treatment ideas passed along doctor to doctor and eventually made public, or through case studies published in scientific journals about one or a few specific people. Evidence like this is not as strong as that gleaned from clinical trials, but accumulated wisdom is very much still worth knowing.

    Natural Treatments For Inverse Psoriasis

    You may want to consider natural treatments to complement prescribed medications or to reduce the chance of a psoriasis flare-up. There are many natural options you can try that can help your psoriasis symptoms. Scientists havent proven that all of these treatments work.

    Its important to speak with your doctor before trying any new treatments, including natural treatments. They may react with medications or other treatments youre using.

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    Signs & Symptoms Of Psoriasis

    Common symptoms of psoriasis include:

    • Red, flaky, crusty patches with silvery scales covering them.
    • Intense itching or burning sensations.
    • In children, small scaley spots.
    • Cracked, dry, itchy & /or bleeding skin.
    • Burning sensations.
    • Nails that appear thicker, ridged or pitted.
    • Joints that feel stiff & may look swollen.

    The level of psoriasis experienced can vary from one person to the other:

    • Mild psoriasis covers less than three percent of the body.
    • Moderate psoriasis appears on three to ten percent of the body.
    • Severe psoriasis covers more than ten percent of the body.

    Psoriasis zones known as plaques may develop anywhere, but mostly appear as small patches on the scalp, elbows, knees & lower back.

    Steroid Creams Or Ointments

    Psoriasis, Causes, Types, Sign and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

    Steroid creams or ointments are commonly used to treat mild to moderate psoriasis in most areas of the body. The treatment works by reducing inflammation. This slows the production of skin cells and reduces itching.

    Topical corticosteroids range in strength from mild to very strong. Only use them when recommended by your doctor.

    Stronger topical corticosteroids can be prescribed by your doctor and should only be used on small areas of skin or on particularly thick patches. Overusing topical corticosteroids can lead to skin thinning.

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    What Are The Symptoms Of Inverse Psoriasis

    The symptoms of inverse psoriasis differ from the more common plaque psoriasis. Plaque psoriasis causes thick, silvery, scaly plaques usually on the scalp, knees or elbows. Inverse psoriasis affects skin folds and areas where skin touches and rubs together. Common areas for inverse psoriasis include the armpits, genitals, groin, behind the knee, under the breasts, and in the buttocks crease.

    Inverse psoriasis typically has the following appearance:

    • Little or no silvery, scaly skin due to the moist environment where skin touches

    • Red, smooth, shiny, inflamed or raw-looking areas that can be quite large

    • Sore, painful skin

    There are several other skin conditions that share the same location and appearance. This includes bacterial and fungal infections. Making the correct diagnosis can be challenging. A dermatologists expertise can help reach a prompt diagnosis of inverse psoriasis.

    Home Remedies For Reducing Psoriasis Itching

    To reduce itching & discomfort caused by psoriasis, try:

    • A skin moisturizing routine – ask a dermatologist for suitable products.
    • Taking cold showers & avoiding hot showers.
    • Using a cold pack.

    While psoriasis can be isolating & uncomfortable, if these home psoriasis treatments are not helping alleviate or cure your symptoms, please call Medcare today, to book an appointment and allow us to guide you on the journey to good skin health.

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    What Is Inverse Psoriasis

    Inverse psoriasis is a disease that causes your skin cells to reproduce very quickly. Its a type of psoriasis that appears in areas where your skin rubs against itself , including:

    • Armpits .
    • Below your breasts.
    • Groin.

    It looks like a shiny, smooth, discolored rash, and it may feel damp.

    Inverse psoriasis is commonly referred to as an autoimmune disease. But the antibody that causes the condition hasnt been identified. So, its technically categorized as an immune-mediated disease. This means the exact cause is unknown, but experts believe it has something to do with your immune system response.

    Healthcare providers sometimes call it intertriginous psoriasis.

    The Best Way To Deal With Psoriasis At Home

    Doctor explains: Inverse psoriasis treatment

    Even though some home treatments for psoriasis function nicely, they arent an alternative to a physicians approved medications. Instead, they ought to be a part of your overall psoriasis management strategy. A couple of treatments contain applying apple cider vinegar within the affected region several instances a week. Youll be able to dilute the vinegar with h2o and use it for the scalp.

    An additional solution for psoriasis itch is petroleum jelly. This really is a great lubricant and will lock drinking water inside the pores and skin to scale back redness. However, you ought to be certain to scrub your hands extensively right after making use of petroleum jelly. Likewise, should you want to implement vinegar, achieve this sparingly. The acidity from the vinegar can burn off your skin. Nonetheless, ultraviolet B rays from your sun can also be great for combating psoriasis. Just be certain to limit your time inside the sun, or else you may stop up creating pores and skin cancer. > > > Over The Counter Psoriasis Lotion Receive Professional Guidance To Cure Psoriasis.

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    How Do I Take Care Of Myself

    If you have inverse psoriasis, the best way to take care of yourself is to:

    • Take medications as instructed.
    • Thoroughly dry your skin folds or affected areas after bathing, and keep them dry.

    Other steps to stay as healthy as possible include:

    • Talking to your healthcare provider about lowering your risk for related conditions, including heart disease, depression and diabetes.
    • Lowering your stress through meditation or exercise or seeing a mental health professional.

    What Is The Difference Between Inverse Psoriasis And Intertrigo

    Inverse psoriasis and intertrigo are both inflammatory skin conditions that result in rashes in your skin folds. However, inverse psoriasis and intertrigo have different causes and treatments.

    Skin rubbing against itself causes intertrigo. Trapped moisture causes the surfaces of your skin to stick together in your skin folds. The moisture increases the friction, which leads to skin damage and inflammation. Keeping the affected area dry, clean and cool can help alleviate intertrigo.

    Inverse psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease. That means your bodys immune system attacks parts of your skin instead of protecting your body from foreign invaders like bacteria or viruses. Treatments can help reduce inverse psoriasis symptoms or make them go away. However, inverse psoriasis is a long-lasting condition, which means flare-ups can occur throughout your life.

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