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What Essential Oils Are Good For Psoriasis

About Psoriasis And Essential Oils For Psoriasis

3 Best Essential Oils for Psoriasis – Help with Skin and Scalp Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin condition where a persons skin cells replicate too quickly. With nowhere to go, new skin cells accumulate under the skins surface. Psoriasis is thought to affect more than three percent of the U.S. population, or more than 5 million American adults at any given time. Relief from this condition can come in the form of essential oils for psoriasis.

Essential oils can be used as a complementary therapy. While much of the evidence is anecdotal, there is also some research that supports essential oils for psoriasis.

The buildup of cells associated with psoriasis creates patches of swollen and red skin with silvery or whitish scales. They can appear anywhere on the body, but most often develop on the elbows, knees, buttocks, scalp, feet, neck, face, hands, and backs of the wrists.

Other psoriasis symptoms include joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, impaired immune function, brain fog, allergies, and digestive complaints.

This article will focus on 15 specific essential oils for psoriasis treatment, and how to use them. We will also detail a few risks associated with essential oils for psoriasis.

Lets get started

Peppermint Oil For Psoriasis

Peppermint oil may help most with any itching and pain you get in and around psoriasis patches. There are some 25 different species of peppermint with over 600 varieties. No matter what plant you use, the menthol in the oil is what gives peppermint its punch. This oil also tackles itching caused by anything from herpes blisters to scabies infestations.

In small doses, peppermint doesnt usually cause any side effects. Theres a slight chance of allergic reaction, so be on the lookout for any unusual signs and symptoms after application.

A popular home remedy involves combining one cup of distilled water with five to seven drops of peppermint essential oils in a spray bottle. You can spritz this mixture onto painful, itchy skin for soothing relief.

What Can Essential Oils Help You Treat Psoriasis Whats The Way To Use It

Psoriasis is a pretty tough and uncomfortable situation to deal with. The itchy red patches on the skin do impact the quality of life, and the situation is worst when it flares-up.

If you are facing the same situation, then you are surely not alone. So, leave your worries as psoriasis is manageable. There are a plethora of treatments available to attain relief from psoriasis issues. One proven solution is the essential oils that relieve the affected person from itchiness and discomfort.

In several therapies for skin conditions, essential oils are used. Admittedly, not as the first-line treatment but as a complementary therapy to treat skin problems. Should you use it to treat psoriasis? What options are available to you? And, in what way should you use it? Get all the queries solved here!

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Is There A Relation Between Oregano Oil And Psoriasis

There is a relation between Oregano oil and Psoriasis. Because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant properties when taken orally oregano oil can help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. However, more scientific evidence is required to substantiate the claim.

It is one of the essential oil that is to be taken orally, as well as topically. People on online discussions and forums have advised taking about 4-6 drops of oregano oil or as a veggie capsule along with plenty of water to avoid a burning sensation.

For topical application mix the oregano oil with a suitable carrier oil to get relief from itching.

Oregano oil must be avoided by pregnant women as it may interfere with menstruation.

Rose Geranium Essential Oil

Essential oils for psoriasis

With a sweet, floral aroma, Rose Geranium Essential Oil contains anti-inflammatory, healing and cleansing properties and in addition, it is also known to stimulate blood circulation. It may help with combating bacteria, reducing inflammation and balancing moisture retention to soothe psoriasis symptoms.

How To Use Rose Geranium Essential Oil for Psoriasis

  • Diluting: Dilute in your favourite carrier oil, add your dilution to a roller bottle or glass pipette bottle and apply to the affected area. We recommend a 1 – 2% dilution for skin application and a 1% dilution for facial application.
  • Moisturiser: You can also add Rose Geranium Essential Oil to achosen moisturiser and apply to the skin. For facial application we recommend a 1% dilution.

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Clary Sage Essential Oil

This oil is commonly used to help regulate the menstrual cycle, balance hormones, and relieve menstrual cramps due to its mild sedative and anti-depressant effect. However, clary sage oil is also used as a topical treatment for psoriasis and other skin and hairrelated issues because of its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

Geranium Oil For Psoriasis

Geranium oil can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and even work to relieve stress. It also promotes the growth and regeneration of healthy cells.

Dilute this oil well. You may experience minor side effects when applying this diluted oil to the skin. You should always do a patch test before application of any essential oil. Geranium oil commonly causes allergic or other skin reactions.

Geranium oil is known to slow or stop blood flow. Use caution if you have high blood pressure or youre at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For skin issues ranging from acne to dermatitis, you can try mixing up to five drops of geranium oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil. Apply this mixture to affected areas twice daily until you see improvement.

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Essential Oils For Psoriasis Do They Work

Studies on essential oils for psoriasis have established that essential oils are a natural way to manage symptoms.

Essential oils are often used as a first-line treatment option and home remedy to treat psoriasis, and they can be safely used as a complementary therapy.

Care must be taken to use suitable essential oils and also use them properly to avoid exacerbating the condition.

Please be advised that different plants have different effects. So, before starting any topical treatment , consult a doctor.

A dermatologist will tell you if you can benefit from essential oils and which are the best.

Tea Tree For The Scalp

DIY Essential Oils for Eczema of Scalp | How to cure Eczema/Psoriasis of Scalp at Home?

Psoriasis doesnt only show up on the face and other visible areas of the body. The scalp is also susceptible. This recipe is designed for that specific area breakout.



Mix all of the ingredients into the applicator bottle. Shake well and begin to apply as you massage it into your scalp with your fingers. Use the spout of the bottle to part your hair.

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Are Essential Oils The Missing Link To Psoriasis Relief

Essential oils are an increasing trend in variety of different ways. You could use them in an oil diffuser, as a perfume, to relieve headaches and other ailments, you can even add some to food or your water! But, have you ever thought of testing them on your skin condition to help with symptom relief? A lot of essential oils have a variety of different kinds of benefits that can help with symptoms you may be experiencing. Here is a list to help you navigate the basics on the vast world of essential oils:

  • Coconut Oil, anti-inflammatory and gentle on the skin and the scalp
  • Castor Oil, since most essential oils are quite potent you could consider adding a few drops of an essential oil to castor oil and then rub into the skin
  • Lavender Oil, has antibacterial and anti fungal properties, it can also help if your psoriasis is triggered by stress
  • Geranium Oil, helps to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress
  • Peppermint Oil, can help with itch and pain associated with your psoriasis
  • Black Seed Oil/Black Cumin Seed Oil, is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti fungal

There isnt any hard evidence that essential oils can help with psoriasis and they arent recommended as the primary treatment that someone uses. It is best to use them in conjunction with a cream or ointment that is currently working well for you to possibly enhance those effects. You should also ask your dermatologist before using an essential oils on your psoriasis before you take any action.

Rosehip Oil For Psoriasis

Rosehip Oil has fatty acids and Vitamin A which moisturise the skin. Also, this essential oil promotes skin regeneration, improves its flexibility and permeability.

Products containing Rosehip Oil for psoriasis improves skin texture, reduces the presence of acne scars, or stretch marks. In the treatment of psoriasis, the composition of Rosehip Oil soothes itchy, red, and cracked skin. Loaded with skin nourishing vitamins and essential fatty acids, this special oil will preserve the moisture of skin with regular application, nourish and reduce itching/scaling. Using this oil will create a conducive environment for healing.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Rosehip make it ideal for calming the redness and protecting sensitive skin against the harsh effects left behind by psoriasis symptoms. It creates a protective barrier on your skin, and repairs the damage caused by psoriasis.

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Ways To Use Essential Oils For Psoriasis

How do you use essential oils for psoriasis relief? Your essential oils for psoriasis treatment can be applied topically, added to your bath water, or used in a diffuser. There are also a number of essential oil blends that can be used for psoriasis relief.

The following is more detail on how to use essential oils for psoriasis relief.

Recipe #: Psoriasis Treatment Blend

Essential Oils for Psoriasis


  • 1 drop of ylang-ylang essential oil
  • 3 drops of mandarin essential oil
  • 11 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 1 drop of clary sage essential oil
  • 10 drops of geranium essential oil
  • 10 drops of frankincense essential oil
  • 4 drops of patchouli essential oil
  • 6 tablespoons of coconut oil

Directions: In a clean, dark-colored, airtight glass bottle, mix together the essential oils and carrier oil. Gently turn the bottle upside down to blend. Apply the mixture to the affected parts of the body twice daily.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Psoriasis

The essential oil of eucalyptus boosts the immune system and reduces inflammation. It also hastens skin healing by promoting cell repair. It can also assist in preventing and neutralizing scarring, which is very useful for psoriasis.

In addition, the natural relaxing and calming characteristics of eucalyptus essential oil alleviate psoriasis-related inflammation and redness. It also relieves the discomfort and inflammation caused by the flare-up of psoriasis spots.

Research On Essential Oils For Psoriasis

Essential oils have been cited as natural remedies for a whole host of health conditions. However, not enough research has been done to determine their efficacy in treating psoriasis, in particular.

Studies evaluating the potential health benefits of essential oils have suggested several therapeutic benefits, including analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. One study on arthritic rats found that those receiving a topical ointment containing essential oils developed less severe clinical arthritis than the control group. The essential oil was responsible for inhibiting inflammatory mediators. These findings may indicate potential benefits for people with inflammatory disorders like psoriasis.

Another study found that bitter apricot essential oil in a petri dish. However, this study was not done in humans, so it cannot be considered a clinical trial. Other essential oils including tea tree oil, chamomile oil, and bergamot oil have been studied in psoriasis treatment. However, there is no clinical evidence to confirm their effectiveness. Ultimately, more research must be done to determine the safety and efficacy of essential oils for psoriasis.

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Homemade Lotion Blend For Psoriasis

This process yields a thick blend which easily spreads on the skin and provides relief from the dry and flaky skin.

  • In a glass bowl, combine 15 drops of tea tree essential oil, 5 drops of myrrh oil and 5 teaspoons of avocado oil and borage oil or evening primose oil.
  • Apply enough amounts of mixture on the psoriasis affected areas and let it dry completely.
  • Repeat the application 2 times in a day for relief.

Oregano Essential Oil For Psoriasis

Essential oil for Psoriasis

Because it is so effective at healing bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases, oregano is sometimes referred to as an “antibiotic from nature.”

However, the most significant antimicrobial aromatherapy essential oil for treating many types of psoriasis is oregano essential oil. Its phenol content, responsible for the highest antibacterial action, performs incredibly well in relieving the pain and suffering produced by psoriasis flare-ups.

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Geranium Essential Oil For Psoriasis

This is one of the finest essential oils for psoriasis because of its ability to encourage the creation of new cells and restore damaged tissue.

In addition to its stimulating characteristics, geranium essential oil offers anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve pain and irritation. Geranium essential oil’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal characteristics aid in removing and treating obstinate psoriasis spots, promoting new skin development in the affected region.

Fast And Easy Tea Tree Ointment

Also known as Melaleuca, this powerful oil has been used by the natives in Australia for generations. As for psoriasis, tea tree oil promotes healthy immunity, which is the source of this problem.


  • Fractionated Coconut Oil


Cover the affected area with a decent amount of coconut oil and then add a drop or two of tea tree and mix in. Try one drop at a time since this is a very strong oil.

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How To Use Essential Oils For Psoriasis

You have to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil such as coconut or almond oil. Now applying oils to the scalp can be a bit tricky depending on the amount of hair that you have. You want to get the oil on your fingertips really and then stick it sort of under the hair so that you can massage the oil on the scalp.

I would do this treatment at least twice a week and most probably a weekend or evening activity since you have to leave the oil on your scalp either for at least an hour or overnight. If you decide to sleep with the oil then please put a covering over your pillow such as a old cloth or towel to prevent the oil from staining your pillowcase.

If the psoriasis is on your body then applying the cream or oil topically can be much easier and you can do that more often.

Tips For Using Essential Oils Safely

Essential oils for psoriasis

If you are looking to try essential oils for psoriasis, consult your doctor or dermatologist first. They will be able to offer medical advice and alert you of any potential adverse effects. If you have gotten the OK from your doctor, remember to use a carrier oil and do a patch test.

Dilute in a Carrier Oil

Pure essential oils are highly concentrated. Diluting them in a carrier oil may help prevent skin irritation or adverse reactions. As one MyPsoriasis Team member noted, using essential oils undiluted is a great way to get a nasty contact rash .

Do a Patch Test

As with any new product, test a new oil mixture by applying a small amount to a clear area of skin. If you experience any irritation or allergic reactions, do not use the product and contact your doctor or dermatologist.

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Black Cumin Seed Essential Oil

For centuries, black cumin seed oil has been used for treating health ailments as it is loaded with anti-inflammatory, antiasthmatic, antimicrobial, antiparasitic, and anticancer properties. It is used in traditional medicine for healing psoriasis, easing the pain, and preventing further eruption of the red patches. An experiment conducted on mice found this oil to be pretty effective in managing psoriasis.

How To Make Whipped Body Butter

Ingredients: You will need 1/3 cup coconut oil, 1/3 cup shea butter, 1/3 cup cocoa butter wafers, 1/3 cup jojoba oil, 2 tsp arrowroot powder, and essential oils.

To make body butter, you will melt the coconut oil, cocoa butter, and cup shea butter in a double boiler or saucepan over low heat. If a double boiler isnt available, a large pyrex measuring cup will work instead.

Next, remove the melted cocoa butter and oils from the heat and mix in the jojoba oil and essential oils. Mix well to incorporate the essential oils.

Pour the mixture into a large kitchen aid bowl and place in the refrigerator. Chill until its solid, about two hours. Alternatively, you can use the freezer to cool the oils.

Once the mixture is solid, remove the bowl from the fridge, place the bowl into the kitchen aid, and whip the body butter . Add arrowroot powder and continue to beat until the body butter is light and airy. Note: You can make whipped chocolate body butter by adding two tablespoon of cocoa powder to this body butter.

Finally, scoop the body butter into a glass jar and store it in a cool, dry place.

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Complications That May Develop As A Result Of Psoriasis

Patients who have Psoriasis either from family history or as a result of social and environmental factors are at high risk of developing specific complications. It is not a must for it to happen but it is highly likely.

These include:

  • Other autoimmune diseases
  • Kidney disease
  • Emotional problem- The quality of life is affected due to the persons appearance. Some of the patients tend to suffer from low self-esteem, and some even fall into depression.

Thyme Essential Oil For Psoriasis

Neem Oil for Psoriasis

This essential oil has components that can aid in the treatment of psoriasis. Thyme essential oil can help mend skin fissures as a mild astringent. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics can help reduce redness, discomfort, and potential pathogens infecting the psoriasis patch.

Antioxidants in this essential oil assist in controlling the immune system and reduce the frequency of flare-ups. It also moisturizes the skin and removes any environmental contaminants or infections that may aggravate psoriasis symptoms.

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