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Cyndi Lauper Commercial For Psoriasis

What You Should Know About Psoriatic Arthritis

Cyndi Lauper’s New Song ‘Hope’ Inspired By Her Battle With Psoriasis

An estimated 30% of people with psoriasis also have or will develop psoriatic arthritis, or PsA, a chronic autoimmune condition that affects 2-3% of the population. While psoriasis affects the skin, psoriatic arthritis affects the joints and some parts of the body where ligaments and tendons are attached to the bone, particularly in the fingers, toes, wrists, knees and spine. The result is stiffness, swelling, pain and, if not caught early, irreversible damage, which is why early diagnosis and treatment are important.

Eli Roth Turns Psoriasis Into Creative Inspiration

Inglourious Basterds actor and The House With A Clock in Its Walls director Eli Roth has lived with psoriasis from a young age. When I was 22, I had this horrible psoriasis outbreak. It was all over my legs, I couldnt walk because my legs were cracked and bleeding, he told the BBC. Weird things like that can happen to your body. When I was 19 I had this infection on my face. When I shaved, I shaved off chunks of my face. I realized this would be a great idea for a horror movie.

Roths 2002 directorial debut, Cabin Fever, follows a group of college graduates who rent a cabin in the woods and begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating virus.

Cyndi Lauper Stands Out

When singer-songwriter Cyndi Lauper developed a rash on her scalp in 2010, she thought it was just a reaction to bleaching her hair. That was before she saw a dermatologist and got her psoriasis diagnosis.

A few years later her skin flared up with a vengeance, with rashes and scaly skin covering her entire body. It was so bad, I felt like the Elephant Man, she told People magazine in July 2015.

The emotional and social effects took a toll on her health. At times she was exhausted, felt miserable, and spent days in bed as the psoriasis worsened.

Sharing her story has been part of her recovery. Lauper has partnered with the National Psoriasis Foundation and Novartis, maker of the drug Cosentyx . She was part of Novartiss PsO at Work 2019 campaign, aimed at combating workplace stigma surrounding psoriasis.

Whether you are a performer, teacher, or office manager, psoriasis can be a challenge at work and impact your ability to perform at your best, Lauper said in a press release. Learning to figure out how to manage my psoriasis has allowed me to continue doing what I love while still standing out in the crowd but not because of my psoriasis.

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Kinky Boots And Touring

Lauper composed music and lyrics for the Broadway musical Kinky Boots, with Harvey Fierstein writing the book. The musical was based on the 2006 independent film Kinky Boots. It opened in Chicago in October 2012 and on Broadway at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre on April 4, 2013. In May, Lauper won for best score for Kinky Boots at the 63rd annual Outer Critics Circle Awards. The musical led the 2013 Tony Awards, with 13 nominations and six wins including Best Musical and Best Actor. Lauper won the award for Best Original Score. Lauper was the first woman to win solo in this category. After a six-year run and 2,507 regular shows, Kinky Boots ended its Broadway run on April 7, 2019. It is the 25th-longest-running Broadway musical in history. It grossed $297 million on Broadway.

In the summer of 2013, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of her debut album She’s So Unusual, Lauper embarked on an international tour covering America and Australia. The show consisted of a mix of fan favorites and the entirety of the She’s So Unusual record. She was a guest on 36 dates of Cher‘s Dressed to Kill Tour, starting April 23, 2014. A new album was confirmed by Lauper on a website interview.

Lauper hosted the Grammy Pre-Telecast at the Nokia Theatre, L.A. on Jan 26, where she later accepted a Grammy for Kinky Boots .

In March 2015, Lauper once again guest starred on the crime show Bones as Avalon Harmonia.

On September 15, 2015, Kinky Boots opened at the Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End.

Is Psoriasis A Serious Disease

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About 7 million Americans are plagued by this itching and scaling, and many of them have serious complications involving other organs. Although psoriasis is classified as a dermatologic disease, it doesnt start in the skin, and its damage may be more than skin deep.

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Has The Number Of People With Psoriasis Increased

The actual number of people with psoriasis as a percentage of the population has not increased significantly. However, the amount of advertising from big drug companies has led to a significant increase in the awareness of this disease. As more and more people see the pictures of psoriasis on their TV screens and hear the symptoms redness, itching and scaling, they begin to identify with their own problem.

What You Should Know About Scalp Psoriasis

If youre scratching your head over an itchy scalp condition that wont clear up with a traditional dandruff shampoo, you may have scalp psoriasis. This type can go hand-in-hand with plaque psoriasis , or even appear in those who dont have any history of the skin disorder at all.

Its often confused with dandruff, because, well, it itches and causes flakes, only these flakes are typically silvery-white and scaly. You might also have painful red scales or silver plaques on your head. In severe cases, scalp psoriasis appears as thickened, crusty patches of skin not only on the hairline, but also on the forehead, back of the neck and near the ears.

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Phil Mickelson Joins The Club

Phil Mickelson, the superstar golfer, who turned 50 this year, began experiencing extreme pain in his ankle in the months leading up to the 2010 U.S. Open, with his left index finger and right wrist feeling as if hed sprained them. He initially chalked it up to years of training and stress on his body and assumed it would pass, but then woke up one morning with pain so intense he couldnt get out of bed. A rheumatologist diagnosed him with psoriatic arthritis.

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, around 30 percent of people with psoriasis will develop psoriatic arthritis at some point in their lifetime.

Today Mickelson remains a top competitor and is a spokesperson for Enbrel, which is part of a class of drugs known as tumor-necrosis factor inhibitors. These medications work by blocking TNF, a substance in the body that causes inflammation, among other functions.

Bring Ya To The Brink

Cyndi Lauper Opens Up About Her Battle with Psoriasis | People

Lauper’s sixth studio album, Bring Ya to the Brink was released in the United States on May 27, 2008.

“Into the Nightlife”
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Other projects for 2008 included the True Colors Tour and a Christmas duet with Swedish band The Hives, entitled “A Christmas Duel“. The song was released as a CD single and a 7” vinyl in Sweden. Lauper also performed on the “Girls Night Out”, headlining it with Rosie O’Donnell in the US.

On November 17, 2009, Lauper performed a collaborative work with Wyclef Jean called “Slumdog Millionaire”, performing it on the Late Show with David Letterman.

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Make Time For Yourself

Its not a bad thing to take care of yourself, Lauper says. She encourages everyone who has psoriasis to make a little time for you. She knows, Its a busy, busy world we live in, but how long does it take to put on cream or take a bath?

You can start small. How about five minutes for you? she added.

Lauper has found time to care for herself while maintaining her popstar life. Sometimes, she gets up earlier to fit in yoga. Though she admits she prefers the quiet of the nighttime. She carves out time for walks, meditation, and self-care.

This hasnt slowed her down. Since her diagnosis in 2010, which included bouts with severe psoriasis, she wrote the music and lyrics for the Broadway hit musical Kinky Boots. Her work earned her the Tony Award for Best Original Score. Lauper is the first woman to win a Tony in that category.

Making time for others is also a priority in Laupers life. She is a wife and mother.

She also makes time to raise awareness of issues that arent so popular. Psoriasis, she feels, is one of these issues.

Thats why she talks openly about her psoriasis. She wants to inspire others living with psoriasis to get medical help. She offers lifestyle tips to encourage others to better manage their psoriasis.

Lauper also continues to raise awareness of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues.

How Many Psoriasis Medications Are There

There are about five psoriasis drugs that are heavily advertised that you may have heard about. These include Humira, Stelara, Cosentyx, Embrel and Otezla. But these five are really just the tip of the iceberg. A quick search on drugs.com comes up with nine pages of prescription drugs. This does not count the over-the-counter drug store medications. Most of the drugs are delivered through injection or pill form. However, there are also some prescription drugs that come in the form of a psoriasis shampoo and/or cream.

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Fashion Pundit Stacy London Uses Style To Combat Stigma

Stacy London, the stylist and cohost of What Not to Wear, has lived with psoriasis since the age of 4, when she had very small bumps behind her ears, she revealed in an interview with the Houston Chronicle. She had her worst bout when she was 11, which led to plaques covering her entire body from the neck down as well as serious scalp psoriasis.

“I went from having something that was kind of an invisible problem that maybe just made me feel kind of insecure on the inside to having a very, very visible problem and having to cope with that kids arent nice at 11,” she told the newspaper. It was very hard and I do think that the insecurity about the disease is sort of what led me to be interested in things that were sort of beautiful and sparkly and pretty like fashion magazines and fashion in general.

Who Is The Girl In The American Crime Commercial

COSENTYX TV Commercial,

Caitlin Gerard was born on July 26, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Caitlin Beverly Gerard. She is an actress and producer, known for American Crime , Insidious: The Last Key and The Wind . 12. Sierra Love Sierra Love is a native Californian. Sierra grew up in Beaumont, California, and shes the youngest of four children.

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Cara Delevingne La La Anthony And Jonathan Van Ness Are Outspoken About Their Psoriasis

When Kim Kardashian West talks, her legion of fans listen and many more people know about the challenges of living with psoriasis thanks to her. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and businesswoman is open about her psoriasis, sharing photographs of her plaques and describing her experiences with the chronic skin disease she inherited from her mother, Kris Jenner.

I am the only child my mom passed her autoimmune issue to. Lucky me, lol, Kardashian West wrote in an essay for her sister Kourtneys lifestyle blog, Poosh.

Kardashian Wests goal in sharing her life with psoriasis is to erase the stigma and false assumptions around this disease, which affects 7.5 million people in the United States, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

One common misconception: Although psoriasis may look contagious, its not.

While the exact cause of psoriasis is unknown, genetics is a factor: About 1 out of 3 people with psoriasis report having a relative with the condition, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation.

But while at least 10 percent of people inherit one or more of the genes that could eventually lead to psoriasis, only 2 to 3 percent of the population develop the condition possibly because of some combination of genes and external triggers, such as stress, injuries to the skin, certain medications, and infections like strep throat.

Leann Rimes Is Comfortable In Her Own Skin

Two-time Grammy-winning singer LeAnn Rimes has been in the spotlight for more than 20 years, which made her initial efforts to hide her psoriasis even more stressful. People always used to compliment me on my skin, how beautiful it was, and Id think, if you only knew what was underneath my shirt or my long dress! she told Everyday Health.

She finally decided to open up about her condition, partnering with the National Psoriasis Foundation on numerous initiatives. For World Psoriasis Day in October 2019, she hosted a live yoga class and Q& A session on YouTube with her friend Jade Alectra.

In an in which she showed off her toned body in a tiny bikini, she reflected on how far shes come: I know how it feels to have been 80 percent covered in psoriasis and the thought of a swimsuit was torment. Every time I put one on its a huge accomplishment and another tiny chip into a very large, thick wall I built since I was a little girl covered in scales.

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You Can Pick Yourself Up After A Bad Bout With Psoriasis

When psoriasis gets really bad, its really hard to get up again, Lauper revealed. At one point, psoriasis covered most of her body. She said, It looked like someone threw boiling water on me. She couldnt regulate her body temperature, so she felt chilled all the time. She was exhausted. She stayed in bed to rest. The psoriasis worsened.

She was miserable. She understands how awful psoriasis can make someone feel. She felt that no one understood. People would say, Its just a rash.

She says, Its important to know that youre not alone. In the United States, 7.5 million people live with psoriasis. If you dont want to talk with anyone, go online. Get information. Read personal stories.

You dont have to suffer, Lauper says. Treatment is available. A dermatologist can talk with you about a lot of avenues for dealing with it.

Stress Relief Comes In Many Forms

How Cyndi Lauper Found Relief from Skin Condition

Lauper confessed, Ive never been able to really manage stress. Despite this admission, she has many go-to techniques for relieving stress both at home and on the road. She studied reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation. That helps me, Lauper said.

These days, she finds that yoga and walks keep her grounded. She works with a yoga instructor. When everything seems to go haywire, Lauper recommends, taking a walk in the fresh air. She walks her dog. She walks with her husband.

On the road, she also relies on meditation. During our interview, she recalls listening to a recording of Pema Chödrön, an American who is a Tibetan Buddhist nun and meditation guru. Lauper says, Chödrön has a great voice. She even made the goldfish in the hotel calm down.

Recently, her manager recommended the meditation app from Russell Simmons.

Breathing is also really important for relieving stress. Taking a few slow, deep breaths can help you feel better. You can do it anywhere. When Lauper feels upset, she tells herself, Okay, just breathe.

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Musician Cyndi Lauper was afraid to show her skin and speaks about how painful her psoriasis was. With the help of Cosentyx, she’s been clear for over four years and doesn’t really think about her skin condition anymore. Cosentyx is a prescribed medical injection that is intended to treat those who have been diagnosed with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis when taken regularly as ordered.


How Do You Treat Scalp Psoriasis

Mild cases can be nipped in the bud or improved with salicylic-, coal-tar-, or clobestasol propionate-containing shampoos. More severe cases may require systemic or biologic drugs, oral treatments, light therapy, or a combination of treatments. Unfortunately, you may lose some hair with some of these treatments, which is usually temporary.

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What You Should Know About Plaque Psoriasis

This is the type youre probably thinking of when someone mentions psoriasis. Its characterized by clearly demarcated, raised, red, scaly patches called plaques that appear most commonly on your elbows, knees, scalp, and back .

Because it accounts for 80% of all cases, plaque psoriasis tends to get the most press. Its the type addressed in most psoriasis drug commercials, and celebs including reality star Kim Kardashian and singer Cyndi Lauper have both been vocal about being plagued with plaques.

What You Should Know About Erythrodermic Psoriasis

COSENTYX TV Commercial,

The rarest of all psoriasis types, erythrodermic psoriasis affects only 2% of those with psoriasis. This type causes redness from head to toe, as if your skin has been burned. Even worse, its possible that your skin could peel off in sheets.

As with the pustular type, erythrodermic psoriasis severely compromises the skins protective barrier, so swift medical attention is a must. You can also develop fever, chills, swollen, painful joints, and rapid heart rate.

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