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Best Dead Sea Salt For Psoriasis

Other Important Factors To Consider

Dead Sea Salt Psoriasis Cream Review | Where to Buy Dead Sea Salt

What is soap for psoriasis?

The soap for psoriasis is something that can provide relief and counter the symptoms. A person who suffers from psoriasis needs relief due to itchiness and pain that may arise when the symptoms are already thriving. They may come from time to time so prevention is essential. A bar of soap should be able to stop symptoms from growing. Its the best one as it can maintain the health of your skin.

How does it work?

The soap for psoriasis intends to heal psoriasis provides relief for the users. Its about eradicating redness, inflammation, flaking, itchiness, or irritation. The ingredients added in the soaps formula can moisturize or hydrate.

Psoriasis loves to inhabit dry skin, so it will be persistent and the condition gets worse. Its an important thing that the soap can provide the necessary amount of moisture. Some soaps can sweep away redness and itchiness efficiently, but they may require the use of moisturizer after the wash.

Detoxification and exfoliation can also happen as there are minerals and nutrients available in the soap. Some contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to cease the overgrowing of skin cells that trigger psoriasis.

Who is this for?

Individuals who want to eliminate the symptoms or those who want to stop them in advance need it. The soap that people use to fight psoriasis has a wide scope of use. Some of the products are considered psoriasis soap and shampoo.

What are the different types of psoriasis soaps?

Dead Sea Salt For Soaking Bath

To enjoy a soaking bath, dissolve 2 cups of dead sea salt in running water. Water should be warm and comfortable to touch. Too hot water can strip off the natural moisture from your skin to leave it utterly dry. Also, hot water can irritate your skin. Soak your body for 15-20 minutes in that water. After this soaking bath, go for a light shower and then pat your skin dry with a soft towel. After drying, immediately use a moisturizer all over your body to lock the moisture within your skin. A fragrance free, natural moisturizer would be best. Cost effective options such as virgin coconut oil can also be used. Dr Pagano, in his book Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative has recommended using a mixture of olive oil with peanut oil in equal proportion as a skin moisturizer.

You can use additives in the soaking bath to enhance the healing effect:

  • Baking soda – 2-4 teaspoons
  • Ginger – A teaspoon of grated ginger would stimulate sweating for better skin detox
  • Essential oils just a few drops

Generally, it is recommended to use this soaking bath twice a week for a period of 4 weeks to get significant relief. For severe psoriasis, you can opt for daily bath also.

You can easily get a bag of Dead sea salt at Amazon:

If your skin is cracked, you better avoid any kind of soaking bath with salt- either Dead sea salt or Epsom salt.

How Is It Manufactured

Before it reaches your home, the Dead Sea Salt passes through a series of processes at the Premier units. With the most hygienic methods of processing, Salt Therapy products are made. They have faint scents to give refreshing spa time in the bathtub while rejuvenating the skin thoroughly.

The local harvesters use evaporation pools from where they extract the residue salt from the Dead Seawater. It takes around eight months to completely take the form of crystals that you get to see in the crude form. They then separate the bromide from these crystals, and then the crystals pass through further cleansing and refinement before it reaches the stores online.

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Things To Consider First Before Using Dead Sea Salt

Psoriasis is a harsh skin condition that causes skin cells to accumulate rapidly, forming scales. It is usually accompanied by patches, redness, and inflammation. Patches can come into sight on any part of the body, but usually on the knees, elbows, and scalp.

It is believed that this condition is caused by Overactive T-cells. These cells counter healthy skins, which results in an accumulation of skin cells on the skinâs surface, causing scaling and redness.

The reason behind the overproduction of skin cells is not yet established, but certain factors like infections, genetics, or injury to the skin may trigger Psoriasis.

Psoriasis could also lead to other complications like:

  • Depression and low self-esteem

In order to avoid these complications, it is necessary to properly manage Psoriasis.

Prescription medications can reduce the harshness of psoriasis, but many of the medications used for psoriasis have side effects like stinging, nausea, and headaches. There are natural alternatives to these prescription drugs like Dead Sea salt among others.

The Dead Sea is well known for its healing effects. It is located about 1,200 feet below the sea level. The Dead Sea contains a lot of minerals and is much saltier than the Ocean. People who take time off to just soak in the Dead Sea often experience improved skin hydration, smoother skin, and reduced skin inflammation.

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How Do I Use Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea Salts Are Best for Psoriasis

You dont have to plan a trip to the Dead Sea to receive the healing properties of Dead Sea salt. You can purchase authentic Dead Sea salts locally or online. You can also schedule a therapeutic Dead Sea salt treatment at a spa.

Soaking in a tub is the best way to benefit from this natural approach. There are plenty of Dead Sea salt products available for the skin and hair. Using shampoo with Dead Sea salt as an ingredient may eliminate itchiness, scaling, and inflammation caused by scalp psoriasis.

Some online options include:

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Dead Sea Salt And Black Mud For Psoriasis

I bet, we all have heard about the healing power of Dead Sea salt and black mud for psoriasis. In this post, we would discuss various secrets of this strangely named water body which makes it so special for skin ailments including psoriasis.

Dead Sea is a big water body bordered by Israel to the west and Jordan to the south. According to the Wikipedia, its surface and shores are about 1400 feet below the sea level- making it the lowest point on the earths surface. Due to this low level advantage, the sun rays reaching Dead Sea have less number of UV-B rays . These UV-B rays are also known as burning rays because of their intense nature. These rays can cause burning sensation upon prolonged exposure.

Hence, at Dead Sea, you can enjoy sunbath for a far longer time with little risk of sunburn.

Over the years, water evaporation has resulted in extremely high content of salts making it one of the saltiest lakes in the whole world. Such a high content of salt and mineral in Dead Sea has a therapeutic effect on skin.

No aquatic animals can survive in such a densely salted water. Thats why it is called as Dead Sea.

In all, Dead Sea has a healing effect on Psoriasis for mainly two reasons:

  • Super high concentration of salt and minerals
  • The natural atmospheric filter advantage which facilitates longer duration of sunlight exposure without any fear of skin burning
  • Say Goodbye To Dandruff

    Dandruff can be a downright embarrassing condition at the worst of times.

    Thankfully, Dead Sea salt can help you say goodbye to those little white flakes. All you need to do is mix it in with your shampoo and work it into your scalp. The sulfur and the sodium in the salt will help remove current dandruff, and work to reduce future dandruff.

    When you work Dead Sea salt into your scalp, it absorbs the extra moisture. This stops yeast from growing, thus halting dandruff in its tracks! If you’re struggling to find an effective dandruff shampoo, or just hate dandruff shampoo in general, try Dead Sea salt!

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    Vanilla Bean & Sea Salt Body Scrub

    I kicked up the wonderful benefits of the Dead Sea Salts and made a Vanilla Bean & Sea Salt Body Scrub using the Adovia Genuine Dead Sea Salts and the Vanilla Bean Powder I recently reviewed and a recipe I found on their site. If you think the Dead Sea Salts are good for your skin, just wait until you use the sea salt body scrub. Its like the old Bryl cream, a little dab will do ya!

    Safflower Oil The high content of linoleic acid in safflower oil makes it ideal for boosting the quality and appearance of your skin. The linoleic acid can combine with sebum to unclog the pores and reduce blackheads, as well as acne, which is a result of sebum build-up under the skin. Furthermore, linoleic acid stimulates the regeneration of new skin cells, meaning that it helps to clear up scars and other blemishes from the surface of the skin, leaving you looking younger and more attractive! Ive used Safflower Oil in my bath water and in the shower for at least a dozen years. I have bought this one in the cooking oil section of the grocery store for all this time. It also has added Vitamin E, known for its skin benefits. Its wonderful on my dry skin!

    Argan Oil one wonderful oil that is packed with vitamin A, anti-oxidants and Omega-6 fatty acids. It is mainly used to treat acne , acne scars and other blemishes, as a moisturizer, and against razor bumps and burns after shaving. It has even claimed to reduce the number of ingrown hair and its anti-aging qualities.

    # 5 Indus Valley Bio Organic Dead Sea Salt 250 Gm

    Dead sea salt for skin review
    • 100% natural , original pure and premium quality. Rich in minerals and is perfect for skin conditioning, muscle relaxation,
    • Can do DIY salt scrub, foot soaks and facial cleansers with this.
    • It also contains sulfur in its natural form which cleanses and detoxifies skin as well as control the oiliness of the scalp to reduce dandruff.
    • When used as scrub, purifies dead skin cells and accelerates your skins renewal process to reveal a smoother, healthier surface.

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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    Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub

    Our Dead Sea Salt can also be used as a scrub on all your other body parts. Use bath salts as foot soak or body scrub. You can soak your feet in a foot bath and exfoliate the dead skin, or you can hop in the shower and use it to get rid of impurities on your back, chest, and other areas. Just gently massage it into the skin and rinse with water.

    Dead Sea Salts Are Best For Psoriasis

    July 13, 2012Filed Under: Soaks & Scrubs

    When it comes to skin care, are all salts created equal? Not according to a study done by the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, which tested the effects of common salt vs. the effects of Dead Sea Salts.

    Testers took once daily baths for a controlled amount of time, and the results came back in favor of the attributes of the Dead Sea salts, particularly in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris . The study also concluded that bathing with any type of salt can benefit skin conditions like psoriasis, however the high concentration of chloride and bromide in salts from the Dead Sea have a particular impact on certain skin conditions.

    I love a bath salt scented with a soothing essential oil like Lavender or Lemongrass, or the exfoliating power of a salt scrub scented with an invigorating fragrance like Energy or . Bramble Berry carries a wide range of sea salts, including Dead Sea , Pink Himalayan, and Brazilian. Check out some of the salt soaks and scrubs that Ive made in the past. Remember, you can always sub any salt in these recipes. You can put Dead Sea Salt in them all! =) Whats your favorite way to use Dead Sea Salts?

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    Positive Effects Of Dead Sea Salt On Psoriasis

    Psoriasis is a chronic health condition that causes scaling and inflammation anywhere on the body. It has important consequences, both physically and emotionally. Other than the pain, irritation and swelling, it also results in depression and low self-esteem. For millions of years, the healing powers of the Dead Sea are acknowledged by people. This is due to the fact that the waters of the Dead Sea are 10 times as salty as the ocean, which makes it rich in magnesium and other minerals. Dead Sea also attracts thousands of people for psoriasis treatment.

    However, not all patients have the money and time to visit Dead Sea. Various products are being made from the salt of the Dead Sea to give hope to those suffering from Psoriasis. Rather than spending dollars in travel, they could immerse themselves in their own bathtub and experience Dead Sea by using these products. Some benefits of using Dead Sea salt products as psoriasis remedies are given here,

    • Dead Sea salt is grainy in nature and has minerals such as calcium and sodium. As a result, it is perfect for exfoliation. It removes thick dead skin cells, bacteria and grime from the skin.
    • The red and flaky plaques and the joint pain of psoriasis arthritis are due to inflammation. The most important health benefit of Dead sea salts is their anti-inflammatory property,
  • Dead Sea Salt is rich in anti-inflammatory agents, zinc and bromide. They help to reduce inflammation all over the body.
  • # 4 Nutroactive Dead Sea Salt 200 Gm

    Best Dead Sea Salt for Psoriasis
    • Relieves psoriasis , eczema and acne.
    • Cleanse, Softens and detoxify skin.
    • It reduces skin roughness and deep wrinkles.
    • It is very effective for cleaning the surface of the skin as it contains small amounts of sulphur salts that offers a gentle way to reduce oily skin and clear away acne.

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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    How To Use Dead Sea Salt And Black Mud

    But, obviously, everyone is not lucky enough to visit Dead Sea. In that case, you can try various products made up from the salt and black mud at the comfort of your bathroom and enjoy their healing effects.

    Various Dead Sea products available in the market are-

    • Dead sea salt for soaking bath
    • Black mud soap

    Let us discuss them one by one, in brief:

    Westlab Dead Sea Salt

    WESTLAB Dead Sea salt is perfect for Psoriasis, Eczema and acne treatment. It dissolves really fast, giving you a refreshing experience, plus it is very cheap. However, it has stone leftovers and may not be 100% pure Dead Sea salt. WESTLAB Dead Sea salt aids natural skin healing and is great for those with sensitive skin.

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    Dead Sea Mud For Psoriasis Is It Good Or Bad

    Dead Sea mud for psoriasis is one of the hottest treatments to date. It has been used by many doctors and researchers, but as you can imagine it has been debated a lot in terms of efficacy.

    The name itself is pretty good for describing what is actually being recommended, but does it really work? In other words, will it do the job of fighting the symptoms or do they go away?

    Dead Sea mud for psoriasis is to be used at night or during the middle of the day in the bath or shower. The best time to use it is as soon as the first symptoms start to show up. Often, this means using it just before going to bed.

    To use it, simply place some on your fingertips and rub gently over the area. It is usually safe to apply more, especially if you have more severe or chronic psoriasis, but not usually more than twice a day.

    If you have psoriasis on your elbows, it may not be safe to apply more than once a day. However, it is believed that excessive use can lead to lesions and ulcers which in turn could potentially cause further problems.

    As with anything new, it is always best to read the instructions on the label before applying any product. You may need to use a salt and water solution before applying the mud so be sure you know what it contains, as many salt and water salts can contain potentially dangerous substances.

    Dead Sea mud for psoriasis is available from many online stores, including salves worldwide. Simply follow the links to see what they offer.

    Discover The Benefits Of Dead Sea Salt Today

    dead sea salt for psoriasis

    These are just 10 of the amazing benefits that Dead Sea salt has to offer. If you want to experience all these benefits and discover more, the best way is to try it for yourself. Your skin will thank you for it.

    If you’re ready to try out Dead Sea salt, try a 1 kg Bokek Dead Sea salt package from The Salt Box. Stop dreaming of perfect skin and finally achieve it with our Dead Sea salt.

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