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Skin Care Routine For Psoriasis

Why Do I Have Psoriasis


Its often hereditary 1 in 3 people who suffer from it will also have a close relative with the condition. Sudden emotional trauma often triggers it for the first time and stress can be a recurring factor in subsequent flare-ups. Whilst there is no clear cause or cure for Psoriasis, there are ways to manage this condition short and long term.

Covering Psoriasis With Makeup

Some MyPsoriasisTeam members find that taking a break from cosmetics gives their skin a chance to clear. I try hard to not wear makeup when at all possible in order to give my skin a break, wrote one member. It seems to have helped greatly this weekend. Another member admitted that their face seems so happy not having to wear makeup and even appears clearer.

One member shared that deciding to go without makeup was an easy decision: I decided, what the hell. Ive been lucky. I had a few stares, a few questions , and a few bad comments, but the good outweighs the bad.

If you decide to wear makeup, there are some techniques and products that can help you achieve the look youre going for. Keep in mind that you should never apply makeup to raw, irritated, or open psoriasis lesions.

Skin Care Products To Try For Facial Psoriasis

Finding a skin care routine that helps with your facial psoriasis is key, although you may have to experiment a bit with different products to perfect it.

In addition to discussing prescription creams with your doctor, you may find it helps to use an over-the-counter emollient. These soothe the skin and can create a barrier of oil to protect your skin from drying out.

Humectants, like glycerin and aloe vera, can also help hydrate your skin.

You may also want to look for products with salicylic acid, which can help your skin shed psoriasis scales, or coal tar, which can reduce itching and inflammation.

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Are Specialized Skin Care Products Worth It

If you find a specialized or luxury moisturizer that works for you, it may be worth the splurge. However, there are plenty of affordable yet effective drugstore moisturizers.

The effectiveness of a product will vary between individuals and may depend on various factors, such as skin type, symptom severity, and weather conditions. Certain moisturizers may work better for specific symptoms, or at different times of the day.

Once you find a product or combination of products that work for you, create a skin care routine that includes regular moisturizing, and stick to it.

To choose the best facial moisturizers for psoriasis, we considered the following:

  • Customer reviews. We selected moisturizers with mostly positive reviews reporting satisfaction with the quality and effectiveness.
  • Brand reputation. Our list includes moisturizers from companies dedicated to formulating skin care products for specific conditions, such as psoriasis. Several moisturizers have the National Psoriasis Foundation Seal of Recognition, which indicates that the products are non-irritating and safe for people with psoriasis or sensitive skin.
  • Cost. We included products at a variety of price points, so you can test out a few options.
  • Ingredient profile. We chose products offering skin-healing benefits with active ingredients such as , lactic acid, and salicylic acid. We looked for natural moisturizers including aloe vera, vegetable oils, and shea butter.

Skin Care Tip 1 To Heal Psoriasis: Use Hydrating Skin Care To Lock And Load Water Into Your Skin


Holding water in your skin is what moisturizing is all about. You have to do it from the outside drinking lots of water won’t moisturize your skin any more than taking a bath will quench your thirst.

You need to know the two important rules for skin hydration.

  • First, don’t dry out your skin by overusing soap.
  • Second, do apply an effective moisturizer to all your skin within 3 minutes of toweling off after every bath or shower.

The reason optimal skin hydration is so important to your psoriasis is because of the Koebner Phenomenon.This phenomenon is the observation that the rash of psoriasis tends to flare up on injured skin. Because dry skin is injured skin, you need to prevent skin dryness. Thus, you need to:

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Why A Proper Skincare Routine Is Essential For Eczema & Psoriasis

Eczema and psoriasis can be difficult to treat. Some people get flare-ups due to triggers or allergens. Some people have outbreaks without any warning or cause.

When you’re having a good run with clear skin and no flare-ups to contend with, it can be really tempting to relax on your skincare routine. After all, you take more time and effort on your skincare routine than people with clear skin on a regular basis. When youre not having any skin issues, it might seem like a little vacation from all the extra moisturizing and application of specialized creams.

The truth is that staying on top of your routine is important for the health of your skin, even for people who have no underlying issues, like psoriasis or eczema. For those who suffer from flare-ups, its even more important.

Three Reasons A Good Skincare Routine Is Essential

Here are a few benefits to staying on top of a good skincare routine:

Tips to Build a Daily Skincare Routine

A good skincare routine is recommended for everyone, not only those who suffer from eczema or psoriasis. But when you do have skin conditions that may cause damage, your skincare routine can save you from having to deal with extra flare-ups and more damage to your skin.

For healthy skin, a good skincare routine should include:

  • Cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • SPF Lotion

For eczema patients, this skincare routine needs a little adjustment, even when youre not dealing with a current flare up.

The Importance of Daily Skincare with Eczema and Psoriasis

Natural Remedies For Psoriasis Skin Care

Here are few herbal remedies to take care of psoriasis condition.

a. Aleo Vera-

Apply aloe vera gel directly from the plant for three to four times in a day. It helps in reduction of scaling and redness associated with the skin condition.

b. Epsom Salt-

Add Epsom/ dead sea salt to warm water and soak the affected skin for 15 minutes can help removing scales and also the itching. Apply moisturiser to the skin as soon as you come out of the tub. With continuous application, you will see the improvement.

c. Tea Tree Oil-

The oil has antiseptic properties. When applied to the skin, it helps in relieving the scalp psoriasis and reduce the patchiness.

d. Turmeric-

Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The active component Curcumin has fine ability to alter the gene expression. Due to these properties, turmeric is known for minimising flares caused by psoriasis. You can take turmeric containing supplements or add liberally to your food like curries. It is recommended that 1.5 gms to 3 gas of turmeric are safe for daily use.

e. Apple Cider Vinegar-

Apple Cider is anciently used as a disinfectant and can help relieve the itchy scalp. You can get the bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar at any grocery shop and you can apply it several times in a week.

Before starting herbal therapy on your psoriasis skin always consult your doctor because there are few herbs which can cause the reaction to your skin.

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Women With Psoriasis Share How They Keep Their Skin In Check

There aremeds that can help treat psoriasisbut lifestyle changes, a good skin-care routine, and mind-body techniques can make a difference too. Psoriasis, if youre not familiar, is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes thick, scaly patches of skin. Flare-ups most commonly appear on the knees, elbows, and scalp, but they can happen anywhere you have skinso, from head to toe.

Here, eight women whove been diagnosed with the condition share the psoriasis skin-care tips that keep their flare-ups in check.

Moisturizers As A First Step

Body Care Routine for Sensitive Skin and Eczema | Zig Beswick

Hydrated skin provides the best base for smooth, consistent makeup application. However, the dryness and thick, red patches characteristic of psoriasis can make even coverage difficult. As one MyPsoriasisTeam member wrote, Any makeup I use sticks to the flaky patches and makes me look a million years older than I really am!

Foundation, concealers, and setting powders can become cakey when applied over dry, scaly psoriatic skin, according to New Jersey dermatologist Shari Sperling, D.O. If you have psoriasis, prepping the skin by keeping it hydrated is one of the most important aspects of applying makeup.

Keeping the skin well-moisturized reduces redness and itching and helps the skin heal. Over-the-counter moisturizers, such as heavy creams and ointments, lock moisture into the skin. It may take some time to find the moisturizer that works for you. One MyPsoriasisTeam member shared that all-natural hydrating creams seem to work for them, while another wrote that they prefer coconut oil on the face, as no makeup works with a normal cream.

When choosing an over-the-counter moisturizer , look for the National Psoriasis Foundation Seal of Recognition. The seal highlights OTC products that are nonirritating and safe for people living with psoriasis and very sensitive skin to use as part of their skin care routines.

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How To Create A Self

Self-care and skincare oftentimes go hand in hand, especially when living with an autoimmune skin condition like psoriasis, which can take a toll on both your skin and your mental health. Over eight million people in the U.S. suffer from one of the five main forms of psoriasis, making it one of the most common autoimmune diseases in the country.

Individuals living with psoriasis can experience patches of thick, scaly and raised rashes on different areas of the skin. Finding a balance of skincare and self-care practices that work for you is the best way to reduce symptoms and manage flare-ups.

Stress And Psoriasis Skin Care

One of the key factor in understanding the nature of psoriasis is our lifestyle. Stress is one of the major factors that can trigger psoriasis. To keep it in check, you must exercise and work out to release the energy. Avoid drinking alcohol as it makes psoriasis worse because alcohol can interfere with the treatment and cause the side-effects when it is combined with the medication during psoriasis treatment.

a. Meditation-

Meditation is considered to be a great way to slow down the pacing thoughts and a bring clarity in our minds to relieve anxiety. You can try for yourself by sitting on the floor with closed eyes and breath softly. Focus on the breathing to improve the mental condition and relieving stress.

b. Exercise-

The increase in the production of endorphins improves energy and mood. It also helps in decreasing anxiety and sleep disorders. The study has shown that women who exercise on regular basis are likely to have the more stress-free mind and healthy body than less active ones. So, if you have not been active for a while, get up and resume your exercise.

c. Massage-

Massage is another great method to reduce intense stress levels. It has also shown improvement in chronic pain, which is often related to psoriatic arthritis. You can opt for the professional massage or get your muscles and joined massaged by your friend or partner. Avoid using oils that can irritate your skin condition

d. Yoga-

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Are There Any Products That You Recommend For Psoriasis

Dr Claire says this depends on the extent of the condition, the type of psoriasis, and where it is on the body. Generally, the more simple the product, the better. Look through ingredients lists to identify potential triggers and stick to minimal, calming formulas with soothing ingredients .

The beauty industry has a plethora of nourishing and soothing skincare solutions, many of which have been dermatologically-approved to suit even the most sensitive skins, as well as high-coverage, long-wearing body makeup should you wish to conceal any areas of concern. Read on to shop the best.

  • Native Share

Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra

Psoriasis Skin Care Routine 2020

Price: $$

Formulated in 1926, Weleda Skin Food remains a popular skin care product due to its deeply hydrating and nourishing properties that smooth dry, rough skin.

The botanical formula includes pansy, rosemary, and chamomile extracts. It also contains beeswax, sunflower oil, and sweet almond oil.

The thick cream helps reduce flaking, absorbs well, and brightens skin, making it a good makeup primer. It creates a dewy, healthy glow and prevents makeup from cracking or caking.

Weleda Skin Food has a fresh, light herbal scent that many people find pleasant. However, it might not be the best option for people who prefer fragrance-free products.

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What Is The Best Treatment For Psoriasis

There’s no cure-all treatment, like most things in life, but there are certainly things you can do to soothe symptoms.

Dr Claire suggests creams and ointments that include coal tar, steroids, vitamin D analogues such as calcipotriol, retinoids, salicylic acid, and moisturisers.

Dr Claire says that after “sensitising the skin with psoralen”, ultraviolet light can be administered by a registered dermatologist, to alleviate sensitivity.

Then there’s the new microbiome based treatment from AxisBiotix, a blended gut-skin health supplement composed of natural bacteria that has been specifically designed to improve skin health. While still a relatively new treatment, results so far have been extremely promising. A study of 265 people suffering from mild to moderate psoriasis,74% of participants reported that they were less itchy, 73% less red, 71% less irritable, 64% less flaky patches with most of the changes reaching peak effectiveness within two weeks of taking AxisBiotix.

Other treatments include oral immunosuppressants such as methotrexate, but Dr Claire advises that this isn’t suitable for women who may become pregnant, and can cause problems such as liver disease.

Kim Kardashians Skin Care Routine Living With Psoriasis From Drug Stores To Doctors

Kim Kardashian is almost always in the spotlight, which is why living with an incurable skin disease like psoriasis can be difficult to deal with. As many as 7.5 million Americans are living with the condition, which causes skin cells to build up rapidly on the surface of the skin, creating red, flaky patches, dry scales, and burning or itching sensations.

Experts believe psoriasis is inherited in at least 10 percent of the cases, but its a combination of genes that causes a person to develop the condition. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, the disease can be caused by certain triggers, such as stress, injury to skin, medications, infections, and potentially allergies, diet, and weather. Kardashians mother Kris Jenner also has the condition and is the one who first recognized the symptomatic patches on her legs. After being diagnosed in 2011, the reality star has decided to release photos from a recent shoot that showcases psoriasis on her legs.

“After this many years, I’ve really learned to live with it,” Kardashian West, 35, said in a post on her app. “I don’t even really try to cover it that much anymore. Sometimes I just feel like it’s my big flaw and everyone knows about it, so why cover it?

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Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

To buy: $15

Your doctor might recommend one of several eczema treatments that may also help with psoriasis symptoms. Aveeno products are at the top of the list in that category, Dr. Yamauchi says. “Look for one made with ceramides, which are lipids that help hydrate the skin better,” he says.

Follow What Works Good For Psoriasis Skin Care


Finally, when you are done experimenting with what improves your skin and psoriasis condition, you can simply follow it on the continuous basis. To understand the underlying cause for psoriasis and work with your skin care specialist and find the correct treatment for yourself. Stick to the prescriptions given by doctors and try to follow what Psoriasis Skin Care tips works for you.

The process of improvement can be long and tiring but Psoriasis is a tough condition and tests your patience with time. It is important to feel confident and be positive about the way you feel about yourself because that is also another way to avoid stress and still look beautiful.

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Finding Balance: 3 Psoriasis Management Tips That Can Also Cause Irritation

When it comes to managing psoriasis, its important to find abalance of what works for your body. Each diagnosis is unique. People withpsoriasis should work with dermatologists, primary care physicians, pharmacistsand their entire healthcare team to manage psoriasis. If youve been diagnosedwith this chronic condition, find what works for your body and pay attention tothese psoriasis management tips that can also cause irritation.

Warm Baths

Dry air can also dry out your skin. Taking a warm bath can helpyou keep your skin hydrated and treat plaques. Humidifiers and warm bath water canbe a helpful way to add moisture to the air and your body. The key is to avoid extrahot baths or showers. Spending too much time under super hot water can dry outyour skin and make the irritation worse. Its also important to note that chemicalsin chlorine-filled pools may also lead to psoriasis flare-ups. Try to avoidpools with a high chlorine content or ask your dermatologist about special bodywash to help remove the chemicals after you swim. Whether youre leaving thepool or the shower, be sure to apply lotion right away to lock in the moisture.

Ingredients in Ointments,Lotions and Moisturizers

Sunlight andPsoriasis Symptoms

PsoriasisComorbidities and the Importance of Whole-Health

Cleanse And Hydrate Your Skin

One of the most important steps in a skincare routine is to stay consistent with cleansing and moisturizing. A good rule of thumb when it comes to skincare for psoriasis is to keep your products simple and fragrance-free. This reduces the chances of irritation to the skin and the potential for more outbreaks.

Start by cleansing your skin every morning with a face wash for sensitive and dry skin and using a simple body wash instead of a harsh exfoliator. Using an exfoliator can intensify outbreaks and cause them to get worse instead of better.

Follow your cleansing routine with a thick moisturizing cream to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. You may want to consider using a corticosteroid ointment if youre experiencing psoriasis-induced cracking of the skin but talk with your doctor before using it for an extended period. If youre struggling to find a skincare regime that works for you talk with a dermatologist to explore other potential treatment options.

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