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Lotion For Psoriasis On Face

Best Overall: Cerave Moisturizing Cream For Psoriasis

Psoriasis Lotion Just Natural Skincare Review – For Dry Flaky Skin

“This has urea and ceramides to help exfoliate the thicker skin and moisturize the skin beneath,” Dr. Patel says.

Dr. Mokaya also recommends this cream because it “has 2 percent salicylic acid to exfoliate and remove scales, and has great ingredients like lactic acid, niacinamide , ceramides for barrier repair and shea butter” for soothing the skin.

Buy it: Price: $19.97 for 8 oz

Complementary And Alternative Treatments

Youll find plenty of these for treating psoriasis. The US Food and Drug Administration doesnt regulate these products. As such, few of these treatments have been studied. Those that have been studied were tested on small numbers of people, so we dont know how well these treatments work. We also dont know whether theyre safe.

How To Take A Bath

Apply any medicine that you use on your skin at least a couple of hours before your soak. That way, you wonât wash it off in your bath. Use water that feels warm to the touch. Hot water can dry out your skin. That may trigger a flare. Also take care to:

  • Bathe only once a day
  • Soak for no more than 15 minutes
  • Gently wash your skin

Donât try to scrub off your scales. They could start bleeding and make your psoriasis worse. You could get something called Koebner phenomenon. Thatâs when a psoriasis flare shows up after you injure your skin.

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Organic Manuka Honey Intense Moisturizing Baby

as of April 10, 2022 10:12 pm


  • ORGANIC, GMO-free, rich in emollients, soothes and moisturizes severely dry, inflamed skin. Ideal for eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea as well as wounds, cuts, scrapes.
  • HEALING ORGANIC MANUKA HONEY together with organic olive oil, organic beeswax creates a protective barrier on the skin to guard against inflammation and infection.
  • PERFECT ECZEMA CREAM, ideal for psoriasis and rosacea as well as wounds, cuts, scrapes, and more.
  • MOTHER-ENDORSED baby skin cream is made with organic beeswax WITHOUT the use of emulsifying wax or other chemicals. It will not burn or sting even the most irritated bruised body part.

Mia And Dom Skincare Line

The 8 Best Lotions for Psoriasis of 2020

There are two products youll want to keep in your purse or on your bathroom counter as a mainstay: Soothing Skin Serum and Soothing Skin Salve. The combination of tamanu and safflower oil in both the salve and serum encourages wound healing and promotes healthy skin while the rosehip seed oil acts as a skin healer.

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When To Change Things Up

Many topical treatments can bother your skin. So over time, your doctor may suggest that you switch to different types of creams. You may also use them along with other kinds of treatments, like or medications you take by mouth or with shots.

And don’t be surprised if something that was working stops — or something thatâs never helped before starts to do some good. Let your doctor know what makes a difference and what doesnât. Together, you can find the treatment that’s right for you.

Before using topical treatments, make sure you understand the directions and the side effects they can cause. And stick with your treatment plan once you start. If you don’t use your medication regularly, your psoriasis could get worse.

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How A Dermatologist Can Help

With so many products, it can be difficult to know what to use. If you dont see the results you like with OTC treatment for psoriasis, you may want to see dermatologist. Dermatologists are the skin disease experts. They know how to tailor psoriasis treatment to the type of psoriasis you have. Sometimes, this requires combining treatments. You may also need one treatment plan to gain control over your psoriasis and another to maintain the results.

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Can Psoriasis Be Managed By Only Using Topical Treatments

You may find that what works for you today stops working for you a year from now. Topicals such as creams and ointments can be very effective for reducing or even eliminating symptoms. However, theyre not a cure.

Avoiding triggers can help make topical treatments more effective. In some instances, they may also be more beneficial when combined with prescribed medications and changes to your nutrition.

Cerave Moisturizing Cream For Psoriasis Treatment

My Psoriasis Tips: Moisturizing the Face
  • Developed with dermatologists, CeraVe Psoriasis Skin Therapy Cleanser gently moisturizes skin that is moisturizing whilst repairing skins natural protective barrier with 3 key ceramides.
  • Removes scales and dead skin and helps restore moisture.
  • Helps prevent recurrence of these symptoms of psoriasis.

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Hydrating Face Moisturizer For Women And Men

$ as of April 10, 2022 10:12 pm


  • Achieve beautiful, radiant skin with an all-purpose face and body cream which provides deep hydration and daily moisturizing. Our quick-absorbing cream goes seven layers deep to keep your skin hydrated even with constant washing.
  • Feed your skin with superfoods and keep your skin beautiful and nourished. Our formula is an infusion of natural ingredients like manuka honey, aloe vera, coconut oil, and more. Great for puffy eyes, skin blemishes, dark circles and signs of aging.
  • A unique pH 5.5 balanced formula designed to keep your skins natural oils that lead to soft and healthy skin.
  • Our Manuka Honey is a natural emollient and locks in the moisture in your skin. It also promotes cell regeneration.
  • Using only organic, pure and natural ingredients, Honeyskin is effective and safe for use even with very sensitive skin. Our cream is safe for all skin types.

Best Overall: Cerave Sa Lotion For Rough & Bumpy Skin

Our skin contains ceramides, which are waxy lipid molecules that naturally occur within our cells membranes and are believed to play a role in reviving the skins protective barrier. That is why experts recommend CeraVe SA Lotion, as its formulate incorporates three types of ceramides to help hydrate the skin.

The product also uses salicylic acida go-to ingredient to relieve psoriasis patchesas a chemical exfoliant to target dry skin. The lactic acid and the ceramides in the formula work to keep new skin exfoliated and hydrated. Besides all these benefits, the product is also fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

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Dermarest Medicated Skin Treatment Psoriasis Lotion

Experience all-day skin relief with Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer. This dermatologist-recommended formula contains salicylic acid, zinc complex, and natural ingredients which work to alleviate psoriasis symptoms. It restores moisture to severely dry skin while relieving itching, redness, scaling, and flaking. An additional benefit of Dermarest Psoriasis Medicated Moisturizer is its ability to prevent psoriasis symptoms from reoccurring. Users claim this medicated moisturizer helps minimize blisters and soothe plaque psoriasis without leaving skin greasy. You can apply it to your face but avoid using on open wounds as burning will occur.

Why Is It So Important To Moisturize After A Bath Or Shower

CeraVe Psoriasis Skin Therapy Moisturizer Cream 2 Ct 8 oz

Water is an effective way to put moisture back into the skin, but only if you use lukewarm water, avoid scrubbing and apply a moisturizer within three minutes after bathing or showering. This last step very important if you dont moisturize immediately afterward, the moisture your skin needs will evaporate and may cause a rebound effect making the skin even more dry.

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Psoriasis Treatment & Relief

Psoriasis symptoms can be bothersome since they tend to include itchy skin, scaly skin, red patches on skin, flaking, and irritation. Fortunately, CeraVe has psoriasis products that can help relieve the symptoms of psoriasis and prevent them from recurring. We worked with dermatologists to develop psoriasis treatments, like our psoriasis cream and cleanser, to soothe your skin and provide gentle exfoliation. They contain therapeutic ingredients like smoothing beta-hydroxy acid salicylic acid and alpha-hydroxy acid lactic acid, calming niacinamide, and three essential ceramides to help restore your skin barrier and maintain moisture levels. Non-irritating, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic, they help make relief from psoriasis symptoms possible.

An Affordable Cream With 47 Stars

Ellocy’s Urea cream may ease the symptoms of psoriasis without causing irritation and comes in at under $20. Plus, with a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 1,000 reviews, it’s a popular pick with customers. It has two of Dr. Friedler’s recommended ingredients , but it contains no fragrance or dyes, and contains soothing ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. Even though it’s marketed as a foot cream, those with psoriasis have seen great results.

One reviewer wrote: “Works fantastic on spots of plaque psoriasis! Have tried MANY other products with varied results, but this one is diminishing the areas the best of all of them. Saw results within a week.”


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Managing Your Stress Could Be Best Psoriasis Treatment

Stress is a huge factor in psoriasis, so its important to manage your stress levels using the tips we provided. One way to reduce your stress level is by doing deep breathing exercises or meditating for 15 minutes each day. You can also try some yoga poses that focus on stretching and relaxing muscles. If you need help with managing your daily stresses, take a look at our Psoriasis Stress Video on youtube or consult our specialist for 360-degree holistic homeopathy treatment of psoriasis.

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Dealing With The Stigma

How To Deal With Facial psoriasis

Because unsightly patches of psoriasis can appear on the face, scalp, arms, and legs, children may feel self-conscious. Other youngsters may tease, bully, or exclude them.

Development of self-esteem and confidence is greatly dependent on peer interactions in early childhood, and social development is particularly impaired in children with psoriasis, which affects emotional development and school performance, among other issues, says Cordoro.

Psoriasis can be horrible for children, says Dr. Lewis. Thats why I think seeing a dermatologist early on is so valuable so kids can get treated.

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The Best French Pharmacy Body Wash For Psoriasis

La Roche-Posayâs Lipikar Wash AP+ is made with shea butter, which Dr. Alexiades says is excellent for keeping dry skin moisturized, as well as glycerin, niacinamide, and the brandâs signature thermal water from France. Free of both fragrance and soap, itâs safe for use on your face and body and comes in a generously sized, 13.5-ounce bottle. This foaming wash boasts the Seal of Approval from the National Eczema Association, so itâs safe for people with skin sensitivities and conditions like psoriasis or eczema .

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Summer Fridays Summer Skin Nourishing Body Lotion

Best Body Cream for Fair Skin

  • Size: 6.7 oz
  • Fragrance: Summer Fridays signature scent of coconut, vanilla blossom and warm almond

For all of the plant-derived butters and antioxidants grapeseed, argan, linseed and rosehip oils, itd be easy to think that this body lotion beloved by influencers and millennials alike would feel heavy but not at all. It feels velvety soft and is easy to rub in quickly. Plus, the hearty dose of ceramides and essential fatty acids help strengthen the skins protective barrier so moisture stays right where it should be on your body all day long.

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What Is Synthetic Vitamin D

People with psoriasis can use lotions and creams containing synthetic vitamin D to slow the growth of new skin cells.

These can help:

  • reduce the accumulation of skin cells
  • flatten thick patches
  • remove scales

Some lotions containing vitamin D may irritate a persons skin, but it is safe for most people to use, including children.

When people use them in excess on large areas of the body, it can increase calcium levels in the blood, increasing the risk of kidney stones and other problems. However, a person who follows the doctors instructions is unlikely to experience adverse effects.

What Are The Types Of Psoriasis

The 24 Best Moisturizers/ Creams for Psoriasis on Face Reviews 2021

Common types of psoriasis include:

Plaque psoriasis. This is the most common type of psoriasis. It causes plaques and silvery scales, usually on the knees, elbows, lower back, and scalp. They can be itchy and painful and may crack and bleed.

Guttate psoriasis. This type often shows up after an illness, especially strep throat. It causes small red spots, usually on the trunk, arms, and legs. Spots also can appear on the face, scalp, and ears.

Inverse psoriasis. This causes smooth, raw-looking patches of red skin that feel sore. The patches are in places where skin touches skin, such as the armpits, buttocks, upper eyelids, groin and genitals, or under a girls breasts.

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Signs And Symptoms Of Psoriasis

Psoriasis plaques can range from a few spots of dandruff-like scaling to major eruptions that cover large areas. The diseases symptoms and appearance vary according to the type and severity of psoriasis.

Some common signs and symptoms include:

  • Discolored patches or raised plaques of skin that are covered with scales
  • Burning, itching, or soreness near the affected areas
  • Pitted or thickened fingernails or toenails

Best Ointment: Dermaer Psoriasis Medicated Cream

With a thicker consistency, this ointment is choice for dabbing onto smaller spots, ideal for anyone who suffers from random, smaller areas of plaques and scale. It touts 2% salicylic acid in a steroid- and fragrance-free formula thats also hypoallergenic.

The scalp is a common spot where psoriasis can crop up. Admittedly, it may be less visible here than when its on your arms or legs, but the discomfort can be intense. We know, we know, this isnt a cream, but really who wants to apply a cream on their scalp? Well let this one sneak onto the list, especially because it came highly recommended for scalp psoriasis by both of the derms we spoke to.

It contains coal tar, the other FDA-approved ingredient for psoriasis, which, has been shown to calm inflammation in the skin and slow the growth of skin cells, helping with the itch and scaling associated with psoriasis, notes Birnbaum. FYI, to fully reap the benefits, Miller recommends using it two to three times per week and letting it sit on the scalp for at least a few minutes before rinsing.

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Steroid Creams Or Ointments

Steroid creams or ointments are commonly used to treat mild to moderate psoriasis in most areas of the body. The treatment works by reducing inflammation. This slows the production of skin cells and reduces itching.

Topical corticosteroids range in strength from mild to very strong. Only use them when recommended by your doctor.

Stronger topical corticosteroids can be prescribed by your doctor and should only be used on small areas of skin or on particularly thick patches. Overusing topical corticosteroids can lead to skin thinning.

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Medicated Creams For Psoriasis

Cure for Psoriasis? Chuckling Goat Sensitive Kefir Lotion and Cleanser.

Another important variety of psoriasis cream is the topical medicated treatment. These are products recommended for people with psoriasis either by a pharmacist or a doctor. You will often need a prescription to use the kinds of treatments below as they can be very potent.

The ingredients most commonly found in medicated psoriasis creams are:

  • Topical corticosteroids
  • Coal tar
  • Dithranol

These ingredients primarily work by reducing skin cell production, however they can also have an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to reduce soreness and itching.

Medicated psoriasis creams should be applied directly to affected areas when youre experiencing a flare-up of symptoms. They are suited to cases of mild or moderate psoriasis, and vary in potency.

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What Are The Clinical Features Of Facial Psoriasis

Facial psoriasis has various clinical presentations. There are three main subtypes:

  • Hairline psoriasis
  • An extension of scalp psoriasis beyond the hairline onto facial skin
  • Bright red, thickened plaques with variable white scale
Psoriasis affecting hairline
  • Patchy involvement of the hairline
  • Often affects the eyelids, eyebrows, nasolabial folds and beard area
  • Salmon-pink, thin plaques with bran-like scale
  • Usually associated with diffuse or patchy scalp psoriasis
  • Psoriasis may or may not be present at other sites
  • Sharply demarcated, red, scaly plaques
  • May affect any part of the face
  • Plaques tend to be symmetrical
  • Associated with psoriasis at other sites including ears, genitals, scalp, elbows, knees, and trunk
  • Soreness and skin sensitivity, which are usually mild

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

To buy: $15

Your doctor might recommend one of several eczema treatments that may also help with psoriasis symptoms. Aveeno products are at the top of the list in that category, Dr. Yamauchi says. “Look for one made with ceramides, which are lipids that help hydrate the skin better,” he says.

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