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Is Red Light Therapy Good For Psoriasis

Additional Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

Psoriasis Light Therapy – All Answers (2019)

Other benefits include successful treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, and anxiety. An improvement in mood, motivation, and overall mental health are all positive findings. The light tends to offer a healing alternative to our need for natural outdoor light to boost our levels of mental wellness.

While studies are still on-going, researchers have seen vast improvements to many areas of the body with the use of red light. Beyond the incredible anti-agingskin benefits it offers, red light therapy may help you with:


Red light therapy has shown improvements for people with Achilles tendinitis by lessening pain and inflammation.

Dental Pain

Patients with Temporomandibular dysfunction syndrome, or TMD, report feeling less pain, jaw tenderness, and clicking sounds after using red light therapy.

Bone Health

Study results are supporting the benefits of RLT use in bone healing. Red light may help accelerate bone healing after facial bone defect surgeries and treatment. We know that RLT supports the reduction of pain and inflammation and certainly plays a role in the bone healing recovery process.

Brain Health


How does a little cellulite reduction sound to you? By incorporating exercise, and even massage techniques, increasing circulation through the use of RLT sessions can support fading of cellulite and stretch marks. Yes, please!


Hashimoto Hypothyroidism

Improvement in sleep

Results Of Light Therapy

Most people who are interested in light therapy are most concerned with when theyll see results. However, light therapy has different results with every person. Depending on your skin type and severity of psoriasis, the amount of time needed for a treatment session will vary. Most people who undergo light therapy have had little improvement from other psoriasis treatment options.

Because of this, many people need repeated light therapy for several weeks to see improvement. Most people experience relief in 3-12 months and have results that last for over six months.

How Much Does Red Light Therapy Cost

There is a wide variety of red LED light therapy products for at home use. Be prepared to spend at least $50, and even over $1000 for the more expensive, top-quality models. Depending on your needs there are small portable units that are convenient and easy to use, or deluxe home models at take up more space and must be plugged in. Whichever product you choose for at-home use, it is sure to be much more cost effective than visiting a doctor for the same treatment. To help you decide which is best for you, well discuss a variety of models in this guide below.

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If Its So Effective Why Isn’t Phototherapy Used More

Although phototherapy is considered a first-line treatment for psoriasis, patients and dermatologists alike report that it is often impractical.

Convenience is a factor, since patients need to visit their doctors office several times a week during business hours. But it can also be expensive for each treatment, most insurance companies charge an office-visit co-pay, which tends to be higher than drug co-pays.

Everyone Has Unique Treatment Needs

My psoriasis

Now that you know more about the science behind red light therapy, well talk about some of the most common conditions treated with red light, including the typical dosagewhich differs from person to person.

Its a scientific fact that no two people are exactly the same. Just as each person has unique DNA, fingerprints, ears, and teeth, everyone has unique health needs and responds differently to treatments. With that in mind, your optimal red light dosage depends on the condition you want to treat, your overall health, and your light sensitivity.

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Red Light Therapy/ Phototherapy For Psoriasis Treatment

“I want to inquire about a for my mother in law who suffers from psoriasis…” I got this email one week ago. As time goes by, more people wonder if light therapy works for some chronic skin conditions like Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that involves a rapid turnover of skin cells. People with psoriasis often find rough, scaly areas of painful irritation and plaques on various parts of their bodies. Theres no cure for this autoimmune disease, but there are some treatments that can help ease psoriasis symptoms. These include home remedies to calm the skin, topical and oral medications, and light therapy.

Red Light Therapy RLT is a form of light therapy that uses light emitting diodes to treat conditions from acne to persistent wounds. Some psoriasis patients undergo light therapy with ultraviolet rays, but RLT doesnt contain any UV rays. In the hospital setting, when RLT is combined with certain medication, it may be referred to as photodynamic therapy.There are various consumer products on the market aimed at cosmetic applications. Many tanning salons, like B-Tan Tanning in parts of Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, offer red light beds. These salons claim that these red light beds help with:For more targeted red light therapy, I think youll need to see a dermatologist first.

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Dont Substitute A Tanning Bed

After hearing about light therapy, its easy to think that a tanning bed may help improve psoriasis. However, this is not the case. Effective light therapy usually involves UVB rays while tanning beds contain higher levels of UVA. Plus, tanning beds have a greater risk of leading to skin damage and skin cancers.

The National Psoriasis Foundation doesnt advise using tanning beds in place of light therapy. Do your skin and self a favor and seek light therapy only from an experienced dermatologist.

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What Does Red Light Therapy Do

Essentially, red light therapy speeds up the process of skin cell reproduction and healing. The red rays penetrate deep into skins layers deeper than any other colors. The deeper absorption of red light enhances the cell functions, so cells can grow faster.

Collagen and elastin, the proteins that make skin supple and soft, are produced more efficiently, thus helping reduce damage and making the skin feel youthful, firm and healthy. Skin cells regenerate faster with red light therapy, and it can be used to treat many skin problems from psoriasis to acne, wrinkles and more. Its a simple, safe treatment with long-lasting results.

The Effectiveness Of Led Treatments

Psoriasis Treatments: Is light therapy right for your psoriasis?

The power of LED light cannot be overemphasized. Since the discovery by NASA in 1990 that it affects living tissue, numerous researchers have shown that LED lights that have different wavelengths have slightly different beneficial effects on the skin, which aid in the healing and rejuvenating processes.

Over the year, the LED light technology was adopted by dermatologists who were determined to help people gain back their youthful face or at best, a wrinkle-free face. However, the good news is that this technology is now available to all, in the comfort of your own home.

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Dont Settle For Treatment Go For The Cure

Think about this: the best treatments medical science has come up with for psoriasis are light based. UVB, in particular, is what you get from sunlight. How much time to do you spend in direct sunlight every day? Ill bed you could count it in seconds. Your relationship to the sun, or lack thereof, is reflected in the level of Vitamin D in your blood.

Red & infrared light may be another excellent treatment for psoriasis, but other science is finding that psoriasis is likely a visible symptom of Vitamin D deficiency, and correcting that deficiency may well be the cure.

If you are suffering from psoriasis, I urge you to consider the research in this area and speak to your doctor about having your vitamin D level tested. Please follow this link for more information on our home site.

Traditional Treatments Vs Red Light Therapy For Eczema

Traditionally, eczema has been treated with either prescription or over-the-counter topical anti-itch creams and oral antihistamines . Oral antihistamines can cause drowsiness and are not realistic in an active everyday life. Eczema sufferers have long felt frustrated by the lack of consistent efficacy of existing eczema medications.

Unlike traditional treatments, red light therapy utilizes your bodys innate healing abilities to fight eczema rather than simply masking its effects.

Red light wavelengths penetrate your cells to their mitochondria to produce greater energy. Increased cellular energy boosts your bodys immune response, allowing it to battle eczema symptoms more effectively.

Red light reduces inflammation , provides better oxygen flow to cells, kills bacteria, enhances skin hydration, and improves circulation. Your body works more efficiently to naturally relieve pain, burning, and itching.

Ultraviolet A and B phototherapy has been researched as a potential eczema treatment however, UV rays are thermal and capable of burning your skin. UVA and UVB rays can cause cellular damage and even skin cancer.

Red light therapy, on the other hand, contains no harmful UV rays and cannot damage your skin. It is 100% natural, safe for all ages and skin types, painless, and causes no harmful side effects. Our RLT Home red light therapy devices are FDA approved.

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Joovv Solo Full Body Panel

EDITORS CHOICE : The Joovv Solo is a large, FDA-approved, full-body red light therapy system. It is a fantastic design that gives you clinical-grade irradiance and offers you the choice between red light, near-infrared light, or both together for your treatments. Its technology is optimized to make it the most effective light therapy device on the market, and its modular design means that you can build up your system to personalize your treatments perfectly.

At first glance you may think that its large size, clinical-grade power and intuitive treatments stand it apart from the rest, but in fact it is the results that speak for the JOOVV. It is endorsed by Olympic and NFL athletes, world renowned nutritionists and fitness trainers the list goes on. So we were very happy when we had the opportunity to try the Joovv Solo out!

How Long Does It Take For Light Therapy To Work On Psoriasis

Light Therapy For Psoriasis At Home

To maximize red light therapy benefits for psoriasis, specialists recommend sticking to 5-15 minute sessions, 3-5 times a week for the first month. By that time, you should see significant improvement in your skin condition. After that, reduce treatment frequency by 2-3 times per week.

Keep in mind that psoriasis has no cure, so there is no way for red light therapy to help you get rid of the symptoms forever. However, RLT can help prevent flare-ups or decrease the severity of your condition. To achieve this, it is advised to get red light exposure one to two times a week. This way, youll be able to maintain results from intense RLT sessions and avoid worsening your condition.

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The Trouble With Measuring Illuminance

Dr. Hopkins found that the industry standard for measuring illuminance is flawed. His explanation about the flaws are a page long, so I wont post it all here, but the basic problem is that widely-available Solar Power Meters are designed to measure the power density of white light. Because they absorb across a broad range of wavelengths occurring naturally in sunlight, there a large differences in sensitivity for different wavelengths.

Red light devices sold to consumers will have artificially inflated illuminance data because they are being measured with a Solar Power Meter rather than a Laser Power Meter . The bottom line here is that you always want to look for brands that report third-party testing from an independent laboratory. Alternatively, if a brand explicitly states that they have corrected this industry-wide issue to report accurate power density levels, we would consider this brand potential Good Stuff.

Red & Infrared Light For Psoriasis

A recent study showed that the use of red and infrared LED light therapy is very promising in treating psoriasis. In the study, patients used a combination of near infrared light and red light . Over a period of 4 to 5 weeks, with two 20-minute sessions every 48 hours, clearance rates during the follow up period were 60 to 100 percent. All of the participants were happy with the therapy.

An additional study concludes: Inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis and acne can also be managed. The noninvasive nature and almost complete absence of side effects encourage further testing in dermatology.

Although the research is relatively new regarding the use of red and infrared light therapies for psoriasis, each additional study suggests that the treatments are effective and offer hope of a drug-free option for sufferers of this chronic disease.

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Is Rlt At Home For Psoriasis Safe

Extensive studies that have been conducted around red light therapy didnt identify any adverse effects associated with the treatment. Therefore, getting red light exposure at home is entirely safe. With that said, we recommend you get a professional opinion before starting RLT for psoriasis. Make sure you visit the doctor and ensure that red light exposure is the most optimal course of action for treating your individual condition.

Written By Matthew CalderaMatthew Caldera is the founder and CEO of nuYOU LED, a leading provider of red light therapy devices. As a dedicated biohacker and RLT specialist, Matthew aims to make science-backed information about red light therapy and self-improvement more accessible to everyone. To achieve his goal, Matthew uses up-to-date research materials and converts them into easily digestible articles, answering frequently asked questions of those interested in the power of red light.Connect with Matthew on

Cost And Health Insurance

New psoriasis treatment uses light therapy, how to get in on the study

The cost of phototherapy can vary by your location and the type of procedure performed. Health insurance may cover some of the cost of treatment, but almost invariably requires prior authorization.

Check with your insurance company to find if phototherapy is covered in your schedule of benefits and what your copay or coinsurance costs will be.

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Types Of Light Therapy

There are many different ways to deliver psoriasis light therapy including different kinds of light and equipment.

A health care professional should choose a type of phototherapy to use, based on the following factors:

  • how much of the body the psoriasis affects
  • which body parts psoriasis affects
  • how much psoriasis affects an individuals quality of life
  • a persons overall health
  • a persons skin type

One significant difference between the different forms of phototherapy is the type of UV light used in the treatment:

  • UVA has a long wavelength. It can go through glass windows and penetrate to deeper levels of the skin. People must use UVA treatments in combination with psoralen, which makes the skin more receptive to the UVA rays.
  • UVB has a shorter wavelength. It only reaches the upper levels of the skin and does not require psoralen.

The different types of light therapy for psoriasis include:

Red Light Therapy: Convenient At

A high-quality LED device with both red and NIR wavelengths lets you conveniently administer red light therapy in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Explore the PlatinumLED BIO and BIOMAX series, both of which combine wavelengths in an exclusive R+/NIR format to deliver the optimal spectrum of light and superior irradiance. Hope this article helped you learn about how often should you use red light therapy.

If youre experiencing the frustration of accelerated aging, suffer from chronic pain, or have a condition that has been stubbornly resistant to conventional treatment, consider red light therapy. And remember, frequency of using red light therapy depends totally on you and your unique needs.

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Where Can I Get Red Light Therapy

Curious about where you can get your hands on this wondrous anti-aging device asap? I thought you might be. While you should always consult your doctor before any health treatments you’re considering, your doctors office may even be offering RLT. You may also find many salons and dental offices in your area are offering red light therapy services.Purchasing your red light therapy device is also an option well worth exploring. By using the link provided, you’ll receive a free gift with your red light therapy device by using code KELLYANN at checkout! If you choose the personal device route, be sure to research and review light use carefully to ensure safe use. Safety should always come first!

Increasing Collagen & Fibroblasts

13 Best Red Light Therapy Device 2020 Review And Result

An extensive study was determined to identify red light therapys effectiveness for various concerns. The results indicated that red light particles boost the secretion of essential proteins that make up the skin tissue .

Increased collagen and fibroblasts promote quick skin rejuvenation and promote a smoother healthier appearance. These properties are vital for psoriasis patients as red patches often leave a bumpy texture for some time after flare-ups heal.

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Psoriasis is a skin condition that creates red patches of skin with white, flaky scales. It most commonly occurs on the elbows, knees and trunk, but can appear anywhere on the body. The first episode usually strikes between the ages of 15 and 35. It is a chronic condition that will then cycle through flare-ups and remissions throughout the rest of the patient’s life. Psoriasis affects as many as 7.5 million people in the United States. About 20,000 children under age 10 have been diagnosed with psoriasis.

In normal skin, skin cells live for about 28 days and then are shed from the outermost layer of the skin. With psoriasis, the immune system sends a faulty signal which speeds up the growth cycle of skin cells. Skin cells mature in a matter of 3 to 6 days. The pace is so rapid that the body is unable to shed the dead cells, and patches of raised red skin covered by scaly, white flakes form on the skin.

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