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Glycerin And Witch Hazel For Psoriasis

Is Witch Hazel Safe For Skin

The Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel To Treat Irritation, Hemorrhoids, Scalp Sensitivity and more

A 2015 study in the journal Clinical, Cosmetic Investigative Dermatology examined a topical gel containing witch hazel and found it was safe and effective for treating sensitive or irritated facial skinfinding the formulation “non-stinging, non-irritating, and non-comedogenic.” However, the ingredient should still be approached with caution.

Dr. Chwalek says that witch hazel can be safe for skin in limited amounts, but since it’s sometimes distilled with alcohol, she says it can be overly drying if used too much. So, when shopping for a witch hazel product, be sure to check the label for problematic drying ingredients, like denatured alcohol.

How Does Dermagist Work

The cream system works with each other, providing a thorough solution to acne problems. As already mentioned, the system contains three basic products: a clarifying cream, detoxifying cleanser, and scar fading cream. The clarifying and detoxifying cream both work to remove the pimple-causing bacteria on the skin. The duo manages to get rid of all the dirt and excess oil piling up on the pores, giving the skin a chance to breathe out. The scar fading cream takes care of the rest, removing any remnants of pimples and providing individuals with a clear, smooth, and scar-free layer of skin.

Ingredients include Resveratrol, Aloe Vera, Niacinamide, Glycolic Acid, Shea Butter, Chamomile, and more. The scar fading cream also contains Acai Berry, a fairly popular ingredient known for its ability to flush out toxins and help repair the body. It also contains Tangerine Oil, a product known for its ability to help with ingredient penetration, ensuring that all the necessary minerals seep through the skin for maximum results. All the ingredients used for the cleanser, detoxifier, and scar fading creams are specifically chosen to help restore the skinâs natural glow and keep it clear, clean, and pimple-free!

The Dermagist clarifying system for acne-prone skin comes with a money-back guarantee for those who are feeling skeptical. Individuals who arenât happy with the product are free to return it within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund for their trouble.

Effectiveness Of Proactive Acne Cream

The proactive night cream, for instance, has an added advantage because once you apply it at night when going to bed, you give it time to work on your skin as you sleep.

The cream prevents whiteheads, blackheads, blemishes, and scars. It also contains oil-free moisturizers that ensure your skin remains hydrated and lustrous all night and all day long.

Perhaps the advantage that gives Proactive Cream an upper hand against all other acne cream treatments in the market today is its ability to reach all corners of the affected area, including ear and nose blackheads. The nose and the ear are some of the acceptable places that are not only delicate to treat but also very difficult to reach and clear acne. The moment you just rub Proactive cream on your skin, it goes to penetrate deeply on all body parts that come in contact with it.

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What Are The Negative Side Effects Of Witch Hazel

Though witch hazel may improve oily skin initially, Dr. Chwalek cautions that the ingredient could damage the barrier function of skin over time if used in excess. Also, she explains that one of the antioxidant components of witch hazel includes naturally occurring polyphenols, or tannins, which can over-dry the skin. “While the tannins can function to neutralize free radical damage and protect our skin from environmental stressors, they can also be drying and potentially sensitizingmeaning that you can develop a contact allergic reaction to them,” she adds.

So witch hazel is best used in moderationand shouldn’t be something that you incorporate into every part of your skincare routine.

History Of Vegetable Glycerine Usage

Homeopathic Topical Psoriasis Remedy

Vegetable Glycerine, also known as Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerol, or simply Glycerol, is a transparent, colorless and unscented viscous liquid derived from the oils of plants such as Coconut, Palm, or Soy. Conversely, non-vegan Glycerine is derived from animal fats. Although ancient civilizations used botanical matter in both culinary and medicinal applications, Vegetable Glycerine was never used in such early times and is a rather modern substance, the extraction of which only began in the 20th century. It is traditionally also used in the food industry to replace alcohol and to artificially sweeten foods without causing blood sugar levels to rise, making it ideal for those with diabetes. Sometimes it is also used to uphold moisture content and to promote better fusion between oil- and water-based components.

This article further highlights the therapeutic benefits, safe uses, and potential side effects of Vegetable Glycerine.

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Home Remedies For Psoriasis

By Kathi Keville and Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa

Q. Are there any known home remedies for psoriasis? And which herbs are commonly used to help clear up the lesions?

A. Keville responds: In many cases, herbal treatments for psoriasis can greatly improve this troublesome skin condition. Psoriasis causes cells to grow too quickly, producing reddish lesions and silvery scales that pile up and flake off. Itching and bleeding are common. Psoriasis can come and go, and just when you think you have it under control, there it is again! The longer youve had it, the longer it may take to clear up, so have patience.

For an external treatment, use a salve or cream that contains skin-healing herbs such as calendula and St. Johns wort with essential oils of tea tree and lavender. Apply the salve twice daily directly on the psoriasis. Another good idea is to wash with herbal cleansers designed for dry skin instead of soap, which can irritate and dry the skin more. Exposure to direct sunlight is effective as well.

Stress usually worsens psoriasis, so taking relaxing herbs such as valerian will help. Licorice root and evening primrose oil , taken internally, help reduce skin inflammation. Of particular benefit are the omega-3 fatty acids found in cold-water fish and flax seed oil.

Khalsa responds: As common as this disease is, most patients are not very satisfied with the medical management of their disease. The good news is that natural methods can be successful.

Is Witch Hazel Good Or Bad For Your Skin Here’s What Dermatologists Say About This Controversial Ingredient


There are few skincare products that are as widely recognizable as the Thayers Facial Toner. Open up a friend’s bathroom cabinet, and there’s a good chance you’ll see that red cap and the image of an old man’s profile staring back at you. However, although you may have seen the skincare product before, you may not know all there is to know about its star ingredient: witch hazel.

Witch hazel is a botanical extract made from the bark and leaves of the shrub plant Hamamelis virginiana. “It has been used for generations as a soothing ingredient in skin toners, cleansers, wipes, and other remedies,” says Jennifer L. MacGregor, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Union Square Laser Dermatology. ” However, just because something is natural doesn’t mean it will work for your skin. Though thousands of people have given rave five-star reviews to the Thayers Facial Toner on Amazon, others have had negative experiences with anything containing witch hazel.

We talked to two top dermatologists to find out why there’s this difference and learn more about the popular and infamous skincare ingredient. Keep reading for everything you need to know about witch hazel.

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Can Witch Hazel Help With Acne

Witch hazel, in the right form, is best for reducing inflammation and redness, so it can be used within skincare products to help minimize inflamed acne or breakouts. However, don’t mistake the ingredient for an acne treatment, since it won’t address the cause of your breakouts. ” might soothe acneic skin, reduce inflammation, and accelerate clearing, but it is unlikely to treat your acne,” confirms Dr. MacGregor.

How Does Dermology Work

Some New Discoveries- Witch Hazel, Vegetable Glycerin & Aoe Vera Gel.mov

Acne treatment from Dermology is the Acne Treatment System with a combination of a supplement, facial wash, and a skin ream to totally reduce acne and prevent any breakouts in the future if used continuously.

Supplements for skin health are all about rejuvenating and revitalizing the bodyâs function to make skin healthier and glowing from the inside out. The Dermology acne skin supplement is made of natural herbs that are known to make skin healthier and to eliminate the root cause of acne-like hormone imbalance and liver problems. With a healthy body system, surely the skin is not too far off! Take one skin supplement capsule every meal for a total of 6 capsules in a day.

The Dermology skin cleanser is another natural product that is made from herbs and formulas that is intended to clean skin free from dirt, oil, and bacteria-causing acne. It is a gentle exfoliant that lightly scrubs away dirt, grime, and old dead skin. This will truly leave you with glowing and firmer-looking skin. Use this in the morning and just before retiring at night.

The last of the complete Dermology acne treatment system is the acne cream that effectively soothes skin, reduces pores, and prevents further acne breakouts. This is all possible with the all-natural formulation that has only one thing in mind, skin-free of acne forever. Use this cream after cleansing skin with the Dermology facial wash.

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Now Back To The Actual Remedy You Have Been Waiting For

So now that we have established some of the many reasons I prefer natural remedies, let me go over a great Homeopathic topical psoriasis remedy, witch hazel and glycerin, and why I like it.

  • For starters it is an over-the-counter solution allowing you to avoid the above scenario.
  • Secondly it is natural and will continue to work as long as you use it.
  • Next it relieves itching as well as moisturizing, very necessary.
  • Lastly it is very cost effective, especially when compared to many traditional treatments.

How Does Rosacea Relief Serum Work

What makes the Rosacea Relief Serum from Skinception work is that it has effective and safe ingredients that not only work for a while but promises long-term treatment for rosacea. The Rosacea Relief Serum is not a combination therapy for this skin condition but a one-step treatment that will surely speak for its effectiveness. In a clinical trial for Rosacea Relief Serum, most of the test subjects had redness reduced, the skinâs barrier function returned, skin was more elastic, well-toned, and firm, plus the hallmark roughness that is seen in rosacea skin has improved dramatically.

There are no secret to the ingredients of Rosacea Relief Serum. An active ingredient called Renovage is behind this productâs success, with more users fascinated by the results that they get. Renovage is a name for teprenone, effective rosacea treatment with additional anti-aging and skincare benefits. This can work down to the cellular level prolonging the life and health of skin cells. Actiflow is an extract of brewerâs yeast which is also one of the main ingredients of the Rosacea Relief Serum that improves blood circulation, removing congestion common in rosacea skin. This formula can work even for people with highly sensitive skin since it is a safe ingredient to use. Other ingredients are Allantoin, Mediacalm, and a lineup of herbs that all contribute to skinâs health, rejuvenation, and of course, reduced symptoms of rosacea.

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Wet Dressings And Warm Baths With Salts Or Oats

Baths and showers can be relaxing, but those that are too long or too hot can strip the skin of its oils, and this can make psoriasis worse.

Some people find that a warm bath containing colloidal oatmeal or Epsom salts is soothing and relieves symptoms.

According to , an oatmeal bath or a wet dressing can reduce itching, and a warm bath containing a suitable bath oil can help moisturize the skin.

In 2005, researchers found evidence that Dead Sea salts might help with dry skin. Volunteers immersed a forearm in water with a 5-percent concentration of magnesium salts, the most common minerals in the Dead Sea, for 15 minutes.

The participants skin barrier function improved, their skin hydration was better, and they had reduced roughness and inflammation compared with the control group who used tap water instead.

After bathing, applying an appropriate moisturizer while the skin is still damp can help prevent moisture loss.

Contraindications For Vegetable Glycerine

Witch Hazel &  Vegetable Glycerin Skin Spray Soothing for ...

As with all other New Directions Aromatics products, Vegetable Glycerine is for external use only. It is imperative to consult a medical practitioner before using this oil for therapeutic purposes. Pregnant and nursing women are especially advised not to use Vegetable Glycerine without the medical advice of a physician, as it may have an effect on certain hormone secretions and it is unclear whether these effects are transferable to babies at these stages of development. This product should always be stored in an area that is inaccessible to children, especially those under the age of 7.

Prior to using Vegetable Glycerine, a skin test is recommended. This can be done by applying a dime-size amount to a small area of skin that is not sensitive. Vegetable Glycerine must never be used near the eyes, inner nose, and ears, or on any other particularly sensitive areas of skin. Vegetable Glycerine should not be applied to the unclean skin, to open or infected wounds, or to skin that is exuding any type of fluid discharge.

Potential side effects of Vegetable Glycerine include anaphylaxis, confusion, diarrhea, dehydration, difficulty breathing, skin dryness, excessive urination, headache, hives, itching, irregular heartbeat, skin irritation, nausea, palpitations, rashes, redness, swelling, or vomiting.


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Can You Make Witch Hazel At Home

Yes, you can! I found an easy recipe shared by Bellaonline.com:


  • Distilled water


  • Soak witch hazel bark in water for ½ hour in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer. Cover for 10 minutes.
  • Remove from heat, let steep for another 10 minutes.
  • Strain when cool and bottle in a glass storage jar.
  • Store in the refrigerator. It will keep for three weeks.

You could also add some dried rose petals, a few drops of tea tree oil or even aloe vera! It depends how you want to use it.

Our Skincare Brand Is Live

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Greetings earthling! This blogpost has now helped THOUSANDS of people since it was written almost four years ago, gets updated regularly, and contains hundreds of helpful responses in the . I say this for two reasons:

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    This article took an unbelievable amount of research. A lot more than I expected. For reference, check out what my browser looked like on any given day I was writing this.

    Its no secret that treating pityrosporum folliculitis is complicated business. I mean seriously, a recent medical paper in 2014 was literally titled Malassezia infections: A medical conundrum, because of how problematic and complex these diseases are becoming.

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    Witch Hazel For Eczema: Is It Effective

    Eczema is another chronic inflammatory skin condition, characterized by dry skin, with patches that are red and intensely itchy.

    Patches may ooze, become scaly, crusted, or hardened. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and the condition can negatively impact quality of life.

    The exact cause of eczema is also unknown. However, like psoriasis, there are genetic, environmental and immunological factors that play a role.

    Witch hazel may also be effective for the treatment of eczema. It can help dry up weeping eczema and reduce itching and inflammation when applied topically with gauze pads.

    A cream prepared with witch hazel and phosphatidylcholine has been reported to be as effective as 1% hydrocortisone in the topical management of eczema, according to one double-blind trial.

    A Little About The Ingredients And Their Benefits

    Rosewater, Witch Hazel, and Glycerin Facial Mist Skin Benefits

    Glycerin USP: This clear odorless by-product of soap and bio-diesel is a natural water attractant. It is found in combined form in all plant and animal fats, triglycerides. On the skin it works by pulling water from the air, and pulling water to the surface to moisturize. Due to this water attracting quality it is the main ingredient in many moisturizers.

    Witch Hazel: Derived from the bark of a North American shrub, this natural clear liquid has all sorts of healing properties. Most beneficial properties to people with psoriasis are:

    • Anti-Inflammatory

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    How To Use Witch Hazel For Psoriasis & Eczema

    You can buy witch hazel water, also called hamamelis water. Its comprised of the extract from a Hamamelis plant combined with water to create a cooling astringent that can be topically applied.

    This solution is gentle, non-drying and is very effective especially when applied immediately after showering.

    Skinb5 Acne Control Moisturizer

    • Overall Rating: 5.5/10

    SkinB5 is an Australian-based company that develops skincare treatments which has an advanced acne treatment that is used by more and more acne sufferers all around the world. Products from SkinB5 are scientifically formulated with all-natural ingredients that are potent and effective in treating skin imperfections, manage mild to moderate acne, and has antioxidants to improve skin health and fight skin blemishes and toxins.

    The SkinB5 company has products for acne treatment that are guaranteed to work with other benefits like improving immune function, relief of stress, and managing acne permanently.

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