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Does Celery Juice Help With Psoriasis

Does Celery Juice Make Your Skin Better

HOW TO CURE ECZEMA – My Celery Juicing Transformation

There is a lot of hype surrounding celery juice as a cure-all and acne-treating herb. Celery juice is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and water, which can help to improve the health and appearance of the skin. Additionally, it is a great alternative to sugary drinks, and may even help with acne symptoms in some cases.

Heres What A Day On A Cleanse Looks Like:


8 oz of celery juice on an empty stomach Wait one hour

Coffee with non-dairy milk Orange smoothie Chia bowl with organic berries

Morning snack

Apple sprinkled with cinnamon and almonds


Colorful salad with chickpeas or chicken

Afternoon snack

Green juice or green smoothie Or coconut yogurt with berries and homemade granola


Organic salmon with a tonne of organic vegetables, maybe a bit of quinoa or brown rice

Evening snack

*Everything organic, always.

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Self Care To Support Detoxification


Exercise helps with the detoxification process, so I made sure to sweat by way of movement everyday. Exercise pushes the blood to circulate more efficiently through the body, allowing nutrients to easily reach our organs and muscles. At the same time, exercise helps lymph fluids circulate through the body, which help remove toxins.

One of the most well-documented reactions that take place during and after a workout is the production of endorphins. These nonaddictive, feel-good molecules are polypeptides that bind with neurotransmitters in the brain to reduce pain symptoms. The human body produces at least 20 types of endorphins, which benefit the body in a myriad ways. Besides relieving pain, endorphins help reduce stress, boost immunity, slow the aging process and create a sense of euphoria.

So many women DM me saying that they wont exercise anymore because it makes their rosacea worse. Exercise is so important to clear stuck energy in the body and mind!

Dont stop moving, sweating and living your life because you have rosacea! Moving the energy in your body and clearing your mind will sustain you on your journey to glow!


I know that a lot of experts say to avoid saunas when you have rosacea, but I completely disagree with that.

So personally, yeah, huge fan of saunas, and Im grateful to have one in my home.

Relaxing baths

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There *is* Sugar In Celery Juice

You might think there’s no sugar in your celery juice because it’s made of a vegetable that’s pretty much fiber and water, but there’s actually a little bit of sugar in celery. And just like when you juice any fruit or vegetable, says the TODAY Show, juicing celery concentrates the sugar content of celery. Consuming sugar isnât inherently bad, but if youâre juicing celery, you might be consuming more sugar than you intended to.

Physical Symptoms After The 30


Changes I saw after driking celery juice:

  • The mid-afternoon brain fog was gone
  • I had more sustained energy throughout the day
  • Better digestion
  • Feeling less bloated in general, but thats not just the celery juice cutting all the whites, most grains and gluten will make you feel immediately less bloated
  • Lost 5 pounds
  • My skin was overall clearer, especially once I stopped the celery juice, which seemed to be really aggravating the eczema/psoriasis
  • My skin seemed more hydrated, and I had fewer breakouts in my cheeks which is where rosacea is for me
  • What didnt change or improve

  • My rosacea did not improve enough for me to really say celery juice helped but my skin was overall more bright and luminous
  • The reaction from the celery juice was so bad for the whole month that now, I had acne scars on my forhead and dark patches caused by the eczema/psoriasis which is annoying as scars can take a long time to heal :/
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    Heres How To Make Celery Juice


    • 1 cup water or more if needed

    What to do

    • Chop and rinse the celery well and run it through a juicer.
    Blender Method:
    • Rinse and chop the celery and add to your blender with the water. Begin to blend. If its not blending, add a little more water.
    • Strain the celery pulp out using a wire mesh strainer, cheese cloth, or a nut bag.
    • Discard the pulp and drink the juice.
    Important notes:
    • Drink the juice immediately on an empty stomach for best results, first think in the morning.
    • Drink at least 16oz of celery juice so you may have to juice more than one celery .
    • Removing the fibre using a juicer or strainer allows you to get the potent amount of nutrients in one go accelerating its healing benefits.
    • Celery juice doesnt replace breakfast. Wait 15 30 minutes before having your usual breakfast. The boys and I always follow up with a fruit and veggie smoothie.

    Click HERE to learn more about how to make celery juice and some important tips.

    What Makes Celery Juice So Special

    Celery juice is extremely detoxifying, as it flushes out old toxins and poisons that have built up over time. It can help kill viruses, bad bacteria, fungi and parasites in your body. This greatly helps to maintain a healthy gut, improve digestion and reduce bloating. Celery juice also increases your bodys ability to break down protein and fat.

    Oftentimes, the protein and fat we eat go undigested in our stomach and just sits there to rot. This is what causes bloating and many other digestive issues, and celery works to break down that undigested food. So if you struggle with bloating, gas or constipation, celery juice just might be the cure for you. Also, juicing celery regularly may help boost energy levels, balance hormones, reduce inflammation and alleviate skin issues and many other symptoms.

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    Juicing Celery Eliminates All That Fiber

    Part of the reason celery juice’s health benefits are up for debate is because when you juice celery, you lose all its healthy fiber, according to the TODAY Show, which is what makes celery a more filling snack and can contribute to better gut health. “Juicing celery strips away the beneficial fiber that helps you feel fuller longer, improves intestinal health and feeds the health bacteria in your gut,” Malkani, told CNN.

    So How Does Celery Juice Help

    CELERY JUICE CHANGED MY LIFE IN 6 MONTHS | Easy, No Juicer Needed, Amazing Benefits 2019
    Research shows that there are proven health benefits of drinking celery juice on an empty stomach.
    • Celery has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, as shown by this study, due to the phytosterol and unidentified polar substances.
    • These anti-inflammatory properties can help with eczema, psoriasis, acid reflux, IBS, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and other inflammatory issues in the body.
    • Celery juice is very high in vitamin K which promotes general bone and heart health.
    • Because of celerys diuretic properties and the fact that it has magnesium, phthalides, and potassium, celery may actually help those with high blood pressure.
    • Its high in vitamin C, which is critical for your immune system.
    • Celery contains bioactive flavonoids that help to fight and prevent cancer cells.

    To learn more you can hear from the man himself Anthony William:

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    Celery Juice For Psoriasis

    If youve ever suffered from psoriasis, you would have scoured the internet and interrogated your doctor to find any secret cure out there that could get it under control. Sadly, there is no cure, but diet is definitely an integral part of managing psoriasis flare-ups.

    Considering its an inflammatory skin condition, its a good idea to limit the amount of foods you eat that are known to cause inflammation for example, sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol and processed foods. Try to replace these foods with natural options that are easily digested by your body. This being said, there is one specific elixir that has been brought to light, which some have suggested may hold some healing properties for psoriasis sufferers: celery juice. However, remember, there is no one-size-fits-all fix for everyone who deals with psoriasis its all about trying things to see what options work best for you.

    What Happened After I Consumed Celery Juice Everyday

    Speaking of the taste, it was just day one of having the celery juice and I couldnt stand it. I started slow and took a small glass of this juice empty stomach.

    I realised that the taste of this one majorly depends on one key factor that the batch you choose, has to be good enough. Check the color of the batch, it has to be dark green as it tastes better. When you juice the leaves and if the juice turns brown, it will taste bitter. However, when the leaves are really dark, the juice is even powerful and intense and the taste will be very strong. This is more potent and hence you can consume less of it, Good enough, right?

    I kept consuming the juice with its bitter taste and to my surprise, it was less revolting than it was on day one. It was basically about getting my body used to the new thing I was introducing it to.

    I started growing accustomed to the juice and after 7 days of having it, it did not feel like a task and I kept enjoying every sip of it like it was no big deal. What I noticed after consuming this for a week was that I slept better and my time management skills were top-notch . The juice did give me a boost since I replaced my morning cup of coffee with this one.

    What kept me going was the fact that after consuming this juice, I will finally earn my coffee, an hour later. This gave me less shudder while I drank that whole chunk of juice.

    The anti-inflammatory properties in it have certainly given my skin and overall health a boost.

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    You *do Not* Need To Drink Celery Juice On An Empty Stomach

    Some people recommend that you drink celery juice on an empty stomach to reap the full health benefits, but Dr. Gabriella Safieh with Parsley Health says there’s no medical evidence to support drinking celery juice on an empty stomach has any benefit. So if you want to start drinking celery juice, drink it whenever you want.

    Drinking Celery Juice Is Not A Cure

    Celery Juice For Eczema &  Other Skin Conditions

    Despite what you might be seeing on social media, there really isn’t any medical evidence that it has the amazing health benefits people are saying it does. “There isn’t much scientific evidence to support the majority of health claims about drinking celery juice,”Malina Malkani, registered dietitian nutritionist and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, told CNN. “In general, if a food fad, diet, or service sounds too good to be true, you can assume that it is.”

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    Essential Vitamins And Nutrients For Psoriasis

    Still want to try it? Theres no reason why you shouldnt try to incorporate celery juice into your diet if you want to. But there are still a couple of things to consider. It is a fantastic source of hydration due to its high water content, but when you juice your food, you do remove some of the essential elements. For example, youll miss out on a lot of fiber. As we discussed, theres still a bunch of goodness in a bunch of celery. Its got the vitamins and minerals that, on their own, are suggested as good elements to include in your diet if youre dealing with psoriasis:

    Magnesium: including magnesium in your diet can help you sleep better. For psoriasis sufferers, sleep is a very important element. The better-quality sleep we get, the more chance our skin has to recover from a flare-up. It also helps with relieving stress, which is also vital to help your skin recover as well as reduce the impact stress has as a trigger of psoriasis.

    Vitamin A: this vitamin can come in handy when dealing with the excess skin cells our bodies produce during a flare-up. Vitamin A is known to help slow down the production of these cells our body has been tricked into producing. You can find vitamin A in spinach and broccoli.

    Vitamin K: this vitamin has great anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin K comes in many varieties, but you can get it naturally from celery and leafy vegetables, as well as other vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower.

    Liver Rescue By Anthony William The Medical Medium

    In Liver Rescue, the Medical Medium explains that one of the main causes for persistent skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis can be found in the liver.

    Specifically, pathogens and viruses feed on heavy metals in the liver, which then release dermatoxins. Dermatoxins are toxic to our skin, hence the reaction in the form of acne, rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.

    This made sense to me since I had tested for heavy metals through a functional testing lab, and we found heavy metals in my blood. If you have heavy metals in your blood, you can be damn sure that you also have heavy metals in your liver. In this case, your liver is working really hard to get rid of them, but it has to do so safely to not overwhelm the system. So, I was definitely interested in learning how to detoxify the liver of heavy metals, and I was so excited to learn the cause of my skin conditions!

    Whether you believe in a Medical Medium or not I was pretty skeptical myself I just thought: Finally! Clues that point to something tangible!

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    The Truth About The Celery Juice Fad

    Is celery juice the answer to curing psoriasis? Spoiler alert: Nope.

    The claim that drinking 16 ounces of celery juice every morning to cure psoriasis, eczema, high blood pressure and a host of other chronic health issues sounds great, considering the price of celery at your local grocery store compared with the cost of prescription drugs.

    Throngs have joined the celery juice movement, making it one of todayâs hottest health fads. Developed by self-titled âMedical Mediumâ Anthony William, the celery juice diet is founded on the idea that the drink can improve almost every function of the body because it is a âmiraculous healing remedyâ that starves harmful pathogens, according to Williamâs website.

    William first developed the remedy, which requires you to drink the juice on an empty stomach every morning, after communicating with a paranormal entity he calls the âSpirit.â He claims that this out-of-world being not only helped him diagnose his grandmother with lung cancer at the age of 4, but also handed down this secret recipe for good health.

    Since then, William has made millions on a handful of bestselling books and has traveled the world, spreading the gospel of celery juice. Recently reality star Kim Kardashian shed some light on the fad, announcing in a January story that she was trying it out in hopes of helping her psoriasis.

    Celery Stalks Do Have A Lot Of Health Benefits

    Dr. Mike Answers: Is Drinking Celery Juice Actually Healthy? | SELF

    When you eat actual celery stalks, studies have shown that celery does have a lot of health benefits, including the potential to lower inflammation, reduce blood pressure, reduce the risk of cancer, and prevent age-related vision loss, according to Medical News Today. Juicing celery will still give you the veggie’s vitamins C and K, as well as essential minerals like potassium and folate, Cleveland Clinic says. But juicing celery strains out all the fiber that’s associated with those benefits above. Whether those benefits translate to celery juice is up for debate.

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    Diet Tips For Psoriasis Sufferers

    There is increasing interest in whether a link between psoriasis and diet exists and whether specific dietary habits, vitamins and minerals can affect and help control psoriasis symptoms. This page aims to provide psoriasis sufferers with useful dietary tips, grounded in recent findings on diet and psoriasis.

    Important notice: The information on this website is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or health advice. You should always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before making significant modifications to your diet.

    Can Celery Juice Really Help Clear Your Skin

    The Medical Medium books had been on my radar thanks to a Goop article, but Id never had any interest until Liver Rescue came out. I guess it was because of the subtitle of the book: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease. Those were topics I was eager to dive into. He doesnt cover rosacea in-depth in the book, but he points to the probable cause in the acne chapter: heavy metals and pathogens in the liver causing dermatoxins.

    I also suspected that learning about the liver-skin connection would help me piece more of the puzzle together about my overall health and rosacea. Plus, everyone seemed to be talking about the gut-skin connection, but what about the liver?! I was eager to learn more.

    With all the hype about celery juice, setting the right expectations was key for me. Im not someone who buys into hype and I like to dig deep into new information and do my own research.

    If you follow the Medical Medium on social media youll see thousands of posts from people who claim miraculous results from drinking celery juice, but I suspect there were more than one factor that can be attributed to their healing such as diet and lifestyle changes.

    Ive interviewed 2 women who are currently following the Medical Medium protocol and what looks like a miracle is really months sticking to a clean diet and a consistant support of liver detoxification.

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