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Penile Psoriasis Treatment Over The Counter

What Is This Kind Of Type Of Psoriasis

What is Psoriasis and the Best Psoriasis Treatment at Mayo Clinic

This kind of psoriasis takes place in the groin as well as genital locations of females and also males, particularly on the penis as well as scrotum of men and also around the vulva in women. A medical diagnosis might be very difficult on the uncommon celebration that psoriasis happens just around the genital areas, as appearances just like a yeast infection or dermatitis.A physician could likewise perplex this problem with inverted psoriasis, which shows up in the skin folds up of the physical body as well as could influence the genital area.Since it occurs when textile scrubs versus the skin, using tight-fitting underclothing is a most typical reason of this problem. Individuals that lead an even more energetic or mobile life and also create a bunch of sweat commonly endure even worse instances of genital psoriasis compared to those that have inactive way of livings.

This kind psoriasis has many symptoms in common with other skin problems, so a visit to your doctor is usually required to make an accurate diagnosis. Some physical characteristics of this rash include:

  • Moist, red, shiny patches of different sizes
  • White or silver scales on the buttocks and pubic region
  • Pain during a bowel movement
  • Bleeding
  • Tightness
  • Itchiness

Itchiness tends to be intense, so you may want to scratch the area. You should avoid acting on this urge because scratching this part of the body often leads to inflammation and infection and increases the intensity of the itchiness.

What Should I Do If I Have Genital Psoriasis

Genital psoriasis may also affect the surrounding area in the groin. It rarely appears in the vagina. If you develop psoriasis of the genitalia, you should always consult your doctor. Do not be embarrassed.

Genital psoriasis can sometimes look similar to a fungal or bacterial infection, or even contact dermatitis, so your doctor may need to check the diagnosis with a laboratory test before starting any treatment. The delicate skin in the genital area may mean you need a weaker psoriasis treatment than elsewhere on your body. You should bear in mind that you may be susceptible to irritation and allergic reactions from any substance applied to the skin. Sensitisation most commonly occurs from perfumes and preservatives in over-the-counter wash products and topical local anaesthetics. It is important to keep personal hygiene as uncomplicated as possible and avoid fragranced products.

It is also important to remember that your psoriasis is not due to an infection and is not catching. So, when you are in a loving relationship with a partner who knows about your psoriasis, it should not interfere with your sex life. If you are with a new partner, take the time to explain your condition before you become intimate, to reduce stress and needless worry for you both.

This article is adapted from the Genital psoriasis leaflet.

How Is Plaque Psoriasis Diagnosed

Plaque psoriasis is diagnosed as mild, moderate, or severe based on both the percentage of skin affected and the location and severity of the plaques.

While plaques usually show up on the hands, feet, elbows, knees, and back, they can also show up in the form of scalp psoriasis or genital psoriasis.

Its important to speak with your doctor and receive an accurate diagnosis before beginning treatment.


Severe Plaque Psoriasis

One of the first things your dermatologist will want to know is what percentage of your bodys skin surface shows the redness, thickness, and scaling of plaque psoriasis. As a point of reference, your handprint is about the same size as 1% of your skins surface.*A treatment like SKYRIZI is not meant to treat cases of mild psoriasis.

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Things To Know About Using Coal Tar For Psoriasis

Coal tar products are available in various strengths and forms, including lotions, shampoos, and creams. These products are approved by the US FDA at strengths of between 0.5% and 5% coal tar. Some patients have a better response in their symptoms with lower strengths of the product2. Brand names for coal tar products include Neutrogena T/Gel and Psoriasin.

Using coal tar can cause side effects on the skin such as irritation, reddening, and dryness. Applying it on top of a layer of moisturizer can help to reduce those effects.

Coal tar can also make your skin more likely to sunburn, so it is important to use sunscreen and avoid the sun if possible unless directed otherwise by a doctor. Some patients dislike coal tar products because they have a strong smell and they can stain clothing, towels, sheets, and even light-colored hair3.

There are also combination topical treatments available that combine coal tar with salicylic acid, such as X-Seb T Plus, Pazol XS, and SLT.

Treatments For Genital Psoriasis In Adults

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A total of 21 articles examined treatment outcomes for adults with genital psoriasis , including 1 randomized controlled trial , 8 open-label studies , and 16 case reports , representing a total of 332 patients. Of these, topical corticosteroids were used in the regimen of 201 patients for successful treatment . Low-potency topical steroids were used in 132 patients, moderate-potency steroids were used in 120 patients, and high-potency steroids were used in 15 patients. Antifungal medications were used as part of successful treatment in 3 patients, while coal tar preparations were effective in clearing genital lesions in 126 patients. Topical tacrolimus 0.1% ointment resulted in significant improvement in genital lesions in 38 patients across 4 open-label studies and 2 case reports . Tacrolimus was fairly well tolerated by most patients, with side effects of mild pruritus and/or burning sensation of limited duration. However, use precipitated extreme irritation in one case report, requiring discontinuation of therapy . Other agents used for successful treatment of genital psoriasis include topical cyclosporine, which was well tolerated in three patients .

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Traditional Treatment Cautions Psoriasis On Penile Head Over The Counter Treatment

You make an appointment to see your doctor because your psoriasis is flaring. He takes a look and then whips out his prescription pad to order one of the following:

. A prescription strength topical treatment

. phototherapy

. oral and injection therapy

. over the counter drugs

Any of these treatments may work fine to relieve your symptoms and make you feel better for now. The trouble with conventional treatment methods is that they rarely work to cure the underlying cause of this skin condition and that can leave you suffering repeat attacks. Still it is important to know what helps are available, and how they may help or hurt your chance of treatment success.

Topical Ointments Psoriasis on Penile Head Over the Counter Treatment

Topical ointments are used at the first sign of psoriasis. If caught early enough they can sometimes stave off a full-blown attack. Unfortunately, most people report becoming immune to them when used often, which makes them useless for long term use. Still, using the occasional cream or gel can help relieve some of your symptoms. Steroids

Both topical and internal steroids can be prescribed to help ease psoriasis swelling inflammation and itching. Immunomodulators

An immune suppressing drug that was originally used to help transplant patients beat organ rejection, Cyclosporine helps to inhibit T lymphocyte production so that scaly plaque is unable to grow on the surface of the skin.

Side Effects to Watch Out For When Using Drug Therapies

Can I Still Have Sex If I Have Genital Psoriasis

The short answer is yes, if it feels good. It all depends on the severity of your flare-up and your personal preference. Genital psoriasis does not spread by sexual contact, nor does it affect fertility.

If youre having a genital psoriasis flare-up, friction from sexual contact can feel painful and might worsen your symptoms. Ask a doctor if condoms or lubricants are advisable and which kinds are best. After having sex, gently clean and pat the area completely dry.

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Is Genital Psoriasis An Std

Genital psoriasis is not a sexually transmitted disease . STDs, such as genital herpes, develop due to infection and are transmitted through vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease, not an infection. You cannot get it through physical contact or by being near someone who has it.

What Causes Inverse Psoriasis

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Inverse psoriasis is an immune system problem. Your immune response overreacts, causing inflammation, which leads to new skin cells growing too fast.

Typically, new skin cells grow every 28 to 30 days. But in people with inverse psoriasis, new cells grow and move to the surface of your skin every three to four days. The buildup of new cells replacing old cells creates a shiny rash.

Inverse psoriasis runs in families, so there may be a genetic trigger. Parents may pass it down to their children.

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Why Does Genital Psoriasis Sometimes Require Specific Treatments

The fact that skin in the genital region tends to be covered up means that any treatment is more easily and thoroughly absorbed, which makes it more effective. This more powerful effect means that potent topical steroids must be used under strict medical direction to avoid skin thinning and stretch mark formation. Perfumed products should also be avoided to reduce the risk of both irritant and allergic contact dermatitis, either of which will make the psoriasis even harder to treat.

How Do You Get Psoriasis

Several types of psoriasis are plaque psoriasis, guttate psoriasis, pustular psoriasis, erythrodermic psoriasis, inverse psoriasis and nail psoriasis. A cause of psoriasis can be genetics as 40 percent of people with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis have a first-degree relative with the disease. Other psoriasis causes are a problem with your immune system, smoking, obesity, some medications, infections, alcohol consumption and vitamin D deficiency.

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Hydrocortisone Creams And Ointments

You can buy a mild corticosteroid like hydrocortisone without a prescription. For a few small patches of psoriasis, a mild hydrocortisone works well. If you have more than a few small patches, youll likely need a prescription corticosteroid to see results.

Whether OTC or prescription, this medicine works quickly to:

  • Reduce the itch

If you have cracked or bleeding skin, an ointment will likely feel better than a cream. Ointments tend to be more soothing and less irritating than creams.

MoisturizerThis may help anyone who has psoriasis because psoriasis makes the skin dry and scaly. Moisturizer helps to seal water in the skin, which can:

  • Relieve dryness

  • Help your skin heal

Dermatologists recommend applying moisturizer once a day, and more often when your skin is really dry. When shopping for a moisturizer, you want to select a:

  • Heavy cream, ointment, or oil rather than a lotion

  • Fragrance-free product

  • Product that you like and will use

Oil can be especially healing, but its also messy. To reap the benefits of oil, try applying it before bedtime.

Moisturize before washing

For best results, you want to apply your moisturizer within 3 minutes of bathing and after washing your hands.

Scale softenersYoull find OTC products and prescription medicines that contain salicylic acid. This active ingredient helps to:

  • Remove and soften scale

  • Reduce swelling

Removing the scale helps other medicine that you apply to your skin to work better.

  • Lactic acid

  • Urea

Scale softeners

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What Areas Of The Body Can Genital Psoriasis Affect

We know that psoriasis can occur anywhere on your body. Plaques or patches considered to be genital psoriasis, specifically, occur on your vulva, scrotum, penis, buttocks, anus, and groin. Though not technically your genitals, psoriasis may also appear in other intimate areas such as under your breasts.4

What Triggers Genital Psoriasis

Psoriasis develops due to an overreaction of the body’s immune response, which causes inflammation. As a result, new skin cells grow too fast and move to the surface, manifesting in reddish and itchy bumps.

Here are some tips to avoid irritation and further discomfort from genital psoriasis:

  • Avoid scratching or repeatedly touching the affected area.
  • Use treatment as prescribed by the dermatologist.
  • Wear breathable underwear as tight-fitting clothing can cause friction.
  • Use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser and moisturizer to clean the genital area and minimize chafing. Keep in mind that these products are not meant to be used inside the genitals and they’re only for the surrounding external area.
  • Cleanse the outer genital area before and after sex, and if applicable, use a lubricated condom.
  • Avoid sex if the skin on or around the genitals is raw.

“Scratching or touching psoriasis cannot cause it to spread from one part of the body to another. It is also important to note that psoriasis is not at all contagious to others,” says Cohen.

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How Does Salicylic Acid Work To Treat Plaque Psoriasis

Salicylic acid works by helping the scaly outer layer of plaques to be shed from the skin. It can also have the effect of softening psoriasis scales, and some people find that it can also help to reduce itch2. It is available in many different forms, including:

  • lotions
  • soaps
  • shampoos

A large number of products containing salicylic acid can be found in the United States. For many patients, salicylic acid is more effective when it is used in combination with other types of psoriasis treatments, such as topical corticosteroids and the prescription topical treatment tacrolimus. Researchers think that combination treatment is effective because the salicylic acid helps the other types of topical medicines to penetrate more deeply into the skin

If the salicylic acid preparation used to treat psoriasis symptoms is strong, it may irritate the skin if it is left on too long. Patients are usually advised not use salicylic acid on large areas of the skin because it can be absorbed into the body and cause side effects. Salicylic acid can also make ultraviolet less effective, so it is recommended not to use it before UVB phototherapy treatments.

What Questions Should I Ask My Healthcare Provider

FDA Drug Info Rounds, August 2010: Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs)
  • How can you tell that I have inverse psoriasis?
  • If I dont have inverse psoriasis, what other skin condition might I have?
  • How can I prevent flare-ups and control my symptoms?
  • What medicines do you recommend?
  • Do the medicines have any side effects?
  • What at-home treatments do you recommend?
  • Do the at-home treatments have any side effects?
  • What else should I do to improve my symptoms?
  • Is there a cream or ointment that you can prescribe?
  • Should I see a dermatologist or another specialist?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Inverse psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease that causes a rash in areas of your body where your skin rubs against itself. It can make you feel self-conscious, and it can be unpleasant if it itches. However, it isnt contagious, and treatments can help your symptoms improve.

Its important to pay attention to your skin. Contact your healthcare provider as soon as you notice a rash.

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What Treatment Can Help Manage Inverse Psoriasis

Treatment options for inverse psoriasis may include:

  • Available in the form of creams, lotions, oils, sprays, foams, gels, and ointments
  • Work by reducing the inflammation related to psoriasis
  • Overuse can lead to stretch marks or thinning of the skin
  • Over-the-counter topicals
  • Examples include salicylic acid and coal tar
  • Includes other products such as aloe vera and zinc pyrithione, which help moisturize skin, remove scales, or relieve itching
  • Topical calcineurin inhibitors
  • Examples include Elidel cream and Protopic , which are FDA-approved to treat eczema
  • Work well in the case of inverse psoriasis
  • Topical vitamin D analogs
  • These are a form of vitamin D that help reduce discoloration.
  • This drug slows the growth of skin cells and reduces inflammation.
  • Castederm
  • This product is painted onto the skin to dry out the psoriasis lesions in the skin folds when the rashes have a bacterial or fungal infection.
  • Oral medications
  • Rheumatrex, Trexall
  • Biologic medications
  • Used as injections or infusions and made from living cells that target specific parts of the immune system:
  • Ultraviolet light therapy uses ultraviolet B waves from special lamps that help reduce inverse psoriasis.
  • Ways To Avoid Irritating Genital Psoriasis

    To get the best results from treatment and avoid flares, you want to avoid irritating genital psoriasis. The following can help you do just that:

  • When treating genital psoriasis, use the treatment that your dermatologist prescribed for this area. Psoriasis treatment that youre using on another part of your body can be harmful in the genital area. Tazarotene can irritate the area, making genital psoriasis worse. Any type of phototherapy can increase your risk of developing genital cancer. Strong coal tar therapy may also increase the risk of genital cancer.

  • Tell your dermatologist if the treatment irritates any skin in your genital area.

  • Use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser. When bathing, you want to avoid deodorant or antibacterial soaps and body washes. These can irritate the delicate skin, causing genital psoriasis to flare.

  • Moisturize. Gently applying a fragrance-free moisturizer to the psoriasis after bathing and when the area feels dry can reduce chaffing and irritation.

  • Use quality toilet paper. This can help reduce irritation.

  • Avoid getting urine or feces on genital psoriasis. These can cause psoriasis to flare.

  • Wear loose-fitting underwear and clothing. Tight-fitting clothing can cause friction, which can worsen genital psoriasis.

  • Get plenty of fiber in your diet. Eating a high-fiber diet or taking a fiber supplement will ease bowel movements.

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