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Does Aloe Vera Help Psoriasis

Aloe Vera With Coconut Oil And Shea Butter

ALoe Vera Helps With Psoriasis
  • Mix 1 teaspoon each of alovera, coconut oil and shea butter.
  • Stir well and then apply on skin, massaging gently in circles for 2 minutes.
  • Leave on overnight or rinse with lukewarm water after 20 minutes.
  • Repeat daily to get relief from the itching and dryness.
  • Or you can mix small amount of aloe vera gel and lukewarm coconut oil. Apply on the psoriasis affected skin and scalp areas. Rinse it off after getting few minutes.
  • Add aloe vera gel to cocoa butter, Shea butter and oils with vitamin B5 to make fine moisturizing cream and use this cream to get rid of psoriasis.

Aloe Vera With Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiinflammatory. It relieves itching, burning, and redness.

  • Mix 100 ml of pure aloe vera gel, 6 drops of tea tree oil, 10 ml each of avocado oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and bergamot, and 4 ml each of patchouli and 3 drops of German chamomile.
  • Pour mixture into an airtight container and let stand overnight.
  • Apply mixture to skin preferably after shower.
  • Massage gently in circles for 2 minutes.
  • Leave on for few minutes and rinse with water.
  • Repeat 2 times a day.

How To Take Aloe Vera In Diet

The plant aloe vera can be grown in the vicinity of ones home and it is also easily available in the market.

The plant does not require specific care and is considered a good houseplant.

The leaves of this plant can be mashed and taken but the prickly thorns of the leaves must be removed to avoid any problem while consuming.

The liquid-like gel substance can also be squeezed from within the leaves and taken regularly.

The aloe vera extract is also easily available in the market in various forms.

The most common form in which it available is the aloe vera juice which can be taken regularly for a healthy diet.

The extract of aloe is also found to be the main ingredient in lotions, creams and ointments which can be applied on the affected region.

The gel of aloe leaves is also added to cosmetic and beauty products which can also be applied on the skin.

The anti-inflammatory ointments also contain aloe vera gel which helps in reducing inflammation.

The extract of aloe is also found in the form of capsules and tablets.

However, these capsules and tablets should be taken under the supervision of a health advisor under recommended dosages.

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Communicate With Your Doctor

Its important to keep the lines of communication open with your physician if you decide to use herbs to help you manage your psoriasis. Herbal supplements can carry risks and may cause side effects, just like prescribed treatments for psoriasis. Also, be a smart consumer. Herbal medicine is not regulated in the United States. Make certain you read the label for warnings, expiration date, details of potential interactions, and information as to where it was manufactured.

Essential Oils With Aloe Vera For Psoriasis:

Does aloe vera gel help with itchy skin from psoriasis ...

Some essential oils used along with aloe vera get to treat psoriasis these oils include peppermint, tea tree, and lavender.

Youll need:

  • 2 drops of lavender, tea tree and peppermint oil
  • 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

Preparation time: 5 minutes.

How to do:

  • Add one to two drops of lavender, tea tree and peppermint oil with two tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
  • Mix and apply on the affected part.
  • Gently massage all over the skin.
  • You can let it stay for about an hour, rinse with preferably aloe vera shampoo and pat dry.

Repetitions: Repeat procedure two times a week for better results.

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Aloe Vera Gel For Psoriasis

Aloe for Psoriasis in gel form can help alleviate and control the symptoms of psoriasis in the following ways

  • Research has shown aloe vera to be effective in treating inflammatory diseases. As one of the first symptoms of most types of psoriasis is inflammation of the affected area, a timely application of Aloe vera gel will reduce the swelling and sensation of burning, and help to clear it up in only a few days.
  • During outbreaks of psoriasis, the skin can become dry, causing it to contract and split, which can be very painful. A one-time application of Aloe vera gel will help to rapidly rehydrate the skin as well as soothe any irritation. A note of warning here though, repeated use of aloe vera as a moisturizer can actually lead to your skin dehydrating at a faster rate than normal, according to research conducted in 2014.
  • A study conducted in 2015 foud that, thanks to a chemical compound called glucomannan found in aloe vera, it has healing properties which can accelerate healing time for cuts and sores. If the skin is cracked and bleeding due to psoriasis, aloe vera gel will help it heal.
  • Shampoos containing aloe vera for scalp psoriasis hav been shown to be effective.

Aloe Vera With Essential Oils

Process 1:

  • Add 1 2 drops of lavender, peppermint or tea tree oil in 1 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel.
  • Stir it well and apply this on the scalppatches.
  • Massage it gently on all over your scalp and
  • Leave on for 30 60 minutes.
  • Rinse with aloe vera shampoo followed by an aloe vera conditioner and towel dry.
  • Repeat 2 times a week.
  • Note: You can add aloe vera gel / juice to your shampoo before shampooing your hair.

Process 2:

  • Add 3 5 drops of lavender essential oils in 2 ounces of aloe vera gel.
  • Mix it well and apply on the scalp.
  • Let it sit for about 15 30 minutes and rinse your scalp with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat daily severe psoriasis on scalp and twice a week for mild psoriasis.

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Does Aloe Vera Help Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that causes painful and unpleasant areas of inflamed skin. These patches may fracture and bleed from time to time. Psoriatic arthritis is characterised by swollen, stiff, and painful joints in the affected area.

In most cases, the symptoms of psoriasis come and go, getting worse during flares and getting better during periods of remission.

Aloe vera is a type of succulent plant with gel-filled leaves that grows in hot climates. It has long been used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including psoriasis, in traditional medicines from many cultures. Aloe vera gel has been used to treat a variety of skin conditions for thousands of years, including psoriasis.

According to recent research, aloe vera has chemicals that may aid to decrease inflammation and modify the immune system.

These components may enable aloe vera to perform the following functions:

  • soothe the skin
  • reduce inflammation
  • help keep the skin from drying out

Individuals with mild to moderate psoriasis who applied a combination of 50 percent propolis and 3 percent aloe vera for 12 weeks reported an improvement in their symptoms, according to research published in 2018. This study, on the other hand, did not examine the effects of aloe vera alone.

Aloe Vera For Psoriasis: How To Use

D.I.Y. Aloe Vera Hair Mask for Scalp Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common but non-contagious skin condition that affects people from all age groups. Mostly, symptoms of this disease initially show at the ages of between fifteen and twenty-five, though can grow in patients of any age. Some of the signs and symptoms related to this condition include irritation, redness and scaly appearance. While Psoriasis can be incurable, its symptoms can notably reduce. Let us read to know how to use aloe vera for psoriasis.

Article Contains

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Aloe Vera For Scalp Psoriasis 5 Diy Recipes

April 10, 2017 by Moin Nex

Inflammation, dry and scaly patches are common signs of this skin ailment. In this article, youll learn how to use aloe vera for scalp psoriasis.

Scaly patches over the scalp may look like dandruff, but its not. Anyway, you must consult a dermatologist to confirm the ailment.

Reports claim that nearly 2.2% of adult population is affected by psoriasis. According to, about 50 percent people with this chronic skin ailment have it on their scalp.

It not just ruins your physical appearance but shatters your self-confidence. Psoriasis creates difficulties in marriage also. Steroid creams and medications prescribed by dermatologists help to some extent and they really reduce inflammation.

But, a chemical ingredient in them strips natural moisture over the scalp. Most people opt for natural remedies instead of using such chemical incorporated creams.

Note: This doesnt mean that you must stop using them. Natural remedies can be used as an alternative.

Aloe Vera For Psoriasis Treatment

Although there is no known cure for psoriasis itself, the symptoms can and should be treated. In fact, if this is not done, they will become steadily worse and increasingly painful.

A 1996 study has shown that by using aloe vera, psoriasis symptoms, and indeed outbreaks themselves, can be controlled and considerably reduced.

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Talk With Others Who Understand

MyPsoriasisTeam is the social network for people with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, and their loved ones. On MyPsoriasisTeam, more than 92,000 members come together to ask questions, give advice, and share their stories with others who understand life with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Have you started using herbs for psoriasis treatment? Share your experience in the comments below, or start a conversation by posting on your Activities page.

Psoriasis And Skin’s Barrier Function

Is Aloe Vera An Effective Remedy For Psoriasis?

Although the psoriasis is a multifactorial disease, the studies show that disruption the homeostasis in skin’s barrier can be one of the important factors.

In fact, several factors are effective on the hemostatic :

Structure of heterogeneous from lipid/protein can be one of the main causes in hemostasis. The lipid/protein structure is renewed continuously. So, if this barrier is damaged, the lipid/protein structure causes its rapid regeneration.

  • Several key proteases for desquamation.

  • Epidermal junction is important in the formation and maintain of barriers such as epithelial and endothelial and desmosomes bands. The studies show that raising calcium concentration stimulates keratinocytes to form strong cellcell adhesions.

  • In epidermal keratinocytes, both extracellular and intracellular Ca2+ can be important to cell differentiation and proliferation.

  • According to the abovementioned descriptions, the choice of drug for treating disease plays an important role. In the meantime, there are certain groups of drugs will in some cases trigger an onset or aggravate psoriasis such as lithium, chloroquinebased antimalarials, betablockers, etc.

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    Aloe Vera And Psoriasis

    Aloe vera is a miraculous plant and treats psoriasis by using its magical properties. It heals wound, gives a soothing effect, prevents dryness, reduces inflammation, and many more.

    If you are a psoriasis patient, then always try aloe vera first. If it suits you, then use it and dont waste money on expensive medicines.

    Its a home remedy, easy to do, and quick process. Side effects of aloe vera are very rare. Only a few people who have sensitive skin get a side effect of aloe vera otherwise it does not cause any damage to your health like other medicines.

    The 5 Most Effective Herbal Treatments For Psoriasis

    Lets check out these herbal heroes for psoriasis.

    While research suggests there are health benefits, the FDA doesnt monitor or regulate the purity or quality of essential oils. Its important to talk with your healthcare provider before you begin using essential oils and be sure to research the quality of a brands products. Always do a patch test before trying a new essential oil.

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    How Does Aloe Vera Treat Psoriasis

    Not just folk tales but even modern scientific researches claim the efficacy of aloe vera in treating psoriasis. Aloe vera contains a wealth of bioactive constituents which include amino acids, anthraquinones, salicylic acid, lignins, polysaccharides, monosaccharides, sterols, saponins, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Be it applied directly to the affected part or consumed by diluting it in water, the mighty aloe vera not only detoxifies the digestive system but also owing to the abundance of antioxidants, it removes toxins from the skin and thus treats psoriasis.Also Read: Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Glowing Skin

    What Else Does Aloe Vera Do?

    • Moisturizes and hydrates the skin.
    • The abundance of amino acids present in it softens the scales that usually develop on the skin.
    • Presence of magnesium helps in reducing itching and redness.
    • Bio-active constituents glucomannan and gibberellin facilitates in fast-forwarding the healing process of the psoriasis flare-ups.
    • Additionally, it protects the skin from sun damage and other infections.

    Let’s check out some cool cost-effective ways you can whip up aloe-imbued soothing gels to treat psoriasis:

    What Is Aloe Vera


    Aloe Vera is a plant which is known for its medicinal and skin care properties since ages.

    Aloe vera contains several active components such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, saponins, amino acids, flavonoids, sterols, aloin, aloesin .

    Aloe vera has therapeutic properties such as antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immune boosting and hypoglycemic properties.

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    Other Natural Therapies Used For Psoriasis

    Natural therapies that are used today for treating psoriasis include:

  • Apple cider vinegar: This is most commonly used for reducing scalp itch from psoriasis. You can buy this from most grocery stores, either apply it directly or dilute the vinegar with water in a 1-to-1 ratio.
  • Dead sea salts: Adding dead sea salt or epsom salt to a warm bath and soaking for around 15 minutes in the tub may help with itching from psoriasis. You can also do the same with oats.
  • Dietary supplements: According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, dietary supplements may help manage psoriasis symptoms. It’s important to speak with your doctor before taking supplements to check that they won’t interfere with your medications or other conditions you have.
  • Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil comes from leaves of a plant native to Australia. It’s believed to have antiseptic qualities, and can be applied to the skin. Some people with psoriasis find that using shampoos with tea tree oil can help control the symptoms of their scalp psoriasis, but a formal study has not been done yet to demonstrative its effectiveness for treating psoriasis.
  • Improves Your Immune System

    Remember all those bioactive compounds found in aloe vera gel? Well, many of those enzymes and sugars are anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral, like the polysaccharides that stimulate your immune systems white blood cells to better ward off viruses and infections.

    Not to mention aloe veras antioxidant content, which are immune enhancers in and of themselves, helping your body fight off free radical damage.

    No wonder the Egyptians dubbed this goo the plant of immortality.

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    Coconut Oil And Aloe Vera For Psoriasis:

    Coconut oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, assists to nourish, soften and moisturize your skin. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory substances that make it a great ingredient to use for the psoriasis treatment.

    Youll need:

    • 1/2 cup of organic coconut oil
    • 3 cups of natural aloe vera gel
    • 3 drops of rose, lavender and peppermint oil

    Preparation time: 5 minutes.

    • Take a half cup of organic coconut oil and melt.
    • Mix the melted coconut oil with a third cup of natural aloe vera gel.
    • Stir well for five to seven minutes using either an electric or a hand whisker.
    • Take three drops of rose, lavender and peppermint oil each.
    • Take mixture and store in a cool place for a few hours.
    • Apply the concoction on the affected and let it stay overnight.
    • Rinse with fresh water in the morning.
    • Keep the remaining mixture in the refrigerator.
    • You can put this mixture on your skin after a bath to keep you moisturized.

    Repetitions: Follow this remedy daily.

    How Does Aloe Vera Taste

    Psoriasis in children: Symptoms, treatments, and causes

    The third important thing you need to know before making any smoothie or other type of recipes with aloe is its taste. In general aloe vera is bitter. While some people find its taste interesting for some it is very bitter to eat.

    The best way to eat it is actually in the form of a smoothie. When you learn all its benefits you will just enjoy this unique plant with all its benefits.

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    Promotes An Alkaline Environment

    Parasites, viruses, bad bacteria, and degenerative diseases thrive in an acidic environment, which is why the body fluids of sick people are either slightly more or very acidic, while the body fluids of healthy people tend to be slightly more alkaline.

    Thats cause disease has a hard time flourishing in an alkaline environment. Aloe vera is a naturally alkaline-forming food that helps our body maintain a healthy pH level more resistant to disease.

    Beauty Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

    Also, in beauty and cosmetics, Aloe vera is anit element. From pipings and colors up to soaps and deep conditioners, you can find it in everything. Theres also a whole line of Aloe Vesta products developed to save delicate skin.

    Rich in antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and 7 out of 8 important amino acids. The condiment supports skin humidity and clarity. Its also famed for its anti-inflammatory characteristics , but some critics claim the further study is needed before clearly stating so.

    Hair-care products using aloe vera are also available. According to Byrdie, the gel in the leaves is applied to your hair directly and used as a depth conditioner for certain beauty experts.

    It can nonetheless leave a residue behind, so be careful to wash it well and seek guidance from a dermatologist before placing raw factory accouterments on your skin if you have problems with the skin.

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