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777 Oil For Psoriasis Reviews

How Jrks 777 Oil Demolishes The Dense Viscous Herbal Rich Oils Can Be Ineffective For Psoriasis

Dr.JRK’s #777 Oil | Effective for all types of Psoriasis | Psoriasis Management
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Uniqueness Of Dr Jrks 777 Oil And How Rancidity Distorts Wrightia Tinctoria

Aruna Vadivel, Amruthavalli Gatla Venkata, Soundharya Ravi, Gayathri Rajagopal


Background: Several oil based AYUSH formulations are available for the treatment of psoriasis. In the recent time the importance given to Wrightia tinctoria has totally side-lined the quality of oil used in such preparation. Therefore, the importance of oil used in the formulation with reference to rancidity and how that would affect the therapeutic effect of Wrightia tinctoria needs to be studied.

Methods: In the present study we have adopted the following methods such as acid value, DPPH assay, nitric oxide inhibition, anti-glycation, CAM assay and fibroblast toxicity. The base oil used was studied for the above then the oil that showed least acid value was incorporated with Wrightia tinctoria extract and then studied by the above methods.

Results: The above study clearly show that the activity of Wrightia tinctoria decrease significantly when it was formulated in oil with high rancidity. Whereas the activity of Wrightia tinctoria was well preserved in oil with least rancidity. The contribution of acid value of oil in decreasing the activity of Wrightia tinctoria was much higher than the effect of acid value in increasing DPPH activity, Nitric oxide production, inducing glycation event and angiogenesis and causing fibroblast toxicity.


Full Text:

Smith CH. Psoriasis and its management. BMJ. 2006 333:3804.

Ayushvedham Psoraksha Ayurvedic Oil For Psoriasis 100 Ml

Manufactured by AYUSHVEDHAM , a GMP certified AYUSH Approved company. They use pure and natural ingredients.

Ayushvedham Psoraksha Ayurvedic Oil for Psoriasis contains Sesame oil and coconut oil as base oils along with 2 medicated oils i.e PACHHA KARPOORA JAITUN TAILA and RUDRAPATNITAILA . Its herbal ingredients are VAJRAVALLI , USIRA , PUDINA , NEEM , AMLA and PURE GUGGULU. The oil is prepared according to authentic Tailapaka Vidhi. They have added approved oil-based preservatives and fragrances. This oil contains cooling, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, skin rejuvenating, and quick healing herbs

Benefits of Ayushvedham Psoraksha Ayurvedic Oil for Psoriasis

  • Helps to bring relief from psoriasis.
  • Gets quickly absorbed by the skin and gives fast relief.
  • It is thin and easy to apply.
  • Penetrates deep layers of skin and hydrates them well.
  • The manufacturer says that there is no need to use internal medicines and the skin returns to normalcy within a few weeks.

How to Use Ayushvedham Psoraksha Ayurvedic Oil for Psoriasis

Take few drops of Psoraksha oil in your hands and apply uniformly over affected areas of the skin. Repeat 2-3 times a day. It is recommended that you continue the application until your skin becomes totally normal.

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Benefits & Medicinal Uses

J. R .KRISHNAMOORTHY had invented 777 oil formulation. Now, it is widely used by Ayurvedic and Siddha Physicians for the treatment of psoriasis over the period of 20 years. Several thousand patients have received benefits from it, which varies from delay recurrence to remission of psoriasis for years. It is highly effective for dry skin and itching.

Dr Jrks 777 Oil 1000 Ml


Dr. JRKs 777 Oil is manufactured by Dr. JRKs Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Which is very well known for its research-based product. It is a GMP-certified and ISO 9001:2008 company. This oil contains coconut oil as base oil, uniquely processed with wrightia tinctoria or Sweta Kutaja. Coconut oil is recommended in the texts of Ayurveda to use as a base oil in ayurvedic preparations for skin and hair. Wrightia tinctoria or Sweta Kutaja is a skin-friendly herb recommended in Ayurveda.

Benefits of Dr. JRKs 777 Oil

  • Provides excellent moisturization and soothing effect to irritated skin and can penetrate the skin faster.
  • Helps to maintain the hydro-lipo quotient of the skin.
  • Traps moisture in the skin and prevents drying
  • Scavenges free radicals.
  • It is safe-effective and increases the bio-availability of active ingredients
  • This oil delays skin aging, repairs cell damage, balance the micro and macro level of actives.
  • Safe to use in long term. It has no rebound effects and no contra-indications.

How to Use Dr. JRKs 777 Oil ?

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Therapeutic Benefits Of 777 Oil

777 oil is a natural product which is prepared with the blend of some effectively rare herb for making correct almost all types of skin problem and that is the reason oil is been used for generations specially in India as per effective Ayurvedic way for skin problems. Mainly that is used for treatment of eczema and psoriasis. As this oil is gift of nature, so one need not to worry about the side effects or any kinds of other reactions of that over skin. So, people with sensitive skin can also trust the product for their skin diseases. Allergic skin people can also take advantage of that too.

What Customers Say About This Product


Dr. JRKs 777 Oil has a very good rating. Most of the Customers opine that this product works very well on scalp psoriasis, dandruff, and skin psoriasis. They have mentioned that they found 80% relief within a month and few of them got relief within a week. According to them, the skin gets back its original color,


Packaging has to be improved. n

While using any psoriasis products as an external application, it is very important to follow the ayurvedic diet and lifestyle recommended for psoriasis. This helps the body to heal itself quickly. You can also use ayurvedic capsules and tablets for psoriasis while applying this oil.

The psorolin ayurvedic soap for psoriasis is Manufactured by Dr. JRKs Siddha Research and Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd. Which is very

There are different names for this light therapy or photo therapy they are both UV treatment for psoriasis and using

An ayurvedic soap for psoriasis must contain base oils like coconut oil, sesame oil, castor oil, olive oil etc along

This ayurvedic oil for psoriasis is manufactured by “SNAANA”, a well-known company which concentrates more on skin products. Ingredients in

Vettupala Thailam is an ayurvedic oil that is recommended for psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff etc. This oil is manufactured by Vedagiri

These capsules are manufactured by Atrimed Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Atrisor Capsules for Psoriasis – A Review Ingredients of Atrisor Capsules

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Ingredients Of Dr Jrks 777 Oil

This siddha herbal oil for psoriasis contains coconut oil as base oil. The other ingredient is Wrightia tinctoria or Sweta Kutaja which is uniquely processed in coconut oil.

Coconut oil is recommended in the texts of Ayurveda to use as a base oil in ayurvedic preparations for skin and hair. Wrightia tinctoria or Sweta Kutaja is a skin-friendly herb recommended in Ayurveda, especially for psoriasis.

Ayurvedic Properties of Shweta Kutaja or Wrightia tinctoria

This plant is known as Karayaja, Kuda, Dudhi, Indrajau in Hindi speaking areas. It has the English name Ivory wood.This herb is referred as Girimallika, Vatsaka, Vrikshaka, Kaalinga, Indravriskha in texts of Ayurveda.

The chemical constitution of Wrightia tinctoria

This plant contains Wrightiae , cycloartenone, cycloeucalenol, beta-amyrin, betasitosterol, conessin, flavonoids, and saponins.

Seeds and woody parts of this plant are used for medicinal purposes. This herb is administered internally and also applied externally in psoriasis.

Wrightia tinctoria is bitter and astringent to taste. It is light to digest and dries the excess moisture in fat tissue . It has a tissue cooling property. . Ayurveda acharyas highly recommend this herb to treat kushta roga or skin diseases.

Action on doshas

This plant balances kapha dosha and pitta dosha. The imbalance of these two doshas causes psoriasis. Balancing these helps to calm this skin condition.

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Side Effects Of 777 Oil

vetpalai thailam & 777 oil in tamil, how to use, ingredients, review, uses, benefits, side effects

The 777 oil is for external application only. It is a safe herbal oil for daily application in the long term use. Both the ingredients- wrightia tinctoria and coconut oil- are well researched safe topical oils.

In some cases, the patient experiences mild skin irritation and flare up during the initial days of application due to excessive use of steroids based creams and oils in the past. In such cases, use 777 oil twice a day and within a few days, these symptoms would go away.

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Benefits Of Coconut Oil In Psoriasis

Coconut oil is one of the good homely medicine for psoriasis. Because it is an effective moisturizer, soothes the dryness of the skin. According to Ayurveda, coconut oil has pitta pacifying or cooling properties. Changes in heat and temperature create a disturbance in pitta dosha, which is associated with the fire element, and causing a sensitive skin syndrome . The main component that sets it apart from other oils is the presence of lauric acid. Other than the mothers milk, the highest concentration of lauric acid is found in virgin coconut oil. Lauric acid, the predominant medium-chain fatty acid found in coconut oil, has proven antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits. This oil can be used as a natural face and body moisturizer if you have dry skin. It not only softens the skin but also has a cooling effect on it. Coconut oil is a medium-chain triglycerides , which takes another route through the digestive system and competes with glucose to become the bodys preferred energy source, thus helps to reduce excessive weight.

Oil Medicated Oil For Psoriasis

Know the ingredients and uses of 777 Oil. Know the problems in which this is effective. Learn how to use this. It helps in preventing and reducing the Psoriasis.

777 Oil is a herbal Ayurvedic medicated oil invented by Dr. J. R. Krishnamoorthy. This oil is for external use only and indicated in diseases of the skin . Sunlight plays important role in preparation and use of this oil.

In the preparation of the 777 oil, sunlight is used to extract the fat soluble parts of herb in the oil. The leaves of Wrightia trinctoria are soaked in coconut oil and kept in direct sunlight.

The Ayurvedic method to use sunlight to cook is known as Aditya paka / Surya paka or Sooriya pudam . It is a Sneha Kalpana were Taila is heated with mild temperature produced by the exposure of sunlight for a specific time period. This method is practiced to prepare Taila Paka from the drugs which are having volatile property and are heat sensitive in nature.

Aditya paka is simple and effective way to extract the active principles from the leaves in to the base coconut oil.

For the treatment of Psoriasis 777 oil is applied on the affected area of the skin and the patients are exposed to mild sunlight for a minimum period of 2 3 hours per day. This is repeated till a complete relief is obtained.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition and how to use.

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Oil: Benefits How To Use Ingredients Side Effects

777 Oil is a proprietary Siddha medicine manufactured by Dr. JRKs Pharma. It is indicated in psoriasis.

777 Oil is prepared with Wrightia tinctoria through a unique process. This formula was invented by Dr. J.R. Krishnamoorthy and the company later took initiative to evaluate the drug in various hospitals in different parts of India.

The drug is widely accepted and its clinical efficacy has been acknowledged by clinical practitioners across all systems of medicine and several patients have been benefited from using it from the past 20 years, and it has also been established that patients experienced prolonged period of remission period with daily usage.777 Oil has found a definite place in the safe and effective treatment approaches for the management of the global problem of psoriasis.

Mode of action of 777 Oil:Impairs keratinocytes multiplication.Interferes in co-stimulatory molecules communications.Sorts, isolates and attenuates neoplastic KC.

Best Ayurvedic Oils For Scalp Psoriasis

777 Oil For Psoraisis

In Scalp psoriasis, there will be flakes that resemble dandruff. Dryness of scalp skin, itching, and skin flakes are the main symptoms of scalp psoriasis. Dry skin flakes can cause embarrassment and lead to low esteem. This again causes stress which further aggravates psoriasis. An oil for scalp psoriasis should address the following problems.

  • Reduce itching of the scalp skin.
  • Minimize flaking.
  • Reduce inflammation and redness of scalp skin.
  • Heal the affected skin parts.
  • Promote hair growth.

Also, the oil which is used for scalp psoriasis must be devoid of harsh chemicals and additives.

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Clinical Trial Of Combination Therapy For The Efficacy Safety Tolerability And Improvements In Quality Of Life In Patients With Moderate To Severe Plaque Psoriasis

Amruthavalli G. V., Aruna V., Gayathri R.


Background: Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder with clinical manifestations scales, inflammation and dryness. The psoriatic skin behaves differently in concurrence with circadian rhythm. Cell division increases in late night and early morning hours. Enzymatic activity will be more during day time. To balance these variations a 24×7 protection is required. The objective of the present study is to find the improvement in Psoriasis condition with the Combination therapy compared to single drug usage.

Methods: A clinical trial for 4 weeks was conducted among psoriasis patients with psorolin oil vs. combination therapy and the clinical relief was measured among both groups by following parameters like psoriasis area and severity index , Physicians global assessment , dermatology life quality index , subjective self-assessment questionnaire and subject investigational product feedback questionnaire .

Results: Combination therapy of Dr. JRKs 777 oil, psorolin ointment, psorolin oil and psorolin medicated bathing bar as a treatment regimen was found to be more effective in the treatment of psoriasis.

1-3-2 topical therapy is useful in severe psoriasis conditions and recommended for long term effective treatment of psoriasis.

Full Text:


Reich A, Hrehorow E, Szepietowski JC. Pruritus is an important factor negatively influencing the well-being of psoriatic patients. Acta Derm Venereol. 2010 90:25763.

Follow Up And Outcomes

The Follow-ups details with timeline, treatment protocol, and periodic clinical outcome have been mentioned in . The psoriatic lesions with all its signs and symptoms cured. No adverse events witnessed during the treatment. Photographs of affected areas before and after the treatment are shown in . The patient kept only on a strict dietary regimen for the next year but no recurrence observed. Photographs captured with the consent of the patient revealed the same results after the two years .

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Best Oils For Psoriasis

Ayurvedic oils are used in treating various skin diseases such as Skin Psoriasis, Scalp Psoriasis. Dandruff, Hair fall, Skin Rashes, Skin Pigmentation, Skin Itching, Scalp Itching, Dry Skin related problems, and so on. Ayurvedic oils are prepared using various herbs in a specialized way.

How ayurvedic oils work?

Ayurvedic oils when applied to the body it gets digested by brajaka pitta which is one of five types of pitta. It is responsible for the complexion of the body and the colour of the body. Brajaka pitta helps in the digestion and utilization of substances which are applied as oil, medicated bath, application of medicated paste, etc over the skin.

How Ayurvedic oils are prepared?

Ayurvedic oils are preparations in which oil is boiled with prescribed herbal decoction and paste of drugs according to the formula. This process ensures the absorption of the active therapeutic principles of the ingredients used. The oil will generally have the colour, odor, and taste of the drugs used and have the consistency of the oil.

Commonly used oil bases are Coconut oil, Sesame oil

How to use Ayurvedic oils in skin diseases?

External Application Of Wrightia Tinctoria In Psoriasis

Psoriasis and Me: Product Review on Moringa Seed Oil

Extracts of Shweta kutaja have greater antipsoriatic activity than any other modern chemical creams. Biomolecules of extracts of this plant stimulate the production of collagen in human skin. This relieves psoriasis symptoms..

Wrightia Tinctoria reduces inflammation and infections

In psoriasis, there will be an inflammation of tissues. The phytochemicals like flavonoids, saponins, and beta-sitosterol in this plant, show potent anti-inflammatory properties. This helps to reduce inflammation in psoriasis. Shweta Kutaja has an anti-microbial property which helps to prevent infection of the skin. Naturopaths opine that this herb can be used as an adjuvant medicine along with regular psoriasis medications.

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Benefits Of 777 Oil For Psoriasis

According to the manufacturing company- based in Tamilnadu, India- the anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic properties of wrightia tinctoria leaves prove to be effective in reducing the external symptoms of psoriasis if the oil is used regularly.

Wrightia Tinctoria

Wrightia tinctoria is a medicinal plant with a diverse pharmacological action. The leaves, seeds and bark of this plant are used by traditional Siddha doctors for various health issues- skin problems, liver issues, virus and bacteria borne problems.

The Ayurveda system of medicine also acknowledges the importance of wrightia tinctoria plant. According to classical Ayurveda text manuals, this plant can balance the three doshas- vata, pitta and kapha- in the human body.

According to Ayurveda, doshas are the bio-elements that constitute the human body. These are three in number- vata, pitta and kapha. Every individual is born with a definite proportion of these three doshas where one or two dosha dominate over the others. Any disruption in the dosha balance is the root cause of any illness or disease.

This plant is native to India and Myanmar. It can be found in other countries including Nepal, Vietnam, Australia and various Southeast Asian countries.

Botanical Name- Wrightia Tinctoria

Ayurveda name- Shwetha Kutaja

Other names- Sweet Indrajao, Pala Indigo plant, Dudhi

Some common uses of Wrightia tinctoria by traditional Siddha doctors are:

Pure Coconut oil

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