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Homeopathic Medicine For Psoriasis In Hindi

Echinacea Angustifolia Echinacea Purpurea

Homeopathic treatment for Psoriasis – Dr. Shantala Rudresh

Echinacea has been applied to and used to treat skin problems such as skin boils, wounds, ulcers, burns, herpes, hemorrhoids and psoriasis. Forms of Echinacea include tablets, juice and tea. A study conducted on patients to determine the effect of oral supplementation with a nutraceutical, containing methionine, Echinacea, zinc, probiotics and other antioxidant and immunostimulating compounds, on the response of cutaneous warts revealed a significant reduction of warts in such patients.

The herbal extract of E. purpurea , readily killed a standard laboratory strain of Propionibacterium acnes and several clinical isolates. In cell culture models of human bronchial epithelial cells and skin fibroblasts, P. acne induced the secretion of substantial amounts of several pro-inflammatory cytokines, including IL-6 and IL-8 , as determined by means of cytokine-antibody arrays. However, the E. purpurea completely reversed this effect and brought the cytokine levels back to normal. Thus Echinaforce® could provide a safe two-fold benefit to acne individuals by inhibiting proliferation of the organism and reversing the bacterial-induced inflammation.

Psoriasis Treatment To Avoid During Pregnancy

We know that a few psoriasis medicines can cause severe birth defects or make a woman lose the baby. Psoriasis medicines known to do this are:

  • Acitretin

  • Methotrexate

  • Tazarotene

To prevent possible problems with a pregnancy, a woman should also stop taking these medicines before becoming pregnant.

At least 1 menstrual cycle

Due to the risks, women who want to have children may want to avoid these psoriasis treatments until they finish having children.

You Make The Final Decision

The decision to treat psoriasis while pregnant or breastfeeding is a personal one. If your psoriasis improves while you are pregnant, stopping treatment is certainly an option. Should you need treatment, your dermatologist can recommend treatment options that are best for you.

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How Does Homeopathy Help In Psoriasis Treatment

The standard form of treatment for psoriasis is application of topical ointments and lotions, which primarily contain steroids and retinoids. UV light therapy along with oral medication all work at a superficial level and reduce cell turnover to remove flakes from the skin. In severe cases, steroid injections maybe given for psoriatic arthritis. It is important to note that these medications can have side effects if used for a long term and can only put psoriasis into a state of remission, but not cure.

Homeopathy brings hope for psoriasis. This alternative form of medication believes in treating the disorder right from the root and is holistic in approach.

Since the immune system plays a vital role in this condition, homeopathy which can strengthen the defense system helps in not just palliating, but curing psoriasis. Homeopathy considers the whole patient as an individual taking into account their environment, the persons temperament and other symptoms. With minimal and potentized doses of medications, the immune system becomes strong enough to identify its own body cells and slowly the auto-immunity settles down.

Why Homeopathy can Offer Lasting Relief in Psoriasis?

Homeopathy Treatment for Psoriasis

Types of Homeopathy Treatment for Psoriasis

There are two types of homeopathy treatment for psoriasis.

One form of treatment acts at a more superficial level and gives temporary relief only. This is called as an acute treatment for sudden exaggeration.

Gut Bugs And Your Skin

Homeopathic Medicine for Psoriasis â Psoriasis Treatment in Homeopathy

You’re far from alone in your body. You share it with trillions of bacteria, fungi, and other tiny bugs, most of which live in your gut. Scientists call this miniature community the “microbiome.” This is natural, and having your inner environment in balance may be a key to good health.

Some of the bugs in your microbiome make fatty acids that control inflammation. . They also help to keep your immune system response under control. Researchers are now studying whether drugs made from helpful bacteria called probiotics might prove to be an effective psoriasis treatment.

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Why Homeopathy For Psoriasis

  • Homeopathy is a safe and natural treatment that does not cause any severe side effects.
  • It cures the root cause and therefore the results are long-lasting.
  • It is believed that 60% of psoriatic conditions have stress and psychological factors as a cause. Homeopathy takes a holistic approach and considers the underlying emotional conditions for better results.
  • Homeopathy addresses the immunity of the body and restores any deviation back to normalcy.

Is Palmoplantar Psoriasis Contagious

cannot contract it by coming into contact with the affected skin of a person with the condition the way they could contract a virus or bacteria.

However, if someone is experiencing symptoms and does not yet have a diagnosis of psoriasis, they should seek medical attention. This is because, although rare, some contagious conditions, such as secondary syphilis,

People with palmoplantar psoriasis and other types of psoriasis also have an increased risk of psoriatic arthritis, which affects the joints.

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Arsenic Album Most Suitable Remedy For Psoriasis

Arsenic Album is the most important and suitable remedy for psoriasis.

It cures the patient which suffers from cold and gets normal by cold.

It contains large scales with patches of multi-colors.

Dose and Potency: In adults, it is taken as 3 drops daily 3times a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

In children, 4 to 6 globules a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

Thuja Occidentalis For Psoriasis Universalis

Adel 12 Homeopathic Medicine In Hindi. Psoriasis Treatment. Acne Pimples. The Mahafuzur Homeopathy.

Thuja Occidentalis is highly recommended in cases where psoriatic lesions cover almost the entire skin surface. The key indicator for using Thuja Occidentalis is dry patches on the skin, covered with white scales. The skin surface gives a dirty look. Itching and burning arise in the patches. Cold water application tends to worsen the burning sensation in the lesions. Some patients may have a needle-pricking sensation and/or a biting sensation in the eruptions.

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Psorinum For Condition That Worsens In Cold Weather

For Psoriasis that worsens in winters, Psorinum proves very helpful. The indicators for using Psorinum are fine, red eruptions covered with white scales, which worsen in cold weather. Itching appears, and scratching brings temporary relief. At the same time, a stinging sensation appears. The skin looks dirty and greasy due to the above symptoms.

Supplements And Alternative Treatments

The NPF suggests some herbs and natural remedies that may help with psoriasis in general:

  • Tea tree oil: Always dilute with a carrier, such as almond oil, before applying. Do not take by mouth. Some people may have an allergic reaction.
  • Capsaicin: Some people find that applying a cream containing capsaicin, the spicy ingredient in chili peppers, to the skin may help reduce itching and burning.
  • Epsom or Dead Sea salt: Add it to lukewarm water to soak the hands or feet.
  • Oatmeal: You can add it to a soak or a bath.
  • Mahonia aquifolium: Applying a 10% topical cream may help reduce mild to moderate symptoms of psoriasis.
  • Apple cider vinegar: Apply directly to the skin or dilute in equal parts with water. You can also add it to salads to take it by mouth.
  • Turmeric: Adding this spice to food or taking turmeric supplements may help with some types of psoriasis.
  • Raw honey: According to a 2019 case study, using raw honey may be an effective way to reduce symptoms.

It is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before using any of these, to make sure they are safe and suitable for a person to use.

A person can apply a small amount to a small area of the skin to check their reaction, in case they have an allergy or the treatment makes their symptoms worse.

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Psoriasis Weight And Nutrition

No single diet or food will treat or prevent psoriasis. And you can get this condition at any size. Still, there are some signs that nutrition and weight do affect it — just as they affect many other conditions.

Body fat fuels inflammation. Doctors have known for a while that losing weight can reduce psoriasis symptoms and help your medicines work better at clearing your skin. The open question is: What’s the best way to lose weight?

In studies, people with psoriasis who trimmed off as little as 5% of their weight by following a low-calorie diet had clearer skin.

The traditional Mediterranean diet can also help lower inflammation, with foods like fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and olive oil. Researchers are looking at whether that might help make psoriasis less severe.

One small, short study offered a very low-calorie keto diet, followed by 6 weeks of a traditional Mediterranean diet. All the people in the study were overweight or obese and had psoriasis but werenât taking medication for it. They lost weight, and their psoriasis improved. Itâs not clear if that was because of the weight loss, the types of food they ate, or both things. More research will be needed to see exactly what worked.

Myths And Facts Of Homeopathy

सà¥à¤°à¤¾à¤à¤¸à¤¿à¤¸ à¤à¤¾ सà¤à¤ªà¥à¤°à¥?ण à¤à¤²à¤¾à¤ l Best Homeeopathy Treatment For Psoriasis ...

Despite the fact that millions of cases have been effectively cured with homeopathy, there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding this science of therapeutics. People have a number of notions or misperceptions regarding this science. Here we discuss the myths and facts regarding homeopathy.

Myths of Homeopathy

  • Homeopathic medications are slow to act – Homeopathy is a rapid and effective form of therapy. Since most patients come to homeopathy as a last resort, the treatment takes longer.
  • Homeopathy is a placebo – A number of scientific trials and studies have shown that homeopathy is much more than just a placebo. Nanomedicine has documented and recorded the presence of homeopathic drugs in nanoquantities in the medicines.
  • Homeopathy is suitable only for chronic long term disorders – Homeopathy is equally useful for acute conditions such cold, flu, cough, fever, diarrhea and headaches.
  • There are strict dietary restrictions while taking homeopathy – Only certain medicines have restrictions as they can be deactivated by intake of strong substances or because a homeopathic medicine is made from it.
  • Homeopathy does not believe in diagnosis – For homeopathy, it is of utmost importance to differentiate the common symptoms of the diseases and individual symptoms of the patient. This helps in individualisation and helps in homeopathic cure. Diagnosis of the disease using blood tests and imaging studies are a vital part of homeopathic treatment.

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Sepia For Oval Lesions

The lesions are reddish, swollen.

There is shiny white scales are present on papules.

Eruptions are mainly found on legs, hands, arms, back, and chest.

Dose and Potency: In adults, it is taken as 3 drops daily 3times a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

In children, 4 to 6 globules a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

Calcarea Carbonica For Scalp Psoriasis

Calcarea Carb is the best remedy for psoriasis on the surface of the scalp.

The patient has excessive sweating on the scalp as well as on the other parts of the body.

In this medicine, psoriasis is mainly aggravated by cold and wet seasons.

Dose and Potency: In adults, it is taken as 3 drops daily 3times a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

In children, 4 to 6 globules a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

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Psorinum The Best Remedy For Winters

Psorinum is the best remedy if the patient is suffering from psoriasis, especially in the winter season.

There is terrible itching on the affected part of the body.

The patient gets temporary relief by scratching the affected parts of the body.

Dose and Potency: In adults, it is taken as 3 drops daily 3times a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

In children, 4 to 6 globules a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

Conventional Treatment Of Skin Diseases

Psoriasis in Hindi – Discussion and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr P.S. Tiwari

The common medications for topical use include:

  • Antibacterials: These medicines, like bactroban or cleocin, are often used to treat or prevent infection
  • Anthralin : Although not often used, these help to reduce inflammation and can help treat psoriasis
  • Antifungal agents: Lamisil, lotrimin and nizoral are few examples of common topical antifungal drugs used to treat skin conditions such as ringworm and athlete’s foot
  • Benzoyl peroxide: Creams and other products containing benzoyl peroxide are used to treat acne
  • Coal tar: This topical treatment is available with and without a prescription, in strengths ranging from 0.5% to 5%. Coal tar is used to treat conditions including seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis. Currently, coal tar is seldom used because it can be slow acting and can cause severe staining of personal clothing and bedding
  • Corticosteroids: These are used to treat skin conditions including eczema and come in many forms including foams, lotions, ointments and creams
  • Retinoids: These medications are gels or creams derived from vitamin A and are used to treat conditions including acne
  • Salicylic acid: This medication is available in the form of lotions, gels, soaps, shampoos and patches. It should be used sparingly as putting too much on one’s body at once can cause toxicity. Salicylic acid is the active ingredient in many skin care products for the treatment of acne and warts.
  • Oral treatments for skin conditions include:

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    Kali Ars For Discoloration On The Skin

    Kali Ars is indicated where eruptions leave a discoloration on the skin. In individuals needing Kali Ars abundant scales fall off from the skin and leave behind a discolored red skin. The psoriatic patches are numerous and mainly located on the back, arms, and legs. Intolerable itching is also present. Itching tends to get worse on undressing. The person scratches the skin until an ichorous fluid oozes out.

    Palmoplantar Psoriasis On Skin Of Color

    Generally, plaque psoriasis on skin of color may not appear as pink. The plaques may be thicker and more silver-looking.

    Some plaques may look more purple. A person is also likely to develop darkening or lightening of parts of the skin, which health experts call hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, respectively.

    Palmoplantar psoriasis may be more common in white populations. However, among People of Color, the condition tends to impact people of India the most.

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    Psoriasis Treatment A Woman Can Use While Pregnant

    If you need to treat your psoriasis while pregnant, your dermatologist will think carefully about how best to control your psoriasis without affecting your baby. Treatment options considered the safest for pregnant women include the following.

    Moisturizers and emollients: These cannot clear psoriasis, but they can:

    • Protect your skin from chaffing

    • Reduce your risk of a flare-up if you injure or irritate your skin

    There are no known risks to using moisturizers and emollients while pregnant.

    Corticosteroids that you apply to your skin: When a woman needs to treat psoriasis while pregnant, a low- to mid-strength corticosteroid is often the first medicine prescribed. These do not appear to increase the risk of birth defects or to cause a baby to be born early. This medicine may increase the risk of a woman developing stretch marks. If a strong corticosteroid is needed, it should be used for the shortest time possible.

    If a woman needs stronger psoriasis treatment, a type of light treatment called narrowband UVB phototherapy is often prescribed. Two types of phototherapy are considered safe for pregnant women to use:

    • Narrowband UVB

    If you use phototherapy while pregnant

    Pregnant woman should:

    If you need stronger treatment, your dermatologist will weigh the risks and benefits of possible treatments.

    While information from pregnant registries is helpful, there are still a lot of unknowns about safety.

    Methotrexate and men

    Mercurius Solubilis For Scalp Psoriasis

    à¤à¤¾à¤²à¤°à¥à¤ या सà¥à¤°à¤¿à¤¯à¤¾à¤¸à¤¿à¤¸ या à¤à¤ªà¤°à¤¸ à¤à¤¾ हà¥à¤®à¥?यà¥à¤ªà¥à¤¥à¤¿à¤ à¤à¤²à¤¾à¤ [ Homeopathic Medicine ...

    Mercurius solubilis is the best remedy in the case of scalp psoriasis.

    If the scalp is fully covered with white scales it is best suited in this case.

    The patient complains of intense itching and excessive sweating on the scalp.

    Itching and sweating aggravate only at night.

    Hairfall is a common symptom in scalp psoriasis.

    Dose and Potency: In adults, it is taken as 3 drops daily 3times a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

    In children, 4 to 6 globules a day such as a morning, afternoon, and evening.

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    Merc Sol For Scalp Psoriasis

    Merc Sol is a medicine for Psoriasis of the scalp. In typical cases, the scalp is covered with abundant white scales. The base underneath the scales is raw. The scales, which shed rapidly, re-form again and again. An intense itching, which is worse at night, accompanies. The skin of the scalp is also sensitive to touch. An excessive sweat may also be present on the scalp. Hairfall may also appear in few cases along with above symptoms.

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