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Home Phototherapy Unit For Psoriasis

How Sensitive Is Your Skin To Ultraviolet Light

Daavlin – Home UV Phototherapy for Psoriasis and Vitiligo

In the mid 1970s,Doctor Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, a Harvard dermatologist simplified the much older Von Luschan method to classify skin types and how they respond to ultraviolet light. This has become known as the Fitzpatrick scale and is used by dermatologists throughout the world.

Below are the different skin type descriptions. Choose the one that best describes you, but be reminded that sometimes skin type does not accurately predict the skins response to UVB light. For this reason, the SolRx treatment protocols provided in the Users Manuals start with a low dose and gradually increase it as your skin adapts. It is important to not get burned.

How Do I Choose A Uvb

Go ahead and do your Google homework: There are a wide variety of units available on the market. But picking the right one is something best left to your dermatologist, who will be able to vet the companies and make sure the treatment quality is up to par. Your dermatologist will help you select a unit that does a good job treating your specific symptoms, Dr. Cohen says. Some of the major manufacturers include Daavlin and National Biological Corporation.

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Do All Types Of Psoriasis Itch

Plaque psoriasis, a type that causes scaly, often gray-looking patches, is the most common type of psoriasis. It is also the most common cause of psoriatic itching, although other forms of psoriasis may also itch.

However, the severity of an itch may vary between one flare and the next. One psoriasis flare may only cause mild itching, while the following flare could result in severe itching sensations.

It is possible for one person to have multiple types of psoriasis at once and develop lesions that do not itch or only cause mild itching.

Many treatment options are available to help people who experience psoriatic itching.

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Cost Effectiveness Of Home Ultraviolet B Phototherapy For Psoriasis: Economic Evaluation Of A Randomised Controlled Trial

  • Mayke B G Koek, epidemiologist, medical doctor1,
  • Vigfús Sigurdsson, dermatologist1,
  • Huib van Weelden, investigator photodermatology1,
  • Paul H A Steegmans, dermatologist2,
  • Carla A F M Bruijnzeel-Koomen, professor of dermatology/allergology1,
  • Erik Buskens, professor of medical technology assessment34
  • 1Department of Dermatology/Allergology , University Medical Center Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 100, 3584 CX Utrecht, Netherlands
  • 2Department of Dermatology, St Antonius Hospital, Koekoekslaan 1, 3435 CM Nieuwegein, Netherlands
  • 3Department of Epidemiology, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Hanzeplein 1, 9713 GZ Groningen, Netherlands
  • 4Julius Centre for Health Sciences and Primary Care, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht
  • Correspondence to: M B G Koek
    • Accepted 5 January 2010

    Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Study

    UV Series: Compact Full Body Cabinet

    This economic evaluation benefited from being part of a pragmatic randomised clinical trial. The parallel group design meant the two interventions were compared throughout the same season, while selection bias was prevented by randomly assigning participants to the treatment arms. The pragmatic design ensured that the two treatments were applied and compared as they are used in daily practice, hence guaranteeing a good generalisability of the results. Measurement planning throughout the study took place according to individual clinical landmarks and did not use fixed time points starting from baseline. This way of planning measurements was an advantage for the clinical study because it ensured that both groups could be compared at clinically comparable moments.

    Despite the mentioned limitations, we feel that the results of our study are unambiguous. Even more, we think that the results of this study are relevant not only for patients with psoriasis but for all patients who may benefit from phototherapy with ultraviolet B light, such as those with eczema or vitiligo. After all, the results show that ultraviolet B treatment can just as well be given at home instead of in an outpatient department.

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    Four Reasons To Choose The Eseries

    Highest Performance

    The E-Series is multidirectional. Devices that are angled to wrap around the patient are geometrically better at delivering UVB light around the body, which reduces the number of treatment positions and the total treatment time.


    At any time expand your system with AddOn devices to increase coverage and reduce your total treatment time, for example after you are fully convinced how well it works, or when more financial resources are available. Create a full booth if you want!

    Most Portable Full Body

    Within minutes, an E-Series assembly can be separated into robust individual 33pound twinbulb devices, each with two rugged carrying handles. Alternatively, pairs of devices can be folded together and fastened at all four corners to totally enclose all the bulbs in steel.

    Lowest Cost Full Body

    The E-Series Master device is the lowest cost full body device in the world. By itself it is totally capable of providing effective treatment, and especially if only low-dose phototherapy is needed.

    Treat Psoriasis At Home: Ultraviolet Lamps

    Psoriasis Patients Find Home Treatment Less Burdensome, Equally Safe and Effective as UVB Treatment in Clinical Settings

    May 7, 2009 — Home treatment of the skin ailment psoriasis with ultraviolet light lamps is at least as safe and effective as conventional phototherapy at hospitals or clinics, according to new research.

    Ultraviolet B treatment involves exposing the skin to an artificial UVB light source. People find home therapy less of a burden and are more satisfied with it than in clinical settings, researchers in the Netherlands report.

    Psoriasis is a common, chronic inflammatory skin condition that can cause significant disability.

    Although light therapy is safe and effective, the researchers say few people in Great Britain ever receive it because of limited availability of UVB light boxes, and time constraints of UV treatment at hospitals or clinics. Typically, a course of treatment requires three visits per week for eight to 10 weeks.

    Another reason light therapy isnât widely done at home is that most dermatologists believe home therapy is inferior to treatments administered in a medical setting, and carries more risks, researchers say, adding that there is no evidence to support such beliefs.

    The research team from the University Medical Center Utrecht, the University of Groningen, and St. Antonius Hospital compared the safety and effectiveness of home phototherapy with standard hospital-based phototherapy.

    The study is published in

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    Does Light Therapy Increase The Risk Of Skin Cancer

    Regular exposure to UV light increases the risk of skin cancer. There is some that PUVA therapy with psoralen tablets in particular increases the risk of non-melanoma skin cancer. The higher the dose of radiation used and the more light therapy sessions you have, the greater the risk. The risk is also higher in people who have a fair complexion, people who have had skin cancer in the past, and people who are taking medication to suppress their immune system such as azathioprine, ciclosporin or methotrexate.

    Narrow band UVB phototherapy is probably associated with a lower risk of skin cancer than PUVA therapy using psoralen tablets. But this isnt yet known for sure because there are hardly any studies on the risk of skin cancer caused by UVB radiation. There is also a lack of good research on the risk of skin cancer associated with PUVA therapy using psoralen that is added to a bath or applied directly to the skin.

    To limit the risk of skin cancer, people are advised not to have more than 150 sessions of PUVA therapy using psoralen tablets in their lifetime. A UV diary can help you keep track of the number of sessions and type of light therapy you have had, as well as the radiation dose used.

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    Choosing Patients For Home Phototherapy

    Daavlin Home Phototherapy for Psoriasis and Vitiligo

    A thorough history and physical examination is the first step to identifying ideal patients for home phototherapy. UVB phototherapy is appropriate for psoriasis patients with widespread or generalized disease for whom topical therapy is impractical or ineffective. Phototherapy is contraindicated in patients who are photosensitive due to medications or an underlying photosensitive disease. Numerous medications can potentially photosensitize patients. Common offenders include thiazide diuretics, furosemide, tetracyclines, sulfonamides, amiodarone, diltiazem, and oral antifungal agents. Retinoids are also photosensitizing, but the oral retinoid acitretin is sometimes combined with phototherapy to augment the response. Such combination therapy should be closely supervised by a physician. Care should also be taken with the use of potentially photosensitizing antidepressants such as amitriptyline or desipramine, as well as antipsychotics like chlorpromazine, and hypoglycemic agents including glyburide and glipizide. Therefore, if possible, alternative medications should be substituted to prevent phototoxicity. Examples of photosensitive diseases include lupus, rosacea, porphyria, polymorphous light eruption, and vitiligo. Other relative contraindications to UVB phototherapy include current or past history of melanoma or a history of recurrent non-melanoma skin cancers.

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    Lifestyle And Dietary Changes

    If a person with psoriasis is overweight, it may exacerbate the severity of their symptoms, including itching. Increased body fat promotes inflammation, which can make itching worse and reduce the effects of treatment.

    A 2018 study of 4,534 people with psoriasis suggested that losing excess body weight can help reduce the number of flares, and the severity of symptoms.

    These lifestyle and dietary changes will not provide immediate relief but can help reduce the frequency and severity of psoriasis flare-ups over time.

    People can purchase skin creams and other products from a pharmacy. They are also available to purchase online. People should check with their doctor before buying any creams to make sure the cream is suitable for them.

    How Does It Work

    If you end up purchasing an at-home unit, your doctor will prescribe you a set amount of usages per week, and time per use. Its easy: You lightly place the hand-held device over the affected area of exposed skin for the prescribed time or disrobe and step into the full-body unit, standing equidistant from all sides.

    Some machines require you to set a countdown clock and monitor your time, while others can be pre-programmed by your dermatologist for time, UVB dose, and number of sessions. Youll be able to access a certain number of sessions in accordance with a regimen prescribed by your healthcare provider, Baker says. After that, youll check in with your doctor to review your results and make any necessary adjustments to the program youre following.

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    Comparison With Other Studies

    To our knowledge, this is the first clinical trial on cost effectiveness of home phototherapy compared with outpatient phototherapy for psoriasis. Also no other economic evaluations comparing home phototherapy with the standard outpatient phototherapy have been published, but there are some papers that touch on the subject. For instance, Yelverton et al37 reported that home phototherapy with ultraviolet B light was cost effective. They, however, compared home ultraviolet B treatment with systemic treatments and with ultraviolet A combined with a psoralen , and did not perform a cost effectiveness analysis but estimated the costs of a 30 year treatment period. Since psoriasis is a chronic disease that is generally treated by a rotation of several different therapies, calculation of the costs of a 30 year treatment period with just one therapy does not make much sense. Their results do, however, hint towards home phototherapy being cost effective for short term treatments. A study by Cameron16 and several other papers38394041 suggest that home ultraviolet B phototherapy is likely to be more cost effective than hospital based phototherapy. A study of de Rie et al, published in 2001,42 confirms the accuracy of the range of the costs we calculated for outpatient ultraviolet B phototherapy.

    Recommendations For People Undergoing Uvb Or Puva Phototherapy

    7 Series Digital Timer Full Body Phototherapy Narrow Band ...
    • Courses of phototherapy are much more effective if administered without interruption. So, attend every appointment and avoid arranging a holiday during a phototherapy programme.
    • Please inform your phototherapist nurse if you have been started on any new medication, as some medicines make you more sensitive to UV light.
    • Dry, itchy skin can be treated by creams such as aqueous cream or emollients these are available on prescription and over the counter. It is advisable not to use bubble baths as these can dry out the skin. Instead, add prescribed bath oils or emollient to the bath water and soak the body for 10-15 minutes.
    • Women of childbearing age should not become pregnant while having PUVA, but previous use of PUVA does not affect subsequent pregnancies.
    • Do not wear deodorants, perfume or aftershave during treatment. Some of them contain chemicals which sensitise the skin to UV light and may result in a sunburn reaction.

    This article is adapted from the Psoriasis and phototherapy leaflet.

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    Wet Dressings And Warm Baths With Salts Or Oats

    Baths and showers can be relaxing, but those that are too long or too hot can strip the skin of its oils, and this can make psoriasis worse.

    Some people find that a warm bath containing colloidal oatmeal or Epsom salts is soothing and relieves symptoms.

    According to , an oatmeal bath or a wet dressing can reduce itching, and a warm bath containing a suitable bath oil can help moisturize the skin.

    In 2005, researchers found evidence that Dead Sea salts might help with dry skin. Volunteers immersed a forearm in water with a 5-percent concentration of magnesium salts, the most common minerals in the Dead Sea, for 15 minutes.

    The participants skin barrier function improved, their skin hydration was better, and they had reduced roughness and inflammation compared with the control group who used tap water instead.

    After bathing, applying an appropriate moisturizer while the skin is still damp can help prevent moisture loss.

    Study : Treated Patch Improved Continuously During Four Weeks Of Treatment

    A small number of patients with mild or moderate plaque psoriasis were enrolled in this clinical trial. The goal was to find out whether blue light could safely and effectively treat psoriasis at home.

    Heres what the study involved and what the patients saw after four weeks of treating the same patch of psoriasis every day with blue light.

    Number of patients
    Heres a summary of the results that all patients in this study obtained:

    • Two patients had complete clearing of the treated psoriasis patch.
    • Most patients saw some reduction in the size of the psoriasis patch.
    • Some patients had no response to the blue light treatment.
    • No one saw the treated psoriasis worsen with blue light therapy.

    The researchers concluded that blue-light treatment is safe to use at home and can reduce psoriasis for some patients.

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    Noi Offers The Highest Quality Of Replacement Lamps For Your Phototherapy Devices

    We offer a complete re-lamping service which can include Preventative Maintenance. Well replace all the lamps in your unit eliminating your staffs potential exposure to a bio-hazard. Preventative Maintenance also eliminates unscheduled down-time of your booth and the loss of revenue from a non-working booth. Preventative Maintenance is a great way to extend the life of your booth and keep your staffs training up to date.

    Treatment Protocols And Follow

    Daavlin Home Phototherapy for Psoriasis and Vitiligo

    Although minimal erythema dose determination and subsequent dose calculation is the formal method of establishing initial dose, this process is often cumbersome and labor intensive. Therefore, most phototherapy centers have now adopted the use of initial dose determination based on patients Fitzpatrick skin type. Increments of dose increase are also determined by skin type in addition to response to previous treatments. The underlying principle is to increase the UVB dose gradually until the MED is reached and then try to maintain the UVB dose just below the MED . This approach eliminates the need for formal MED testing in most patients. It is also simpler and more efficient than methods using incremental dosages calculated as a certain percentage of the previous dosage.

    A standard protocol for UVB phototherapy is treatment three times per week with a minimum of 24 hours between sessions. Treatment every other day is effective for most patients. Patients should be instructed to dose phototherapy as per treatment protocol and use proper technique as taught during outpatient phototherapy and home phototherapy orientation. Moisturizer should be immediately applied following treatment to prevent excessive dryness and subsequent itching.

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    Four Reasons To Choose The 500series Hand/foot & Spot


    The main lighting unit can be mounted on the yoke and be rotated 360° to any direction for Spot treatment of medium-sized skin areas such as the elbows, knees, torso, and face. Or rotate the device to point down to treat the top of the feet. There are many possibilities.

    Ideal for Hand & Foot Treatments

    With its removable hood and powerful Philips PLL36W/01 lamps, it is ideal for hand and foot treatments just like at the clinic, but in the privacy of your own home!

    High Intensity UVB

    With up to five powerful Philips PL-L36W/01 bulbs and 180 watts of bulb power, the 500-Series has the greatest UVB-Narrowband irradiance of all the SolRx devices. That reduces treatment times and is especially valuable when treating many different skin areas, or to penetrate thick psoriasis lesions on the hands and feet.

    Portability & Toughness

    The 500-Series is built tough and designed to be moved around, with or without the yoke . It weighs 15 to 25 pounds. Just unplug it, grab it from the handle and go.

    Uvb Light Therapy For Psoriasis Reviews

    I wanted to share some before and after photos! Ive started at home uvb light therapy with a light I bought online. And I am SO excited because the psoriasis on my face has cleared up completely, my stomach is stubborn but theres no more flaking or redness, its more so tan-ish now! And my scalp has even improved with just ONE light treatment!

    I also keep a& d ointment on all my spots overnight and sometimes throughout the day if Im at home all day. its taken 5 years for me to find a method that works for me. Dont give up! Keep trying different things!If anyone is curious about that light I use .

    My first one broke but I sent them an email since it says theres a hassle free warranty, and they are sending me a new one right now, no questions asked! Shipping takes a few weeks but absolutely worth the wait and price.

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