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Can Psoriasis Cause Weight Gain

Screen For And Treat Comorbidities

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If you have psoriasis, your dermatologist or primary care physician should screen you regularly â at least once a year â for PsA, says Dr. Ogdie.

âThe earlier you catch it and start treatment, the more likely you are to respond to therapy,â she says, noting that early treatment also potentially lowers the chances of permanent joint damage.

Dr. Ogdie advises people with psoriasis to understand the signs and symptoms of PsA. These include joint pain, swelling and tenderness â particularly in fingers and toes â and enthesitis, or inflammation at the points where tendons insert into bones. In addition, having psoriasis in the nails, scalp or skinfolds should raise suspicion for PsA, as should a family history of the disease.

âIf you have new symptoms, tell your doctor,â Dr. Ogdie says. âRemind them you have psoriasis and ask if these changes could mean you have psoriatic arthritis.â

Comorbidities such as CVD and metabolic syndrome can start developing at young ages in people with psoriasis and PsA, and sometimes health care providers arenât looking for them, Dr. Mehta says.

âPeople with psoriasis should ask their doctors to screen them for heart and metabolic disease. They can do this by checking the three âBs,â which are blood pressure, body mass index and blood levels of glucose and cholesterol,â he says.

The Conversation Around Obesity And Arthritis Is Complicated Heres What Rheumatologists And Weight Loss Experts Want You To Know

Im fighting a losing battle: Thats how Ranay C. felt when her doctor suggested she lose weight. Her joints hurt too much to exercise. And she says the medications her doctor prescribed to help relieve her rheumatoid arthritis pain and other symptoms made her gain weight. Its a cycle, says this CreakyJoints Facebook member a vicious cycle.

You get it. Perhaps your own doctor told you the same thing. Maybe they were nice about it maybe they werent. And maybe you feel just as frustrated about needing to lose weight to help manage your arthritis. Losing weight is hard theres no denying that. And when your joints are stiff and sore, when it hurts to exercise, when youre exhausted from arthritis pain, the task can feel impossible.

Everyone blames themselves if they cant lose weight, says Angela Fitch, MD, associate director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center in Boston people think its their fault they cant stop drinking soda or keep craving unhealthy foods. But there are biological reasons that can drive you to make those choices, she says. Plus, some forms of arthritis itself, and its treatment, can lead to an increase in body fat and loss of lean muscle mass, explains John Davis, III, MD, rheumatologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Extra Weight Can Prevent Medications From Working Effectively

One reason why obese psoriatic arthritis patients may be less likely to achieve remission? Overweight and obese people dont always respond as well to medications used to treat the disease, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

“You have this perfect storm,” says Dr. ODell. “Youre more likely to have problems and to have less response to medication.”

Losing weight may help medications work more effectively for both psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. In a 2014 study of obese psoriasis patients, researchers found that losing weight helped increase the efficacy of biologic drug treatments.

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How Can Psoriatic Arthritis Patients Manage Their Psoriasis

Psoriasis can affect your ability to carry out daily activities due to joint pain, swelling and other symptoms. While it cannot be cured, certain things help control the condition, which includes:

Do not stop your treatment unless advised

  • As advised by your doctor, continue taking your medication despite a dramatic relief in symptoms. A disease-free period does not mean that your psoriatic arthritis is cured. Failing to keep up with your treatment could lead to a recurrence of the previous signs and symptoms within a few months.

Maintain healthy body weight

  • Weight gain can put stress on your knee joints, while excess fat accumulation can aggravate inflammation in the body. Maintaining an ideal body weight can prevent psoriasis from worsening and decrease your risk of other conditions, such as heart disease and fatty liver.

Manage your pain

  • Massages, occupational therapy and physiotherapy can help relieve pain and stiffness, as well as restore joint mobility.
  • Orthotic devices, such as braces and splints, can help you manage your daily activities with comfort and ease.

Manage your stress

Know your triggers

  • Maintain a diary by writing which activities or foods trigger your psoriasis flares or worsen your joint pain and swelling. Check if avoiding those foods or activities helps improve your condition. You should also inform your doctor about them.

Educate yourself

Can Psoriasis Cause Weight Gain

Pin on psoriasis

Obesity is linked to many health conditions, particularly such as type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. And in fact, it also can increase the risk of a chronic skin condition called psoriasis. Many sufferers find that the flare-up of their psoriasis occurs when they are getting overweight. While overweight /obesity also can worsen the symptoms, can this skin disorder cause weight gain?

The basic thing of why you can gain weight!

Simple, normally your weight can increase if there are higher calories that you eat than you burn. On the other hand, if your calories output is higher than your calories input, you will have weight loss.

However, there are some conditions that can make you gain weight faster than normal as a result, you are relatively easier to have overweight or even obesity. These may include:

Sleep deprivation

If you have sleep deprivation, your body can have some hormone changes that can increase your appetite. This may also cause a different feeling after eating .

All of these reasons can push you to get more calories from what you eat. And you are at greater chance of gaining more pounds of weight.


Stress is linked with many health conditions. It is thought as a trigger of psoriasiss flare-up and also can worsen the symptoms of the disease. Even in healthy individual, uncontrolled stress can increase the risk of some health problems.

Withdrawal effects from quitting smoking

Side effects of certain medicines

  • Etc.
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    Don’t Hesitate To Get Help

    If you have trouble slimming down, see a doctor who specializes in weight or obesity management. You can ask your primary care doctor or dermatologist for a recommendation. It’s typically best to lose weight slowly over time. So be patient. And stay focused on your health rather than the scale.

    “It’s motivating to know that you can do more than just take medicine to improve your psoriasis,” says Lipner.

    Your Rx: Sleep More And Minimize Stress

    This one is a biggie. Lack of sleep and excessive stress encourages excessive calorie intake and reduces the ability to exercise, thereby leading to weight gain that can worsen your psoriatic symptoms, Dr. Sodha says. So its extremely important to get adequate sleep and reduce stress as much as possible. Making meditation and breathwork part of your day can be very effective ways to get your stress downand they dont take long. To help with sleep, try shutting off all your screens an hour before bedtime to signal to your brain that its snooze time.

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    Work With Specialists Such As A Dietitian Or Physical Therapist

    If struggling, seeing a dietitian is a good idea, says Davis. A dietitian can help you develop a customized meal plan, which can be especially helpful for people who have psoriatic arthritis. People with psoriatic arthritis may find that they have other food sensitivity issues that may contribute to problems with weight loss. Working with a registered dietitian nutritionist is a great way to ensure youre eating the right amount for weight loss, says Prest. You can search for a registered dietitian nutritionist near you at

    If youre struggling with exercise, a physical therapist or personal trainer can develop a fitness routine suited to your needs.

    Finally, keep at it, because even small changes can be powerful. We often overemphasize pharmaceutical therapies and underemphasize lifestyle changes, says Bhatt, but lifestyle changes are equally important for all arthritis patients.

    Your Rx: Implement A Daily Exercise Routine

    Which Medications & Treatments Can Cause Weight Gain?

    No, it doesnt have to be intense. In fact, it doesnt even have to be a full half-hour, but when it comes down to it, the more you can get your body up and moving, the better. Do whatever you can to get off the couch, says Dr. Zeichner. Whether its a walk in the neighborhood or a game of tennis, exercise helps burn fat and build muscle, which can subsequently potentially improve your psoriasis symptoms. In addition, Dr. Sodha says that when you combine a low-calorie diet with daily exercise, its almost a surefire way to achieve a healthy weight that you can maintain.

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    Crohns Disease And Weight Gain

    Inflammatory bowel disease is related to weight gain. But this is not applicable for all. Consuming healthy food is a bit tough for people with IBD.

    Many had to go through intestinal surgery. At the same time, few people have a small intestinal resection. This makes it difficult for them to eat vegetables and fruits. Obstructions and blockages are common in the case of IBD patients. So, they tend to avoid them.

    According to IBD patients, it is easier for them to consume processed food. They can digest them easily.

    As a result of this, they prefer these foods over healthy ones. This leads to weight gain continuously. Yet keeps their disease under control.

    Moreover, sick people are naturally known to have less energy. So it is difficult for them to do any exercise. You are not moving your body but eating processed foods. This can be a deadly combination.

    Again, dealing with depression makes you lazy enough to stay in bed.

    So, does Stelara cause weight gain? The answer is a straight no! Visit the doctor to identify your cause of weight gain. Otherwise, you might end up blaming Stelara!

    So, you might be thinking that your medicine is making you gain weight. But thats not the case. Your disease itself is responsible for your extra pounds.

    The Challenge: Extra Weight Puts Stress On Your Joints

    According to Dr. Sodha, being heavier inherently puts more stress and pressure on your joints, which can lead to even more joint pain and discomfort, as well as the potential for injury and heightened inflammation during the healing process. As if that wasnt enough, if you already have psoriatic arthritis and are overweight, it also increases your risk of developing osteoarthritisa.k.a. the most common type of arthritis, which results from wear and tear.

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    Effect Of Weight Reduction On The Severity Of Psoriasis

    Data from case reports of overweight patients with psoriasis undergoing weight reduction surgery suggest that psoriasis may improve with weight loss although data are conflicting . A recent review on the impact of weight loss intervention found that losing weight through decreased caloric intake reduced the severity of psoriasis by a PASI score of about 2.5 . In 2013, we published the results of a randomized trial including 60 obese patients with psoriasis . Those in the intervention group were randomized to a low-calorie diet, lost 15 kg more than the controls, and experienced a greater mean reduction in their PASI than controls . Furthermore, we showed that the weight loss and the beneficial effect on the severity of psoriasis were largely maintained after 1 year . In a similar fashion, Naldi et al. have recently randomized obese patients with psoriasis to receive either a dietary plan and physical exercise or simple counseling. After the study, there was a significant improvement of psoriasis severity in the intervention arm compared to controls with a PASI reduction of 48% versus 25.5%. Thus, evidence is strongly suggestive of a pathogenic role of obesity on both the occurrence and severity of psoriasis.

    Your Rx: Count Your Calories

    Psoriatic arthritis and weight gain: What to know ...

    Tracking your calorie intake can be a helpful weight-loss technique for people with psoriasis, as it allows you to see whats working for your body. If you can mentally handle it, try counting your calories, says Dr. Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist based in New York City. If you take in less calories than you burn off, the weight will come off and your symptoms can improve. Apps like Noom can help you set daily calorie goals.

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    Can Topical Steroid Cream Cause Weight Gain

    However, humans should not use topical steroids long term. Using a topical steroid for too lengthy can reason pores and skin thinning.

    Has a decrease water content material than cream and lotion. Phototherapy includes.

    Five How lengthy can you use topical steroids? 6 Can topical steroid cause weight benefit? 7 Does cortisone kill fungus? 8 Can steroid cream make Can you wean off topical steroids? In maximum instances of topical steroid withdrawal, step one in remedy is to stop using topical steroid.

    Studies reporting the link among weight loss program soda and weight gain, as well as accelerated risk of growing diabetes, coronary heart.

    Just six whilst she changed into first prescribed steroid lotions, when Scarlet September, now 12, stopped the use of them she skilled topical.

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    Can be extremely effective, they may additionally cause more than a few.

    Later .

    Possible side effects of hydrocortisone .

    Hydrocortisone can disguise a fever.

    If topical steroids are utilized in massive portions for long intervals of time, this can cause weight benefit and the signs of steroid excess , or it can affect the frame’s manufacturing of herbal hormonal steroids . Do steroid lotions weaken your immune system?

    How Will Psoriatic Arthritis Affect Me

    Starting the right treatment as soon as possible will give you the best chance of keeping your arthritis under control and minimise damage to your body.

    Psoriatic arthritis can vary a great deal between different people. This makes it difficult to offer advice on what you should expect.

    It will usually have some effect on your ability to get around and your quality of life, but treatment will reduce the effect it has.

    Psoriatic arthritis can cause long-term damage to joints, bones and other tissues in the body, especially if it isnt treated.

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    Psoriatic Disease Affects More Than Skin And Joints

    The systemic inflammation that drives symptoms of psoriatic disease can raise your risk for other health problems.

    If you have psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis , you may know that these diseases raise your risk for some other conditions as well. When one disease is triggered by or linked to another, the related condition is called a âcomorbidity.â PsA, for example, is a common comorbidity of psoriasis, affecting up to 33 percent of people with psoriasis.

    According to the recent Joint AAD-NPF Guidelines of Care for the Management and Treatment of Psoriasis with Awareness and Attention to Comorbidities, other comorbidities for which psoriatic disease raises risk include:

    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Mental health impacts, including depression and anxiety
    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • Uveitis
    • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

    Just how this elevated risk happens for each comorbidity isnât fully understood. One underlying factor that likely plays an important role in triggering or contributing to development of many comorbidities, however, is systemic inflammation, explains dermatologist Paul S. Yamauchi, M.D., Ph.D.

    The weapons the immune system uses for this attack are inflammatory immune cells that normally defend the body from injury and infection.

    Does Stelara Cause Weight Gain While Suppressing The Immune

    Cure Psoriasis (most common plaque psoriasis), scientific root cause revealed

    Does Stelara Cause Weight Gain While Suppressing the Immune?

    Stelara falls under the category of immunosuppressant drugs. It decreases the effects of a chemical substance causing inflammation in the body. But there is a burning question about the drug among the users.

    Does Stelara cause weight gain?

    This drug is used as a treatment for plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Moderate to severe Crohns disease is also treated by Stelara.

    Adults and adolescents above 12 years are allowed to receive this treatment. It is sometimes used in combination with other drugs like methotrexate.

    Generally, Stelara is found in injectable form and is administered subcutaneously. Like other immunosuppressants, stelara has side effects too. Weight gain is one of them. Stay with me to know if Stelara is causing your weight gain or there is something else.

    Table of Content

    • Cellulitis
    • Enhanced danger of carcinoma

    Not all the side effects mentioned here cause weight gain. Yet a few of them certainly do.

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    The Role Of Medication

    The impact of many narcolepsy drugs on obesity is hard to gauge.

    Some people take prescription stimulants to help fight daytime sleepiness. These drugs would normally decrease your appetite. Others take a type of antidepressant that usually makes you hungrier. Several studies found no difference between the BMIs of people who were on either type of narcolepsy medication and those who werenât.

    The narcolepsy drugs pitolisant , and sodium oxybate have been shown to cause weight loss.

    The Psoriasis And Obesity Connection

    Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, meaning your immune system reacts to healthy cells in your body as if they were a threat. In the case of psoriasis, this reaction leads to the overproduction of skin cells, which pile up into thick, red patches of skin called plaques. Its not contagiousits genetic, so you can only get if you inherited certain genes from your parents.

    Think of your genes as switches on a control panel. Just because you have some switches marked psoriasis doesn’t mean they’re always turned onif you have psoriasis, you wont have plaques at all times. The psoriasis switches turn on when factors in your environment trigger them. By regulating your environment and getting the right treatment, you can keep those big red switches in the off position and keep your psoriasis symptoms under control.

    Environmental triggers for psoriasis include , stress, infections, cuts, and burns. Avoiding these triggers can prevent your psoriasis from flaring up. But if youre obese, your excess weight can also be a trigger, and your doctor will likely add weight loss to your prevention plan.

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